Toronto Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by KZooJK, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

    I am planning a weekend visit to Toronto from Michigan. I've never been, and would love any suggestions as to where to stay and where to drink! I haven't been to the freest country in North America for a very long time, and am excited to return! I'm also interested in IP trades while I'm there. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to get through that tunnel! I'm thinking either the weekend of 11.10 or 11.17.

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  2. dleifm

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    There's a nice, convenient triangle of three B's... Bellwoods, Bandit, and Burdock.
    Also, don't miss Bar Volo
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  3. clesius

    clesius Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2012 Quebec (Canada)

    Hey KZoojk,

    One place that is sure to pop up a lot around here for Toronto is Bellwoods. They have two location, go to the one on Ossington. Most of your purchases should be done here :wink: A pub that's essentials for all kinds of awesome beers is Birreria Volo (fried chicken from next door is awesome as well, can be ordered at Volo)

    Other notables
    - Indie Alehouse
    - Blood brothers

    If you're driving north towards Toronto, you might want to stop by :

    - Collective Arts
    - Merit
    - Nickle brooks (if you have time)
    - Great Lakes (if you have time)

    I strongly suggest that you follow the facebook or twitter pages for the breweries that you will visit (especially Bellwoods) to track newly releases.
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  4. clesius

    clesius Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2012 Quebec (Canada)

    Another option would be to order online for Half Hour on Heart beers (online) and get them delivered at your hotel on time for your arrival. They have odd opening hours and are far from downtown Toronto
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  5. unibroue4ever

    unibroue4ever Initiate (127) Oct 20, 2010 Quebec (Canada)

    @yasky IP Trade/joint venture?!
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  6. GJKerr

    GJKerr Initiate (102) Aug 11, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    Without question, your priorities are Bellwoods (on Ossington) and Birreria Volo. If you are only in for the weekend, I'm not sure that others outside the city (Hamilton and Burlington) mentioned in this thread are worth your time. There are others much closer to downtown Toronto that are more worth your while - Blood Brothers, Burdock, Folly, Rainhard, Left Field, Indie Ale House. Also worthwhile for their tap and bottle lists are WVRST on King Street and Bar Hop (either of two locations). But again, your top two stops are Bellwoods and Volo (and the aforementioned fried chicken from PG Clucks beside Volo).
  7. Derek

    Derek Poo-Bah (3,568) Apr 2, 2005 British Columbia (Canada)

    Bellwoods for sure, and I’d stop by Great Lakes to see what they have in the fridge.

    I haven’t been out in Toronto for a few years. There are good places, but getting around can be a pain (don’t try to do too much scattered around the city).

    If the timing works out, stop by in Cambridge, though their hours are very limited.
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  8. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (339) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    Go to Burdock on Monday, their cellar bottles are half price.
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  9. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

    Wow! Consensus says I'm starting at Bellwood's! They of course have the highest average rating in Toronto, so that stands to reason. Great suggestions! I wish I could stay for Monday, but I will be back at work in Kalamazoo on Monday morning. It looks like Bellwood's, Volo, and Chicken are part of Saturday evening's plans!

    Much thanks for the awsome help here! I'll be researching those mentioned and hotel hunting later tonight.

    Yes, the NEIPA bug has me smitten. I'll bring some M43 for IP trading, and anything else that may be requested. It seems that duty is paid on anything over a case, so I want to be certain I'm leaving what I bring! But what about NEIPAs in Toronto?
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  10. hoser

    hoser Aspirant (268) Feb 17, 2003 Alberta (Canada)

    God Speed should be added to your list.

    Bim the brewer has brewed at Hill Farmstead, was the DdC brewpub brewer for a very long time, done colabs with Brasserie de la Senne and the list goes on.
  11. Derek

    Derek Poo-Bah (3,568) Apr 2, 2005 British Columbia (Canada)

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  12. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

  13. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

    Legendary! I'll certainly be checking this out, too. ty!
  14. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Defender (694) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    For NEIPAs the answer is probably Bellwoods again. It is likely there will be cans of Roman Candle and Witchshark when you come, and probably a couple others in bottles too. All there recipes have changed to the hazy side over the past year.

    You should try to set up a trade with someone who is going to the Bellwood/Trillium IPA collaboration release tomorrow. It will only be a couple weeks old when you come.

    Bolo is a good spot as others have mentioned. Look at their website for the bottles they stock. For local taps, Bar Hop is great. Their draft lists are updated pretty regularly.

    No other breweries stand out but a lot of them are good. Great Lakes makes a lot of nice stuff. It is out of the way. I like the ambiance and beer at Left Field but it is a little east of the core.

  15. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Defender (694) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    Volo not bolo.
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  16. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (339) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    Worth noting that Bellwoods Ossington will constantly have a lineup on weekends. Don’t let that scare you. There was 15-20 people ahead of us and only waited maybe 20 mins. Over the next 3 hours that 20 person line stayed at 20 constantly but it cycled through fairly quick. Just hope that everyone isn’t like us and drinking for 3 hours :slight_smile:
  17. yasky

    yasky Disciple (349) Dec 21, 2008 Ontario (Canada)

    PM Incoming
  18. Grizzarky

    Grizzarky Initiate (0) Jun 6, 2014 Tennessee

    Since @KZooJK is a good friend of mine, I don't feel too bad semi hijacking his thread.
    I will be in town the same weekend, my question is are children welcome at bellwoods? Any breweries in town strictly adults only?
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  19. GJKerr

    GJKerr Initiate (102) Aug 11, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    Depends on your timing - you can bring, and I have seen, kids at Bellwoods, but keep it for the afternoon and bear in mind that there is usually a line on weekends for people waiting to drink beer, so ... Bellwoods has a slightly more restaurant feel to it than say, Birreria Volo, which is decidedly a bar. The most kid friendly of the places mentioned in this thread (in fact they regularly encourage families) is WVRST. Indie Alehouse is in a neighbourhood full of young families and there are going to be kids there.
  20. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

    Hey, guys... I should have said something earlier, but I had a personal issue and will have to make the trip another time. I appreciate everyone's advice and offers, and am excited to do this later. I'm sorry I didn't update earlier.
  21. KZooJK

    KZooJK Initiate (0) Feb 13, 2016 Michigan

    Hello again. I picked up tickets to Jack White at Budweiser (UGH) Stage on 06.09.18, and will be coming out that way with my daughter for a day in Toronto, then will be taking her to Ottawa to meet a long time internet friend for the first time. If I have time, I'll hit Montreal on the way to MA for Treehouse/Trillium. SO, Thus far, Bellwoods, Barncat, Volo top the list, but I do wish to do some IP Trading, of course. Looking forward to actually DOING this!
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