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    I've always used BA but I've also completed many trades on reddit before it was killed off and most recently on FB groups. I hate FB with a passion but the masses are unfortunately don't. BA has been and continues to be my platform of choice. That said, I would love to see a few enhancements and perhaps sway some of those FB users to migrate here.

    1. When you start a conversation with someone from an ISO/FT post, have that post linked or copied for easier reference. When I start conversations, I always copy the details into the convo
    2. Enhance the TR records to include to store the both sides of the trade. I am constantly looking at multiple sources to get an idea of valuation. I understand and have used the completed trades forum, but this would provide for more data as well as be automatic and
    3. Auto close any ISO/FT where there's a TR perhaps after feedback has been given. Would include a link to the traded beers (#2). Being able to scroll through the ISO/FT post and see which are close as well as what the trade was for would a big win.
    I apologize if any of these were already posted...

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    Those would be awesome improvements