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    I am headed to Europe later this month and will be bouncing around between London, Brussels, and Paris. Curious on the feedback of traveling with beer on the Eurorail system. I will be primarily be using the train systems to get around and was hoping to fill up a shipper I will have along the way.

    I have already read that Eurostar allows 12 bottles of beer per person, but was just looking for any tips based on experience. Was thinking of getting a light weight folding dolly to take with me for example.

  2. Erzengel

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    Never had any problem travelling in continental Europe. I never used the Eurostar, but the Thalis, ICE and other high-speed connections, and no one was ever interested what was inside my luggage. For customs-reasons, you can carry 120 litres (!) of beer with you travelling inside the EU, so I would guess that you won't have any problems.
    I have a good friend in the UK and he travels with Eurostar frequently between London and Paris - and he never said that anyone ever looked inside his bag - and he always carries lots of stuff from and back :slight_smile:

    I won't worry - Europe is very relaxed with the topic beer and wine... :slight_smile:
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    I brought copious amounts home to the UK from France in the back of the car. I wasn't over the customs limit but even if I was... Nobody checked.
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    As they ^^ have said, I've never had anyone care what's in my luggage on Eurostar or trains in Europe. However, you will probably not be able to lift up your suitcase if it has 80 pounds of beer in it.
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    I traveled back from Belgium with as many as I could cram into the case, was a lot more than 12
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