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  1. bring

    bring Initiate (96) Aug 17, 2005 Massachusetts

    Hours: Tuesday 2-8p Cans & Draft Pours, Wednesday - Friday 12-8p Cans Only, Saturday 11-7p Cans & Draft Pours (Last call 6:30 PM for pints), Sunday 12-5p Cans Only (as of 11/1/18)


    Important links: also lists food truck and music for the upcoming day

    FOLLOW @treehousebrewco on Twitter for real time updates

    @DigitalNate has been known to make occasional comments when speculation is not correct on this monthly thread.


    This week's canning schedule, not guaranteed:

    + Tuesday

    + Wednesday

    + Thursday

    + Friday

    We are packaging into cans on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Cans become available the day they are packaged. Thanks!


    As we settle into our new brewery, the availability of pints will be sporadic (except for Tuesday and Saturday) and dependent on the crowd. If we are too busy it is not possible to maintain an enjoyable and efficient experience for takeaway beer and serve pints at the same time. Stay tuned to Twitter to learn if and when pours are available.


    While we transition to the new brewery, growler fills are temporary on hold. Fear not - they will be back. They are a huge part of what makes us Tree House.

    New Glass 750 ML - $5 | 2L - $6




    There is just one line, the can line! You may order growlers (not available at this time) from the can line, when they become available at the new brewery. Our staff will assist you by handing out and collecting order cards for growlers while you wait for cans.

    ABSOLUTELY no drinking in the line or on the outside grounds!

    If you have to smoke, please step out far enough from the line so other people don't have to inhale your smoke. Thank you.

    We make every effort to keep limits the same, and this is indeed the case 95% of the time. On rare occasions when we believe it will be beneficial to visitors, we will lower limits to spread the love around a bit.

    ALL LIMITS POSTED ARE PER PERSON, PER DAY. No SECOND TRIPS THROUGH THE LINE during the same day even if they add new cans later in the day.



    The beer you purchase at Tree House can be enjoyed at Westview Creamery on East Hill Road, and at BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge.

    Nearby Bottle Shop:

    Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge, is the closest. It's close to BT's Smokehouse.

    submitted by @YS1977 (Yankee Spirits)


    Historical information on can/bottle releases:

    Awesome Tree House can release spreadsheet done by @BeerTraveler33.

    In his own words:

    Feel free to remind me, @BeerTraveler33, to update this as I usually only update the file on my work PC and I forget to update the google doc.

    He asks if anybody has any suggestions for his spreadsheet to write to him.

    This is the spreadsheet that you seen cropped, cut, and pasted on posts. Full credit should be given to @BeerTraveler33 for creating and maintaining it.

    A new spreadsheet link is below and was created (and maintained) by @jimmyfausto. Great job too.

    Family history: (from @likeadabeer )

    Julius Family:

    Julius - Flagship IPA
    Jjjuliusss - Extra kettle/dry hopped Julius
    King Julius - DIPA version of Julius
    King Jjjuliusss - Extra kettle/dry hopped King Julius
    Alter Ego - Julius base w/ Mosaic and Amarillo in the dry hop
    Aaalterrr Ego - Extra kettle/dry hopped Alter Ego
    Doppelganger - DIPA version of Alter Ego
    Doubleganger - Extra kettle/dry hopped Doppelganger

    Green Family:

    Green - IPA with ‘mostly’ Galaxy hops
    Gggreennn - Extra kettle/dry hopped Green
    Very Green - DIPA version of Green
    Very Gggreennn - Extra kettle/dry hopped Very Green

    Haze Family:

    Haze - Flagship DIPA
    Very Hazy - Imperial version of Haze

    Sap Family:

    Sap - IPA featuring Chinook hops
    Sssappp - Extra kettle/dry hopped Sap
    Super Sap - DIPA version of Sap

    Eureka Family:

    Flagship hoppy blond ale featuring the following single hop varieties:
    Citra (most often)

    Bright Family:

    Flagship DIPA featuring an American ale yeast vs. traditional house and featuring the following single hop varieties:
    Mosaic (most often)
    Bbbrighttt - Extra kettle/dry hopped Bright (and variants)
    Baby Bright - Single IPA version of Bright

    The Weather Family:

    Tornado - APA featuring Simcoe and Citra hops
    Hurricane - DIPA version of Tornado
    Super Typhoon - Extra kettle/dry hopped Hurricane
    Perfect Storm - Extra kettle/dry hopped Super Typhoon

    The APA family:

    Lights On - APA featuring Mosaic hops
    Lights Out - APA featuring Citra hops
    Pride and Purpose - APA featuring Galaxy hops
    East Hill - APA featuring Simcoe/Citra/Galaxy hops
    Present Moment - APA featuring Southern Hemisphere hops
    Dogs / Kids:

    Children, dogs and families are always welcome at Tree House

    Good Morning:

    This has come up several times in the past. According to @DigitalNate, Good Morning has not been retired.

    However all beers, including Good Morning, on this BA site that are listed as "limited" or in this case "rotating" and have not been released again eventually gets moved to the "archived" list, if not re-released over a period of time (forgot how long). It has nothing to do with whether or not it will actually be brewed again despite the red "This beer is retired; no longer brewed." which is added automatically by the site. This line sometimes confuses people but disappears when the beer is moved back to the "current" list.

    Shuttle bus:

    If you find yourself parked in the lower lot, we now provide shuttle service that runs thru every 5 minutes or you don't have to exercise to get up that hill (although some of us could use the workout). :stuck_out_tongue:
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  2. msiegel04

    msiegel04 Initiate (52) Oct 5, 2017 Connecticut

    Crazy to see super sap at a case limit. Hoping (expecting) this trend will continue on the non-core beers.
  3. BriDrinksBeer

    BriDrinksBeer Initiate (40) Jul 18, 2018 New York

    I had my first Tree House experience yesterday. Arrived 11:30 with a line of about 40 people. It moved pretty quickly and I was able to purchase everything I wanted (see below). Overall I was very impressed with the process, grounds and staff. Cant wait to go back.

    Lights On
    BBBright Citra
    Double Shot
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  4. CTHopman

    CTHopman Initiate (159) Jul 22, 2016 Connecticut

    I suggest you try the appropriate BA trading forum or online FB trade groups.
  5. JLK7299

    JLK7299 Meyvn (1,204) Apr 21, 2016 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    If NFL Playoffs weren’t today I’d totally be there
  6. just_another__lurker

    just_another__lurker Initiate (35) Mar 21, 2018 Massachusetts

    Got there at 3 today and waited maybe 5 minutes for cans. Draft line was a different story though, I had to skip that insanity...
  7. Joeybones3

    Joeybones3 Initiate (81) Apr 8, 2012 Vermont

    What did you come away with can wise?
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  8. Joeybones3

    Joeybones3 Initiate (81) Apr 8, 2012 Vermont

    Thinking of driving tomorrow morn. Should have all but green.
  9. robo55

    robo55 Initiate (65) Oct 29, 2015 Massachusetts

    Was passing through the area after picking up the wife in NYC. Can Line was just outside and moved quickly. Nice variety, but we’ll see how they’re doing consistency wise.

    They’re doing a lot of construction outside the building too
  10. just_another__lurker

    just_another__lurker Initiate (35) Mar 21, 2018 Massachusetts

    Got two mixed cases of all the cans (stocked up on super sap, then a bunch of green and Julius, and a few bbrighttt, snow, and lights on each), plus the four DS bottles. It was a sweet haul, especially for the non-existent wait time.. That may have been the quickest I was ever in and out, and it was a Saturday too!
  11. just_another__lurker

    just_another__lurker Initiate (35) Mar 21, 2018 Massachusetts

    Yeah was surprised to cross the bridge under the pavilion to enter into the side of the building today. Not sure how long they been doing that, but I went in the main door about two weeks ago when I was there last..
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  12. gruffyboy

    gruffyboy Initiate (43) Oct 10, 2014 Massachusetts

    I also made the trek today; great to have such a short wait time and a significant haul. Loving the Super Sap and Double Shot; not too impressed with this batch of Julius though, seems a bit flat on the flavor, no peach/mango that I'm used to. Am I alone in this opinion?
  13. robo55

    robo55 Initiate (65) Oct 29, 2015 Massachusetts

    Ugh, haven’t opened Julius yet, but fortunately only bought, (had to check) 8. I knew I should have bought less! Last two times I bought a case of Julius and was very underwhelmed. Agree with the Super Sap and Green is great too. Only bought two double shots and didn’t even want that.
  14. Dukies222001

    Dukies222001 Initiate (113) Oct 21, 2016 New Hampshire

    Going on Friday is there any chance Double Shot would still be available.
  15. pointbreak

    pointbreak Initiate (51) Dec 16, 2017 Massachusetts

    Saturday was great minus the rain, barely any line all day for cans and the pour line was moving swiftly. Would be pretty ideal if it was always like that, it was busy but super manageable. Super Sap is fantastic too
  16. JLK7299

    JLK7299 Meyvn (1,204) Apr 21, 2016 North Carolina
    Society Trader

  17. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (214) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    DS is great but I actually like last weeks HOTS a little better. DS strawberry was as good as it gets, they need to bottle that!

    This was one of the best weeks to go. Pours every day and no lines. Don’t get used to it
  18. Pudgemaster

    Pudgemaster Initiate (26) Jan 6, 2018 Massachusetts

    Stopped by today around 1pm. Best experience I’ve had there. Small line for cans got a nice selection or 2 bottles and 12 cans. Pour line was short as well. Had one pour of single shot Gracenote, first draft beer I’ve had there. Great beer! Sad to have not tried double shot with strawberry though. Hope it stays like this
  19. BasedPham

    BasedPham Initiate (28) Mar 7, 2018 Massachusetts

    Random question, but I totally missed the "Do Not Cellar" on my stout bottles - is this really going to affect the beer long term? I store them in a wine fridge at cellar temps. Should I just move them over to my regular fridge?
  20. JLK7299

    JLK7299 Meyvn (1,204) Apr 21, 2016 North Carolina
    Society Trader

    I’ve wondered this about TH Stouts as well.
  21. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (214) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Saw a youtube review of DS where he left it for 2 years in a wine fridge and it seemed pretty good still. It's a stout so the only worry is that the coffee will drop off. I wouldn't cellar a milk stout that has other adjuncts, though.

    I was planning to let one of my bottles sit for a year but idk if I can control myself a few months down the road when it may or may not be the only stout in my fridge
  22. Dukies222001

    Dukies222001 Initiate (113) Oct 21, 2016 New Hampshire

    Crusher of dreams lol, I am curious though it’s pretty much abnormal for so much beer from the previous week to still be available isn’t it? They must have been slower than usual last week.
  23. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (214) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Last week was slow, but the week before, they ran out of beer on Saturday. Between being open two extra days a week now and having 3-4 times the selection, the cans will last much longer than before because the "need" for everyone to show up all at once is gone. It will begin to function as a normal brewery in terms of experience with the occasional shit show when they drop KJJJ or GM. This summer is going to be great (if the expansion is completed) especially with a second bar opening up and potentially growler fills.
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  24. SpauldingSmails

    SpauldingSmails Initiate (142) Sep 11, 2014 Massachusetts

    I went on Saturday. The can line was short, but took longer than would be expected as there was a fair bit of chatting at the purchase stations. Quite a bit different from the flurry of activity from my past visits. I got quite a bit, choosing 12 of each of the offerings except for Snow. I hadn't tried it and didn't want to take the plunge. Julius, Green, BBB w/Citra, SuperS Lights On and 4 DS all made the trip home. A nice couple sitting with me offered to grab me some more DS as they weren't getting any. Added six more to my lot.

    The pour line was very long when I got in it, but once I went through, the line was non-existent. Ebb and Flow, I guess. Got to have the Aaalter and the DS with Marshmallow. Good stuff. I haven't tried any of the cans yet.
  25. ClarkstonMark

    ClarkstonMark Initiate (88) Feb 21, 2016 Michigan

    carryover cans from the previous week is the new norm
    there will very likely be another stout or 2 available when you visit this week
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  26. Aaron58

    Aaron58 Initiate (184) Dec 16, 2007 Massachusetts

    What they mean is, don't hang on to the beer and age it for a year. Your wine fridge is fine. They want you to drink it fresh is the point
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  27. pbrian

    pbrian Defender (682) Feb 8, 2001 Connecticut

    You went Saturday and lasted a whole Sunday of playoff football and didn't crack a can? Fail :wink:
  28. lbower860

    lbower860 Initiate (151) Jun 28, 2011 Connecticut

  29. SpauldingSmails

    SpauldingSmails Initiate (142) Sep 11, 2014 Massachusetts

    That's a fair point. BTW, my kids have let me know that a winking emoji may not mean what you think it means, but I'll take it at face value. I was feeling crappy on Sunday and didn't want to tarnish my first can. That said, I did bust open a DS on Saturday eve and it was excellent.
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  30. Dukies222001

    Dukies222001 Initiate (113) Oct 21, 2016 New Hampshire

    Awesome that it sounds like I will have a lot to choose from Friday. I am really hoping for some solid Stouts. Will be even cooler hopefully after the expansion if they can always have draft available. It is a bummer to travel all the way there and not be able to drink.
  31. LukieBL

    LukieBL Initiate (119) Jun 10, 2015 Massachusetts

    How is the Triple Shot? Probably best to drink ASAP I’d imagine?
  32. agreenman19

    agreenman19 Poo-Bah (1,890) Apr 10, 2011 Connecticut
    Society Trader

    ...Friday night? :thinking_face:
  33. pbrian

    pbrian Defender (682) Feb 8, 2001 Connecticut

    To me it means "just kiding, all good fun, hardy har har". Unless you're a hot chick.
  34. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (207) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    It's really good. I consumed it watching the ball drop to ring in '19. If Tree House tells me to drink it fresh, who am I to disagree?!?
  35. Schuee

    Schuee Initiate (101) May 26, 2017 Connecticut

    Well since i just found a bottle of christmas 2017 DS in the fidge last night I'll be the guinea pig this weekend and let you know how "bad" it aged.
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  36. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (214) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    Anyone feel the last batch of Green is a little "watery"? First batch in a long time that seems a little off to me. The last several were world class
  37. ransom22

    ransom22 Aspirant (214) Feb 5, 2016 Uzbekistan

    Drink your TH stouts within 4-6 weeks of release, and store upright.

    They might taste good a year or two down the road, but they’re wayyyyyyy better the closer you drink them to their bottling date.
  38. Michaelpro824

    Michaelpro824 Initiate (122) Nov 27, 2015 New York

    Had a Xmas DS 17 on Xmas morning 18 and it was noticeably not what it was. Still a fine TH stout but I’ll certainly consume my DS fresher from now on
  39. robo55

    robo55 Initiate (65) Oct 29, 2015 Massachusetts

    Yes, I just can’t win with TH. Fortunately, I only bought 12 cans this time. It’s not bad, but definitely not the green I had from a few months back. Julius is again a shell of its former self. Super Sap is awesome and Snow is really good too! Haven’t tried DS and honestly am not that interested anyways.
  40. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (214) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    I noticed that C55 was released and then immediately C56 comes out the next day followed by kegs of it tapped for pours and GROWLERS. I wonder if they're gearing up C56 to be a full on can release come spring? Seems strange how much they invest in certain Curiosity variants while others are in and out.

    I remember C48 was ridiculous and stayed on tap for most of the summer. I was really hoping it would become a regular release but I haven't had any of the newer IPAs that tasted like it
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