Trip to Chile and Argentina

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    In a few months, will be taking a trip to Patagonia with some stops on the way and way back. My wife is a wine drinker so will be happy, but wanted to know what I can expect beer wise.

    Any suggestions of locally brewed beer to be on the lookout for, or any beer bars/restaurants in any of these cities that aren't already in the BA Places database?

    Puerto Varas
    Punta Arenas
    Puerto Natales
    Buenos Aires
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    I've been to both recently. I remember liking Cerveza Patagonia Amber in Buenos Aires. It's a macro brew and probably available all over the country.

    In Santiago, try Cerveza Austral Calatafe.
    per another post: "Calafate is a local fruit that has a berry taste. This is not overly sweet, but you can definitely taste the fruit".
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