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Discussion in 'New England' started by GoOSU, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. GoOSU

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  2. nathanb47

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    All I heard was they are done, closed down yesterday. If you wanted your plaque off the wall that was your chance. Havent heard a reason to why they closed tho. Sad day!
  3. MikeyBadnews

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    They're closed. They had the property on the market for a bit. Flew under the radar. I guess last night they had a few issues and just decided that was the day. Going to miss it. Theres not a great amount of beer bars in the area.
  4. SunDevilBeer

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    Bummer. Definitely the OG beer bar of the south shore.

    Glad I dropped in for a few pints last month when I found myself in the area.
  5. nolanz14

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    Sad to hear this news. I've been there a lot over the past few years. Great tap list and burgers as well.
  6. dental

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    they posted this earlier on facebook...

    "Thank you everyone for the outpouring of support over the last few days. As many of you already know, we are currently closed. There was a perfect storm of equipment failure and it will take us some time to get things up and running again. With that being said, we’re taking time to repair and renovate (and relax)."
  7. JrGtr

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    This makes it sound like they plan to reopen at some point - though the phrasing makes it sound like it'll be some time before they do.
    Too bad - I liked that place. Good food, great beer selection. I used to enjoy their firkin Fridays a lot.
    Then my wife was at a baby shower down the road a piece, (this would have been something like 4 years ago) I went in to kill time and they happened to have Lunch on tap...
  8. SunDevilBeer

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    Ah yes, the old “under renovations” statement while closed, it’s an oldie but goodie for restos that have serious problems & shut their doors.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve seen way too many go down this road & never re-open.
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