Use Beer Tools lately?

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Talk' started by Amendm, Sep 16, 2020.

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    Feel free to submit it... Sometimes the typo/minor errors are from the actual Brewer’s website information so we do not correct them in those cases, otherwise it is probably a quick fix for one of us.
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    I have only been a member a bit more than a month and have already used Beer tools to report updated ABV, changes to availability, etc. In each case it seems I noticed edits were made in less than a day, although I don't get any notice that the change was made, but that is no big deal. If I had an edit rejected then I would like to know why.
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    Appreciate the insite
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    Is there any capability to alert the user that their edit/suggestion has been denied? Just curious as I have submitted a few beer pics that never took without any explanation.

    Also the Mods saved my dumbass today so praise be! Use your beer tools BA & stack that karma!
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    Not at this time, but I'd love to eventually add this and other alerts.
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    That would be cool, I've added Beers that have had their styles changed upon further review. It would be cool to get an update when this occurs. Not likely to happen, it would take too many changes to make the benefits worthwhile.[/QUOTE]
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    You beat me to it.