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  1. JonnyBeers

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    Mother Nature skipped Spring, so am I. This thread is based on the other PNW ones. Here's a big heap of places to go and find some tasty beers in Greater Vancouver. If visiting check in a week or two before the trip and you're likely to get some up to date info from the locals.


    Vancouver - WestEnd/Downtown (Using Main & Terminal as boundaries)
    Alibi Room, Darby's Gastown, Denman Beer Wine & Spirits, The Blind Sparrow, Blackbird Pub House, Viti Liquor Store, Rogue Wetbar Convention & Waterfront, Steamworks Liquor Store, Chambar, Devil's Ale & Smoke House, Wildebeest, Camp Upstairs

    Vancouver - Eastvan/Commercial
    Superflux (currently at Strathcona), Boombox (TBD), Luppolo Brewing Co, Temporal (out of Luppolo), Strange Fellow Brewing, Merchants Workshop, St Augustines, Tangent Cafe, Liberty Wine Merchants, Strathcona Brewing, Powell St Brewing, Callister Brewing, Storm Brewing, Doan's Craft Brewing, Parallel 49, High Point Liquor Store, Biercraft Commercial, Toby's Liquor Store, East Van Brewing, Viti Broadway

    Vancouver - Olympic Village/Mount Pleasant/Brewery Creek/Fraser

    Brewery Creek Liquor Store, Legacy Liquor Store, Tap&Barrel, Cambie & 8th BCL, Firefly Liquor Store, Biercraft Bistro Cambie, 12 Kings Pub, Brassneck Brewery, Main Street Brewery, 33Acres Brewing, Cascade Room, R&B Brewing & Pizza, Faculty Brewing, Electric Bicycle Brewing

    Vancouver - Cambie East / South of 16th
    Bells & Whistles, Portland Craft, Bows & Arrows (coffee shop w beer), JAKS Beer Wine Spirits 41st Ave, 39th & Cambie BCL Signature Store, West Coast Liquor Fraser, Dogwood / Boombox Brewing

    Vancouver - Kits/UBC/Kerrisdale
    Darby's Kits & Darby's Liquor Store, Kitsilano Liquor Store, Biercraft Wesbrook, West Coast Liquor Kerrisdale, JAK's Dunbar, Liberty Wine Merchants 10th Ave

    Burnaby/New West
    Steamworks Brewery & Taproom, Bottle Jockey Liquor Store, Bainbridge Liquor Store, Hop & Vine Pub and Liquor Store, Dageraad Brewing, Steel & Oak Brewing, JAK's Liquor Store New West, Viti New West, Terminal Pub, 8th St Liquor Store, Hops New West

    North Shore / West Van
    Beere Brewing, Tap & Barrel Shipyards, District Brasserie, The Gull Liquor Store, 16th Street Liquor Store, Bridge Brewing, Deep Cove Brewing & Distillers

    Four Winds Brewing, Fuggles & Warlock Brewing, Hogshack BBQ, Richmond Liquor Store, O'Hares Pub and Liquor Store, Kove Kitchen

    Pacific Liquor Store Fleetwood, 120 Liquor Pub & Liquor Store, Central City Liquor Store, Fleetwood BCL, Central City Brewing and Tasting Room, Sunshine Hills Liquor Store, Southpoint Liquor Store, Uli's Restaurant White Rock, B's Liquor Store Langley, Trading Post Brewing Langley, Field House Brewing Abby, Ravens Brewing Abby

    Twin Sails Brewing, Yellow Dog Brewery, Parkside Brewing, Moody Ales, Pacific Liquor Store Westwood, Burrard Public House, JAK's Liquor Store Lougheed

    Back Country Brewing, A Frame Brewing, Howe Sound Brewing

    The Drake, Moon Under Water, Driftwood Brewing, Cascadia LRS, Cook St Liquor, Vessel LRS, Liquor Plus, Spinnakers, Swans, Phillips (has a nice new looking taproom), Hoyne

    This is USA, but it's a great little city just half an hour south of the border. Plenty do do here for 1-2 days of beercation. Elizabeth Station, Structures, Aslan, Wander, Kulshan, Chuckanut, Boundary Bay, Garden Path, and many other new breweries and pubs.
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    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    A few updates that stand out based on previous thread:

    Beere Brewing in North Van is getting some hype, Coalesce is no more for now but hopefully they reappear soon, Boombox may be opening again soon somewhere in Vancouver. Temporal should have first batches soon, out of Luppolo.

    Cantillon is SOLD OUT ALWAYS :sob:
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  3. hoptemologist

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    wait i cant come to Vancouver and get Cantillon?! UGH

    Kidding, sad about Coalesce glad to have gotten to try everything they put out with the exception of Plum Foreword.

    Pumped to see those Vandervleden (not spelt right) bottles at the gull!
  4. PHLDude

    PHLDude Initiate (25) May 15, 2018 Pennsylvania

    Hi - Visiting Victoria for about 36 hours (1 night stay) at the end of June from Seattle. Any specific way I should prioritize breweries? I dig anything but IPAs are prob my biggest jam.
  5. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    I'm not too familiar with the Victoria brewery tap rooms, but Moon is my favorite one, ymmv depending on when the wild BA stuff comes out

    The Drake Eatery would be a good spot to find more variety from around BC in terms of IPAs from Vancouver etc. When I was there in Spring, Vessel had the best bottle and can selection for stores, was quite impressed.
  6. hoptemologist

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    Not sure if this is the be all end all Vancouver thread but I will also be moving to Vancouver August 1, large lambic cellar in tow, unsure if i will plan to share or bring all the stuff outside of lambic but hopefully there is some shares to attend!
  7. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    BOOMBOX IS BACK! On Friday :wink:

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  8. Damoxemus

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    Temporal is doing their first pour tomorrow at Luppolo.

    And already covered but BOOMBOX is back and at P49 fulltime! Super stoked for this.
  9. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    @Hedo-Rick re: your question about Lagers and Pale ales in Vancouver.

    The haze craze seems to dominate here lately but there are some really good lagers out there. Four Winds did a collab with Collective Arts called Lord Pivo that you should still be able to find on shelves at a few spots, it's a great Czech Pils. Luppolo has done some nice ones in the past.

    There's a new Craft Pils from P49 out recently to go along with their Craft Lager.

    S&O is probably the best known local brewery for focusing on this style. I'd try to find some Simple Things from them, and they just came out with Nebraska a corn lager I've heard good things about. Plenty more here > https://steelandoak.ca/

    Brassneck has done some good ones in the past, their menu is constantly changing and tap room only for the most part although they do package cans on site and you'll see em at bars around town, like Alibi Room.

    Pale Ales I'd recommend some Boombox Arcade Glow or Easy Tiger from Superflux.
  10. Derek

    Derek Poo-Bah (3,586) Apr 2, 2005 British Columbia (Canada)

    Some good lagers recently...

    BNA 76 Wolverine
    Off the Rail Spirit Lifter
    Parallel 49 Craft Lager (has improved immensely)

    And if you make your way to Kelowna, Boundary is doing some incredibly good lagers as well.

    The Haze phase is killing hops for me... I’ve been enjoying brews that are more balanced.
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  11. TeemuWPG

    TeemuWPG Initiate (70) Sep 14, 2016 Manitoba (Canada)

    Wondering if anyone in BC could help me out with something. Looking to get some of the new Boombox / Kilter collab, would like to get my friend Miguel (the brewer for Kilter) a couple cans before they age a bit on their way over here. Our liquor control is going to take a few weeks, so I’m thinking maybe I could swap someone a 4 pack of the first Kilter release coming up this weekend for a 4 pack of LOC?

    PM me? I’ll make it work for whatever you’re looking for to get this done.
  12. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    The Twitter trolling has been pretty funny. Haven't actually had myself. Hard to imagine Kent from BB hasn't sent any yet to Miguel
  13. ElijahSF

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    Visiting Vancouver this weekend, like all styles of beers. Looks like there's a lot to cover, can anyone provide me with a list of five to ten must hit spots? Any information is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Erik-P

    Erik-P Savant (993) Aug 19, 2013 British Columbia (Canada)

    Alibi room, brassneck, anywhere with superflux, darbys, legacy if you're looking for cans/bottles