Vermont recommendations for October

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  1. jumboj11

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    The wife and I are headed to Vermont in early October; splitting 4 days between Burlington and Stowe. While I'll never turn down beer recommendations (we've knocked off most of the major breweries during our last two summer visits), I'm primarily looking for suggestions on some nice fall hikes (easy to moderate), places to check out foliage, and food recs. My wife loves fall, so any local advice on how/where to enjoy that time of year would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking!
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    Depending on how big/small of a hike you're looking for, you could hike Mansfield. My wife and I did it earlier this year taking the Sunset Ridge trail and loved it. There's a decent amount of hike above tree line and the views are fantastic on the way down. We hike a lot in the White Mountains and thought it was pretty moderate for a 4000 footer. The trailhead is easily accessible from both Burlington or Stowe.
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  3. ajthegreat

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    Stowe Pinnacle is definitely a great "easy to moderate" hike in your target area. If you are looking for some under the radar beer stuff and beautiful foliage, you could make a trip out to Good Measure Brewery in Northfield, and hike Paine Mountain (easy hike) down the road. Cornerstone Burger, right next to Good Measure, has amazing food and an OK tap list.
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    The double question markets in the thread title suggest an urgency the OP fails to deliver. I want my money back.
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    Second Stowe Pinnacle. It's an easy day hike with a great view at the top.

    Found Mount Hunger to be pretty manageable. I believe the trailhead is in Warerbury. It's a steep climb with a bit of scrambling at the top (maybe a few 100 ft.), but it's a relatively short climb with wide open views similar to 4,000 footer.
  6. dubdrop

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    Stowe Pinnacle is definitely a nice, easy hike. I did it in the snow and that was pretty cool. But I'd imagine it is much easier/faster without snow. We did it in March, so the snow was mashed potatoes and slowed us down quite a bit.
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    Camel's Hump in Huntington is a very cool undeveloped hill. It's right next to Waterbury and it's bars. Depending on your situation it might trend from moderate into difficult. Mt Mansfield has incredible views in all directions, and you can commence your hike at several different elevations.
  8. DroppinBiscuits

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    Is this something pretty active 6 year old and 8 year old could do?
  9. AirBob

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    Definitely Stowe Pinnacle. Mount Hunger might be tough unless they both have some decent hiking experience. The trail isn't exposed at all, but it's a pretty steep grade for a casual hiker/climber and the scrambling at the top might be challenging for a 6-8 year old. That said, I did see a number of young families on the trail. They were taking it slow, but didn't seem to have any issues.

    Edit: If they're adventurous and you set expectations they should be fine
  10. ajthegreat

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    Yes. There will be a lot of families on there with kids in that range.
  11. RollTide7

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    can't give u hiking advice but food recs: hen of the wood (waterbury) food was so good and they have awesome mac and cheese for kids (we took our 2.5 year old there and endign up polishing her leftover mac and cheese). I'm sure you know about the other waterbury regulars of blackback, propig and the reservoir (i think the res has become my favorite of those in terms of food).

    If you head up to HF or stay up near stowe and are willing to drive north (esp if your hiking is stowe or south) then black diamond bbq (smoked wings) and lost nation (brewery & have very good food) up in morrisville are great too. depending on where you stay thompson's flour shop in morrisville is an awesome bakery and sandwich shop that has eat in and takeaway, we enjoyed their breakfast sandwiches and also lunch sandwiches and discovered it thanks to our airbnb last time up in VT. Have fun!
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  12. egrandfield

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    Check out the lakes in Northeast Kingdom. Plenty of Mountains to hike. You can also take a Gondola up to Mt. Mansfield near Stowe. Highly advise getting Hibachi at Sushi Yoshi. Place has HF on tap, Alchemist cans, and a few good German beers.
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