Visiting Boston from Mexico

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  1. Charmlessman

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    Hi guys

    This year I am going to Boston Calling, arriving Thursday, May 21st around 7pm and leaving on Monday around 11 am.

    I am planning to visit as many breweries I can, definitely hitting Trillium Fort Point on Thursday. I will have all Friday free and I am thinking about visiting Tree House but I don't have a car. Do you know if there are buses or a way to get there that does not involve driving a car? I am buying maybe a few cans since I cant take many back so not really planning a big haul. Just tying to visit the place and have a couple of beers.

    Saturday and Sunday I am not going to the festival until probably a couple of hours before the headliners go on stage so I am thinking about just hitting whatever else is in town.

    Anyone up for meeting up and trying some beers from Mexico and Jester King?
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  2. WunderLlama

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    Commuter rail to Worcester and then Uber to treehouse
  3. kinopio

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    The festival is walking distance from a couple good neighborhoods for bars. Deep Ellum and Lulus in Allston have dope taplists. Harvard Square isn't great for beer but strong for food and bar hopping.
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  4. followerofmen

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    This is a hell of a trip from Mexico to see a total of maybe 5 bands. Is your priority beer? Music? Boston? TH is a certainly cool spot to check out but without a car it is definitely kind of a hassle.
  5. eaglephile

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    A great time of year to visit Boston! Where are you staying? The red line can get you from trillium to Harvard sq easily if you decide you want to hit trillium more than once. There are a plethora of good beer bars accessible by the T (subway) including ginger man, worden hall, stoddards, Cambridge brewing company, and many others. Your location could determine quite a bit.

    As for Tree House - my advice is to skip it. You’d have to travel quite a bit and stand in a weekend draft line (probably 1 hour) for a maximum of two pours. Double that time if you want cans. Post back here in early May offering some jester king and someone will hook you up with TH (me if I’m free). But don’t trek out to the brewery - it likely won’t be worth it.
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  6. Charmlessman

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    Thanks a lot, everyone

    @kinopio thanks, I have added those two bars to my list.

    @followerofmen it is a hell of a trip indeed, I have a few bands in mind but honestly, I was 15 in the 90s and never got to see RATM play live so I am flying to see them this time. I enjoy craft beer so it is going to be most of my time drinking beer and getting into the festival a couple of hours before headliners go on stage. I have had Trillium and TH before by trading since I get access to Texas beers but on this trip I am flying from Mexico since that is where I am currently working. I really wished TH was doable but I really don't think I will get a car just to do that.

    @eaglephile I will know soon where to stay as I will be spending 3 nights in Boston, arriving on Friday where I will only focus on the beer as I have seen the Foo Fighters several times before, Saturday beers and RATM and Sunday more beer and RHCP. I have visited breweries in a few other states in USA and I was really looking forward to making it to Tree House but of course, I will post here later on as I can get some JK for those dates.

    Talk to you all as the date gets closer
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  7. killamonjaro

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    I would suggest a commuter rail to Worcester and then just go to Armsby, or take a bus from Boston down to vitamin sea in Weymouth. Treehouse is a long way from Boston for someone without a vehicle. Fort point market and Fenway beer shop both in Boston will have good enough of a can selection. Vitamin sea will scratch the treehouse itch even if they only have draft.
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  8. darkandhoppy

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    a lot of merit to this. You'll be able to have unrestricted pours of 4-6 Hill Farmstead taps, as well as the rest of their super well curated taplist, and great food. TH will limit you to 2 pours and it's not like you can schlep all that many cans back to Boston/Mexico
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  9. rhino88888888

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    I love this idea also (and I've done this day trip to Armsby several times), but make sure to check the MBTA website for commuter rail service. You'd be okay on a Friday, but I believe they are replacing the Worcester line with buses on the weekends through May.

    Peter Pan bus lines also provides direct service from Boston to Worcester at a cheaper price and it's generally faster as long as you aren't traveling during rush hour traffic.
  10. Jason

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    Do yourself a favor ...visit Cambridge Brewing Co & Lamplighter Brewing Co.