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    I'm traveling to Nova Scotia to visit family next week. Flying into Halifax and staying at a bnb in Head of Jeddore. What breweries/bottle shops are worth checking out? We are renting a car so pretty flexible with stops along the way. Also, any creative restaurants/gastropubs in Halifax?

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    The local homebrew club has put together a great map of all your beer-centric places:,-63.45329559248643&z=5

    Most of the alcohol is controlled by government run stores (NSLC). Your best bet for buying bottles/cans would be one of the four private stores or breweries themselves. Bishop's cellar on the Halifax waterfront is your best bet for a store, followed by Rockhead and/or Harvest Wines. Westside carries the same product as Rockhead/Harvest so no need to go out of your way to get there. Keep in mind that even the private stores need to procure product through the government. Our consumer options are far more limited than in NH.

    For beer bars, Stillwell on Barrington is the reigning king. They also have a beer garden on Spring Garden Road. Great space, but no flights available at the beer garden. Delicious small plates available at both locations. Just as an FYI, they have a cider event going on this weekend, so the taps are likely to be very cider heavy until Monday or so.

    If you like hoppy beers, Unfiltered/Charm School is definitely worth checking out. Greg Nash is a bit of a legend in the local craft scene, and their stuff is almost exclusively on draft though they do have cans at the brewery on occasion. Within walking distance of them is Good Robot (great space, beer is hit and miss but they do carry several guest taps) and Chain Yard for cider. North Brewing is next to Chain Yard but they only do bottle/growler sales.

    2 Crows is fairly new but putting out great stuff, so worth a stop there. Lots of taps and cans. Stillwell also is in the brewing game now, with bottle sales (primarily barreled farmhouse ales) behind Propeller Brewing every Saturday from 12-4. You can check out their instagram for details.

    Downtown Dartmouth has the next best beer bar in Battery Park, with North Brewing selling product downstairs to go. They also do small food plates and tasty burgers from Ace. There's also New Scotland Brewing within walking distance. They opened a couple of months ago and you can order pizza from Stone Pizza while there.

    Finally, there's Harbour Brewing which just opened up, and is the closest brewery to where you'll be staying. Haven't tried their stuff yet.

    Lots of food around, though I'm not really an expert on that front.

    In closing, if I were to make a list of places you really should try, I'd say Stillwell on Barrington, Unfiltered/Charm School, and 2 Crows.
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    Thanks so much for the advice! Looking forward to hitting up as many as I can.