Visiting Tillamook (Fall 2015 update)

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by deGardebrewing, Oct 6, 2015.

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  1. souredonbeer

    souredonbeer Initiate (0) Mar 18, 2014 Washington

    I just posted an ISO for tickets in the breweriana forum, not sure if it's even allowed but check it out if you have extras for either day.
  2. deGardebrewing

    deGardebrewing Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 Oregon

    Sounds like a bad bottle/closure, and you have my sincere apologies. I'm happy to either replace it from our archive, or with equal value from what we have available next time you're out. Sorry man.
    I suppose it's worth saying that truly wild beer is always unpredictable and unique, even on a bottle to bottle selection. So, not necessarily blaming the glass or cap, just that it seems like the likely culprit.
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  3. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,103) May 23, 2011 Washington

    No worries! Beer listens to no master.
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  4. deGardebrewing

    deGardebrewing Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 Oregon

    Just popping in to say hello. No eloquent ramblings, but a big thanks for you all supporting us. We do always try to take care of everyone that that we can whether it be events or just a random beer. We fail sometimes, but we try.
  5. rronin

    rronin Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2005 Washington

    Pelican Pub & Brewery makes great beer and serves good food.
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  6. black13

    black13 Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2010 Oregon

    All I've ever seen from Trevor and Linsey is an ever ending desire to make their customers happy. Over the past three years that has become increasingly hard as their popularity skyrocketed. From their tiny tasting room in town, to one bay of the warehouse, to two, the three. Now they're working on moving back to town. All this too do all they can to keep their customers happy. I think this method of ticket sales is great. It gives you a chance to pick up some beer when you get your tickets, then you get more at the part. Win-win. I applaud de Garde for thinking of the locals.
  7. ballardbeer

    ballardbeer Initiate (132) Nov 10, 2013 Washington

    i often tell people the story of when Linsey opened up the tasting room just for me and the girlfriend. tillamook was flooding and you guys were closed. you left a number on the door for the out-of-state beer crazies to call just incase they don't check weather forecasts and were stupid enough to drive through the storm. i called, and you guys were open within 15 minutes. super cool of you, and a testament to how you genuinely care more than you should about your customers.
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  8. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (8,027) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    And, best part, they squeezed y'all in during prime elk surfing season!
  9. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (8,027) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    Uh, yeah, I've been beering most all day. Carry on.
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  10. Srqb

    Srqb Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2014 Washington

    Very excited that my first trip to tillamook will be this anniversary party.
  11. deGardebrewing

    deGardebrewing Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 Oregon

    Who can help but love this guy?
    Belmont Station folks. Not just for the Pliny. :slight_smile:

    (Please don't ask them for Pliny)
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  12. maltmaster420

    maltmaster420 Initiate (0) Aug 17, 2005 Oregon

  13. deGardebrewing

    deGardebrewing Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 Oregon

    He's decent at least.
    So I've heard.
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  14. S32

    S32 Initiate (0) Oct 10, 2015 California

    Wow that's awesome that you they opened up the tasting room for a couple of crazies :stuck_out_tongue:

    I was super impressed last time I was down there, even during the craze of tickets we got a nice comfortable spot, chatted with a ton of people who had made the trip out, and got to try some fantastic beer (The Peach, The Purple, The Lily, Apricot Bu, Passion Pom Bu... I would have been happy with any one of those bottles being on the list)

    Only thing I need to remember next time is to bring some antacid :stuck_out_tongue:

    Props to you, de Garde.

    Hoping to make it out one more time before the release party!

    On a related note, how often are magnums released? I lust after finally getting my hands on one of 'em :slight_smile:
  15. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (729) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    I think they should give you free Tums with every beer consumed on site. I was there a few weeks ago, great beers, but I was feeling it for the rest of the day. This is coming from a guy with a 41 month old "Lambic" on tap.
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  16. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,103) May 23, 2011 Washington

    We always wore Tums necklaces at the parties.
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  17. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (729) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Genius! @deGardebrewing perfect addition to your merch line... just throw a de Garde medallion in the middle...
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  18. jpbebeau

    jpbebeau Aspirant (252) Sep 11, 2011 Washington

    As long as we get a cut. (Payable in beer or glassware, of course.)
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  19. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,103) May 23, 2011 Washington

    I'll accept payment in Whalecows and Broken Trucks, kthxbye.

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  20. deGardebrewing

    deGardebrewing Initiate (0) May 3, 2013 Oregon

    Are you looking for a response to this?
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  21. jbakajust1

    jbakajust1 Crusader (729) Aug 25, 2009 Oregon

    Not totally, maybe just sharing a dG beer next time you are in Eugene for the idea*

    *admitadely stolen from others in this thread who can bargain for there own compensation...
  22. guajolote

    guajolote Aspirant (279) Sep 12, 2008 Oregon

    Anyone hit the Petit celebration on Saturday? Thoughts on The Truffle? My clamgun was in the shop, and I didn't want to go out there unprepared.
  23. drone

    drone Disciple (372) Jun 17, 2013 Oregon

    Yeah, this. I wasn't able to make it out for it either, but am driving down this weekend to hopefully snag any Petit leftovers (hopefully?). The Truffle sure sounds interesting.
  24. songfulchris

    songfulchris Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2013 Oregon

    It is very Broken Trucky. Very subtle Truffle flavor, I would assume because they didn't want to pay $35,000 for the amount that would be needed to really stand out (which I am totally cool with, the subtle hint of it made the beer just...funky. loved it)
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  25. Bobbyk503

    Bobbyk503 Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2015 Oregon

    I 100% agree and think this is a method prefered by many of their regulars. I was abke to get tickets fir a few of my long time trade partners who have been to multiple parties already. It really shouldn't have been to hard for out of towners to get tix if they had any kind of relationship with someone who frequents degarde, and my buddy couldnt be more stoked to have gotten tickets. I cant wait for this party, and believe the owners truly go out of tgere way to support their customers! Cheers to you guys!
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  26. bmulari

    bmulari Initiate (23) Jan 16, 2014 Nebraska

    I'll second this - had some friends in Washington call some friends in Portland (who, as far as I know, had never been to the brewery), who were able to run out and grab us tickets for the Sunday event. I've never been, but am beyond excited!
  27. danieltweten

    danieltweten Initiate (0) Feb 21, 2013 Washington

    Unfortunately for us loners and worker bees that couldn't drive down to the land of cow poo and cheese we're struggling for tickies. If anyone has one for reelzies hit me up! I've been to almost every party and don't want to miss all of your beautiful faces. I'll snag you some Holy Mountain ;-)
  28. m4ttj0nes

    m4ttj0nes Initiate (135) Feb 21, 2012 Oregon

    OMG Berry Bu is back of my favs. If anyone can snag me 2 bottles I will give cash and thank you way I can go out there this weekend.
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  29. MorningDew72

    MorningDew72 Initiate (33) Aug 15, 2014 North Carolina

    I'm getting excited about the de Garde anniversary party! I think I remember reading in here there are a couple local cab companies. Is it generally hard getting one after the party? We are staying at the Western Inn, I'm fine walking back but with a case of heavy beer I don't think its possible.

    I served grand blanc, saison melange, and saison melange no 3 at my wedding last weekend in NC and everybody loved the beer which I guess shouldnt be too big a surprise.
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  30. tokimedo

    tokimedo Aspirant (246) Feb 28, 2015 California

    pretty sure the western inn to degarde is a solid 5 mile walk, so with or without beer it may be a struggle lol.
  31. oregonskibum

    oregonskibum Initiate (0) Mar 14, 2009 Oregon

    I would not recommend walking back. In fact, I would strongly recommend against it. I would rather fall asleep in the muddy grass outside the brewery and drive back to the hotel several hours later after sobering up.
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  32. JouerAvecLeFeu

    JouerAvecLeFeu Crusader (734) Apr 17, 2015 Washington

    Hello @deGardebrewing,

    Back in July, you said that new batches of Bu Weisse were "minimum six months out".

    I've been keeping an eye on your chalkboard... Did I miss it? If not, do you have an estimate of when it might be available again?

  33. MorningDew72

    MorningDew72 Initiate (33) Aug 15, 2014 North Carolina

    haha. I really don't mind walking long distances unless it's pouring down rain. Although that big, flat open land would make it seem like you aren't covering any ground :grimacing:

    I just called up Pacific Taxi and sounds they said they normally just hang out at de Garde shuttling back and forth those days so it sounds like it should be pretty easy getting a ride. The guy sounded extremely nice (owner, not sure of the name).

    Definitely am not planning on driving. I want to enjoy as many fine beers as I wish without getting hammered and without having to worry about driving buzzed/drunk.

    See some of you there!
  34. dphi

    dphi Initiate (110) Apr 14, 2013 Oregon

    ... and maybe in cans? Pretty please?
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  35. sharpski

    sharpski Savant (910) Oct 11, 2010 Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands

    Until Trevor shows up, how about some baseless speculation?

    The last time Petit Desay was bottled, both it and Bu Weisse were advertised as being the first batch out of some foeders/puncheons/other large vessels. Assuming those vessels were refilled around the same time, perhaps the recent release of Petit Desay bottles is a good omen and the Bu just took a little longer to be "ready" this time?
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  36. TboneRN

    TboneRN Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2014 Minnesota

    Saw some people posting about broken truck 2...any info?
  37. Dka67

    Dka67 Aspirant (286) Nov 27, 2014 California

    Sold out yesterday 21 cases in a few hours.
  38. guajolote

    guajolote Aspirant (279) Sep 12, 2008 Oregon

    I was told it was on-premise only. They sold 21 cases for on-premise consumption? Unless @leftoverburrito was just trying to avoid the inevitable gopickitupformebro requests...
  39. TboneRN

    TboneRN Initiate (0) Mar 30, 2014 Minnesota

    Holy crap, they sold 21 cases to be drank on site yesterday! 250 bottles! Pretty impressive
  40. Nachojon

    Nachojon Initiate (0) Sep 17, 2011 Oregon

    On premise at de Garde, cases were at Tin Bucket.
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