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  1. Chrispo

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    Hello. For those who have beer descriptions next to their kegerator, what are you using to describe the beers you have on tap? Or have you seen anything that looks good? I’d like to be able to have something displayed for guests but didn’t want to just print out a piece of paper. Thanks
  2. DougC123

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    I buy the tap handles for whatever I put on tap.
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  4. billandsuz

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    My keezer has a strip of chalkboard paint on the lid. Actual chalk does not work so great with that paint, but white erasable marker does. Faucet handles are always solid metal shorties, made by Krome Dispense. A hundred times better than the POS black plastic handles that ship with some faucets.

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    I always like guest descriptions better, Great conversation on both ends.
  6. matthewp

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    What are guests?
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