What up Vancouver?! I'm Visiting soon!

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Hedo-Rick, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Hedo-Rick

    Hedo-Rick Initiate (38) Jan 7, 2014 California

    I'm super stoked to visiting in September!

    I'm pretty much brewing and drinking lagers and Pilsners these days, and am looking for some insight on who is brewing some killer lagers. I'm also happy to hear any thoughts on killer Pale Ales.

  2. JonnyBeers

    JonnyBeers Disciple (350) Oct 24, 2012 British Columbia (Canada)

    Hey @Hedo-Rick I'll post you a follow up in the Vancouver thread so that one doesn't die :wink:
  3. Erik-P

    Erik-P Savant (967) Aug 19, 2013 British Columbia (Canada)

    will be fresh hop season.. would keep an eye out for some of those!