What's your Average Beer Rating?

Discussion in 'BeerAdvocate Talk' started by Todd, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Poo-Bah (4,960) Jul 4, 2005 Ohio

    Mine's 3.9, thought it would be higher for some reason. Still pretty cool to see my average rating though!
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  2. TinFang

    TinFang Zealot (557) Jun 20, 2011 California

    4.04 which seems about right. I probably drank more than double the number of beers than I’ve rated, and I have to be pretty motivated to take the time to do so.

    It also seems natural to me that with time as a better educated drinker I become more selective in my purchases and better able to determine what’s worth opening.
  3. tone77

    tone77 Poo-Bah (5,771) May 20, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I'm very surprised, 3.49. I would have guessed maybe a 3.65 or so.
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  4. ZebulonXZogg

    ZebulonXZogg Crusader (757) May 5, 2015 Illinois

    Here on BA my average is 3.85.
    On Untappd it's about 3.61
    I tend to rate everything I consume on Untappd, here not so much....my bad!
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  5. MacMalt

    MacMalt Poo-Bah (3,769) Jan 28, 2015 New Jersey
    Society Trader

    4.07, which seems awfully high but as I look at individual beer ratings I'm generally within about 2.5% of the average. One interesting aspect of my ratings is that I'm often below average on some of the highest rated beers. Perhaps, I'm grading on a curve. I guess that's okay so long as I'm consistent. An umpire may call a high strike zone but as long as he's consistent he's fair to both teams.
  6. ClePaul

    ClePaul Zealot (558) May 30, 2013 Ohio


    As already started numerous times. I just about know what I’m going to like from experience, hearsay and just research on websites like this. It’s rare that I go outside the box. So as long as the beer is isn’t awful. It’s around a 4. Which would be about 80% if translated to a test style score. I would say a B-/C+ is about my average for beers. Which seems to be about right on average.
  7. jakecattleco

    jakecattleco Poo-Bah (2,137) Sep 3, 2008 California
    Society Trader


    Not surprised, after all I use the info on this site to limit the less than good-great beer I may purchase/consume.
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  8. rudzud

    rudzud Poo-Bah (6,829) Apr 28, 2010 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    What can I say, people like beer.
  9. SierraNevallagash

    SierraNevallagash Zealot (562) Sep 23, 2018 Maine

    4.2 and 300 beers. I'd like that number to be lower, but A. I try to seek out beers I think I'll truly enjoy, and B. As of recently, I realised my standards have become a bit more refined, and what was a 4.2 a year ago is likely closer to a 4 now. I'm a bit less forgiving these days, and don't let outside influences such as hype or expectations influence my reviews. I need to revisit a few, and possibly update my reviews/ratings - something I've done a several times, often needing to lower my scores.

    My personal approach to reviewing and rating:

    For me, a 5 has never been reached. A 4.69 is the best beer I've had to-date. A 4.5 is an amazing beer I will seek out with effort. Stunning example of the style. 4.2 is, "This is really quite great". It isn't mind-blowing, but I would almost certainly purchase again if given the chance. No major flaws. A 4 is a very good to great example of the style. Maybe one or two minor subjective flaws, I'll drink it again, maybe buy it, maybe not. 3.75-3.5 is a good beer. Not bad, not great. Often lacking complexity or true craftsmanship, but still perfectly drinkable. I could take it or leave it. 3 is some noticeable flaws, often with one or two distracting flaws. An okay beer, but I would never purchase it. Anything between 1 and 2.75 is just varying degrees of not good.

    That's just my take.
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  10. 19etz55

    19etz55 Disciple (311) Aug 12, 2007 New Jersey

  11. QuakeAttack

    QuakeAttack Zealot (517) Mar 19, 2012 California

    4.03. I expect to be in the 4 range various reasons. It probably should be lower, but hell, when I'm drinking beer, I tend to be happy and positive!
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  12. biboergosum

    biboergosum Poo-Bah (12,901) Oct 28, 2007 Alberta (Canada)

    Mine is at 3.68. I believe that it's because, for the longest time, I emulated the misguided menfolk of Krikkit, and said 'It'll all have to go' (or maybe that Pokemon thing I never really cared enough to understand), and succeeded in reviewing every beer available in my distribution jurisdiction. Things have certainly changed since I last did that.
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  13. rudzud

    rudzud Poo-Bah (6,829) Apr 28, 2010 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Well sure the more you drink of one style the more familiar you get, the more the run of the mills all blend together and the outliers remain memorable (looking at you New England IPAs). But, you're damn right I look up a beer before I go for it. That's the core of this site; to provide knowledge and information to others...it's counter intuitive to not utilize that. If given a choice to spend my money on, or trade for, a beer that has reviewers talking about it tasting like dish soap or diacytl I'm certainly going to pass. It's simply hedging your bets. I've ripped into my fair share of 4.5+ beers that leave me scratching my head wondering how that score could be possible and been genuinely perplexed at outstanding beers with sub 3.75. Both cases always tend to lead to memorable reviews. And prank beers for one reason or another, those are a blast.
  14. defunksta

    defunksta Defender (681) Jan 18, 2019 Illinois

    I'm at 3.83. I think that is fair. I consider 3.75 average or the median/mean. Some superb beers skew the average. I drain poor some of the bad ones. I just wish my standard deviation was higher. Some beers are difficult to judge and default around 3.75. I'm often hesitant to provide too high or low of a rating. Happy with the 3.83 though and happy to see that others have ended up quite similar. Standardization by accident.
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  15. mothmanscott

    mothmanscott Poo-Bah (1,648) Jan 5, 2015 Georgia

    My ratings come in at a mean of 3.82. Not surprising. It takes a poor rendering to rate a 3 or lower and something pretty exceptional to rate a 4.2 or higher. Further I rate a beer only on its merits and how they compare against other beers of the same style. An adjunct lager should not be rated in terms of what one thinks about the style. It should be approached with the same objectiveness you would give to a style you really like. I drink a wide variety of styles from a broad array of breweries and often do so blindly, without considering whether I might like it or not and I always try to be objective based on what I know about similar beers. By doing so ratings below 3.5, while they do exist, become pretty uncommon. I give a few beers a 4.3 or more.
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  16. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (3,102) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
    Society Trader

    I'm at a 3.97 average on 857 beers. Looking back at my earlier reviews I tended to rate a lot beers under 4. Still, I thought I'd be well over 4 because most of the beers I reviewed the past couple of years have been well over 4. I look at reviews and scores when deciding whether to buy a beer, and though I don't go purely by that, I usually gravitate to beers rated over 4.
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  17. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl Poo-Bah (1,944) Feb 27, 2007 Ohio
    Society Trader

    3.89. about what I expected

    Median and mode are 4.0

    Why? Because I want to drink good beer :slight_smile:
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  18. kojevergas

    kojevergas Poo-Bah (8,828) Aug 15, 2010 Louisiana

    3.07. Seems high if the goal is a true curve/C average.
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  19. SMH_NWI

    SMH_NWI Devotee (433) Jan 8, 2015 Texas


    Now, if I could just figure out how to post pictures again I’d be more active
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  20. TheHammer

    TheHammer Meyvn (1,036) Feb 15, 2009 Ontario (Canada)

    3.42 which is a little bit lower then I expected, but not by much, as I was expecting 3.5. I generally don't give beers full 1's or 5's since I have yet to find a beer I would say was perfect in every way or conversely without any merits at all, so that's going to favour the middle ground right there. I also am a strange one who will occasionally seek out a beer I'm pretty sure will be bad, just to confirm and put my two cents in on it.
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  21. RyanK252

    RyanK252 Poo-Bah (2,663) May 18, 2014 California

    3.98 Seem about right. Might actually climb a bit going forward. I'm pretty rarely disappointed with my selections these days and overall feel like I'm drinking better stuff than I was when I started out on here.
  22. FLBeerGuy

    FLBeerGuy Meyvn (1,443) Feb 6, 2007 Florida
    Society Trader

    3.98 for me too.
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  23. mnrider

    mnrider Crusader (747) May 26, 2009 Connecticut

    I’m at 3.59 :ok_hand:
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  24. meanmutt

    meanmutt Meyvn (1,161) Feb 6, 2012 Ohio
    Society Trader


    Since the year just ended, I looked at all of my 2019 ratings.

    Highest was a 4.6: Revolution Brewing Cafe Deth.

    Lowest was a 2.04: Miller Brewing Company Milwaukee's Best Light.
  25. PapaGoose03

    PapaGoose03 Poo-Bah (2,565) May 30, 2005 Michigan

    aka 3.75/5? Otherwise, you need to explain that score. :wink:
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  26. animal69

    animal69 Meyvn (1,010) Sep 21, 2007 Louisiana

    3.7, not bad considering some of the crappy beer i used to drink lmao, CHEERS ALL !!!
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  27. RMW66

    RMW66 Zealot (506) Sep 18, 2016 Australia

    4.06, probably reasonable as I seek out beers that are regarded as good examples of different styles, which would tend to result in a higher proportion of good beers than a random sample. I think of 4 as a beer I would be likely to order if available.
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  28. Phoodcritic

    Phoodcritic Zealot (595) Jul 3, 2014 Michigan

    My average rating for 1493 beers is 3.78. That value is based on a letter-grade scale, where B (good) is 3.5, B+ (very good) is 3.75, A- (nearly excellent) is 4.0, etc.
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  29. craigbelly

    craigbelly Champion (887) Dec 31, 2015 Iowa

  30. Snowcrash000

    Snowcrash000 Poo-Bah (2,402) Oct 4, 2017 Germany
    Moderator Society Trader

    3.9, which doesn't come as a great surprise.
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  31. wescamp29

    wescamp29 Initiate (84) May 21, 2019 Georgia

    Mine is 4.29 however as others mentioned earlier, I typically only review beers I enjoyed. A habit I need to break this year
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  32. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (2,352) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Society Trader

    I'm a straight up 3.75...as of today. I'm not surprised, but I know that I rate a little higher than how the 1-5 scale should be used with 3.0 being a decent beer.
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  33. Peach63

    Peach63 Disciple (309) Jul 17, 2019 New York

    Mine is 3.94. Either I only drink good beer or I don't know what the hell I'm doing when rating beers. :thinking_face:
  34. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (2,866) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    3.97, but I’m a notorious overrater.

    Then again, I make use of this magnificent site to ensure that I don’t drink a beer that I won’t enjoy if at all possible.

    God bless the beer godz and the interwebz, but I do love being a beer nerd!
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  35. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,799) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
    Society Trader


    About 500 have a negative or 0.0 rDev (out of 1244). Which I assume means I don't rate stuff at an artificially high.
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  36. beerrat

    beerrat Defender (656) Nov 28, 2013 Virginia

    4.39 hate to put down something.Try to judge beer to style not always to my taste.
  37. lastmango

    lastmango Champion (878) Dec 11, 2014 Pennsylvania

    At 3.77, I was somewhat surprised because I tend to buy beer I know I will like. However, I do sometimes buy outside of my comfort zone and perhaps that is why it is at 3.77.
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  38. malrubius

    malrubius Disciple (377) Apr 24, 2007 Vermont

    Mine is 3.73. It would be higher but I just can't get into these gross murky IPAs. And I live in Vermont, FFS. That's all that ever comes out new here.
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  39. Thorfinn960

    Thorfinn960 Aspirant (207) Aug 21, 2018 Ohio
    Society Trader

  40. Shadman

    Shadman Meyvn (1,008) Aug 11, 2006 Alberta (Canada)

    maybe a reflection of earlier times and more mass produced beer sampling

    I need to have my socks blown off to go beyond a 4.25 these days.
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