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    Wondering what everyone's graph looks like. Post 'em if you got 'em.

    I think it's cool BA has implemented this sort of data visualization. Wonder if they have anything else in the works as far as that goes.

    I'm actually pretty amazed that just giving my honest opinion of beers has produced such a smooth distribution. Other than maybe a tendency to disproportionately gravitate toward a 4.0, it's shockingly regular. Also, it's clear that the 4.0 over-tendency isn't unique to me, it looks site wide. So I wonder if that's a psychological phenomenon where we decide 4 is an easy number to dole out, or if beers legitimately group around that value.
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    Here's mine, FWIW:


    You can't see it too clearly, but that's Bud Light Platinum hovering down there near the origin.
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    Loads of mediocre, but drinkable, Belgian beers are responsible for the 3.75 spike. The 34 US States says something about distribution of American (craft?) beers in Europe.
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    I have a good memory of place and sensory experience. I have traveled quite a bit. It can be a plague, but there are likely very few beers that I've had that I don't at least remember having had. I have piles of physical notes and computer vestiges driven by a career in the beer business. It is a very personal and would be impossible for me to gather the data and graphically exhibit, but I admire those that do this and have a method (methods) to show a history of beer impressions. The other thing is that I'm not a big advocate of any rating system that I have yet encountered. Place and experience is most often what drives my love of beer, wine, and people.
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    And yet, if you posted reviews here, you would be amongst the people that I would trust the most. Fancy that.
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    I've done a number of reviews here on New Beer Sunday. Elsewhere, mostly for work, I've done many hundreds.
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    Not as savvy as the OP picture, somewhat disconcerting my average is .5 beyond the 3.0 mark. Sparing reviews of beers under 2 or over 4.5. If I had to do things over again, would be stricter from the onset to have a better curve with 3 the true center. Everyone thinks they are above average and consume above average beers. Perhaps people on BA are above the average beer consumer, considering leaders of volume of beer sales, but that doesn't excuse the grade inflation found in most posters ratings including my ratings.

    I do find I rate an average imperial stout as a 3.5 or 3.75, vs.3, for other offerings 3.25 or 3.5 for an average craft offering. In that sense I have been consistent. I am very consistent being very strict with 4.5 + ratings, and nuking something as 2 or less (has to be a drain pour at that point).

    Would be interesting for Todd or Jason to provide a chart of the entire site to see how we as individuals lineup against the entire population of BA reviewers.

    I'd assume we are much more conservative than the average Untapped score, and a bit more liberal than the average RateBeer score, consistent with my anecdotal review of my scores in comparison with these two sites.
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