Your "I just want a beer"

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by nick0417, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. jvgoor3786

    jvgoor3786 Poo-Bah (1,927) May 28, 2015 Arkansas
    Society Trader

    Sweetwater IPA. Love that stuff, for some reason. Also Founders Dirty Bastard.
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  2. asams10

    asams10 Aspirant (252) Mar 19, 2014 North Carolina

    BVDL or KBBS. #walezbro

    But in all seriousness, Westbrook Gose or BP Grapefruit Sculpin are perfect easy drinkers for those days I just need to unwind.
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  3. Jnashed

    Jnashed Initiate (188) Feb 14, 2014 Virginia

    Oscar Blues IPA
  4. Wolverine48092

    Wolverine48092 Initiate (0) Mar 24, 2015 Michigan

    Two Hearted or Mosaic Promise
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  5. SRBush1974

    SRBush1974 Aspirant (279) Apr 18, 2015 New Jersey

    Other Half's All Green Everything

    A great beer for my love of IPA, although a triple, and strong enough to take those daily stresses away. About time they come out with some more as I just finished my last one recently.
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  6. jimmyfishkin

    jimmyfishkin Aspirant (217) Nov 17, 2008 Wisconsin

    New Glarus Scream IIPA - I can always get my hands on it and after a few I don't much care about much of anything :grinning:
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  7. BryanP

    BryanP Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2013 North Carolina

    Wicked Weed Pernicious
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  8. ONovoMexicano

    ONovoMexicano Poo-Bah (2,831) Jun 14, 2012 New Mexico

    La Cumbre Elevated
  9. KoenigTiger

    KoenigTiger Initiate (0) Jan 5, 2016 Pennsylvania

    Ein Pils Bitte. !!! Well said. For me it must be German. Pils, Dunkel, or Bock. Keep your micro-crap.
  10. jaydoc

    jaydoc Poo-Bah (4,232) Nov 12, 2008 Kansas
    Society Trader

    Prairie Bomb! hits the spot when I need to relax.
  11. HeyLady

    HeyLady Aspirant (291) Sep 17, 2015 New York

    Carton - Boat
  12. monkeybeerbelly

    monkeybeerbelly Initiate (0) Dec 6, 2012 New York

    any good german hefeweizen.
    though i'm partial to franziskaner
  13. FFreak

    FFreak Defender (666) Nov 10, 2013 Vermont

    A lot of beers would fill that need, and since it's an immediate need, I'd go with what someone up above said... "Whatever looks good in the fridge". For me that's usually a mid- to top-shelf IIPA.
  14. Tonyjenlasc

    Tonyjenlasc Initiate (0) Jul 6, 2015 New Jersey

    Founders All Day IPA
    Great Lakes Eliot Ness
    Weihenstephaner Hefe
    OC BackSeat Burner

    Any of those would work! :wink:
  15. JayWhitson

    JayWhitson Crusader (789) Feb 25, 2015 Montana

  16. Uniobrew31

    Uniobrew31 Zealot (525) Jan 16, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Pilsner Urquell. I combat the low ABV by drinking 12-16 in a session.
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  17. Dando274

    Dando274 Initiate (64) Jan 12, 2016 Pennsylvania

    Victory Hop Devil and Bell's Two-Hearted are my go-to's. They're delicious, dependable, and easy to find
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  18. horsehockey

    horsehockey Aspirant (204) Jul 31, 2014 Illinois


    Oatmeal stout, Pale Ale, Kolsch, Coffee Stout.

    My "I just want a beer" beers have to be inexpensive, but I still want a quality beer. Schlafly almost always fits the bill. I also prefer a beer that's easy to drink.... Not too filling, high in ABV, or too hoppy.
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  19. Fezzik1970

    Fezzik1970 Initiate (0) Feb 22, 2014 New Jersey

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  20. Jeff17

    Jeff17 Initiate (0) Mar 4, 2013 Illinois

    2 Hearted or Founders Dirty Bastard
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  21. Mtbtrev

    Mtbtrev Initiate (0) Feb 26, 2015 North Carolina

    Pinner, Dales, Pisgah Pale
  22. PSU_Mike

    PSU_Mike Champion (840) Sep 6, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Head Hunter
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  23. nick0417

    nick0417 Initiate (0) Jun 13, 2014 Illinois

    Some great responses here. I will say that even though I totally blanked on it, GL Eddy Fitz is usually in my fridge, so perhaps I should have included that one. And Deschuete's Mirror Pond and Black Butte.
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  24. CayseyW

    CayseyW Champion (800) Mar 7, 2013 Connecticut

    Sea Hag
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  25. TriggerFingers

    TriggerFingers Disciple (351) Apr 29, 2012 California

    Whatever is in the fridge. So yeah anything.

    However, if reaching for anything on hand in a situation like that, I would prob say SNPA, Lagunitas IPA, or if necessary Miller light.
  26. scootercrabb

    scootercrabb Devotee (427) May 2, 2007 Illinois

    Old Chub is now my go to stress beer puts me in a happy place.
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  27. DraftDaddy

    DraftDaddy Disciple (313) Jan 28, 2015 Illinois

    Zombie Dust
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  28. Urk1127

    Urk1127 Meyvn (1,389) Jul 2, 2014 New Jersey

    High Life or any euro lager like becks, DAB, st pauli, Carlsberg etc....

    It was PBR and Ballantine XXX for a while back.
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  29. charlzm

    charlzm Poo-Bah (2,481) Sep 3, 2007 California

    I don't understand...

    When I'm going to drink the empty calories of a beer, I want an exceptional beer. For instance, last night, I had a miserable commute home and a demoralizing workout afterwards. I got home and my g/f was out with a friend from out of town, so I decided to work on my computer a bit. My hard drive dock failed.

    Yeah, I was ready for a beer. I pulled a Parabola out of the cellar.

    That hit the spot.
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  30. Raj

    Raj Disciple (317) Jun 25, 2014 Illinois

  31. conoraugustine

    conoraugustine Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2015 North Carolina

    Wicked Weed Pernicious
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  32. JDW4195

    JDW4195 Initiate (0) Sep 24, 2014 Florida

    National ~ Coors Banquet / Local ~ Intuition Jon Boat or Bold City Killer Whale
  33. teromous

    teromous Poo-Bah (2,734) Mar 21, 2010 Virginia
    Society Trader

    DFH 60 or 90 are usually the beers I get. I can always count on them being at the store and they're great with pretty much any food.

    If I want a pale ale I'll usually buy SNPA.

    I'm also starting to buy more Ballast Point. They have a huge selection in cans which is great. I really wished they'd can Dorado.
  34. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (3,217) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
    Society Trader

    When I'm home, Surly Furious.

    When I'm traveling, SNPA.
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  35. scottedwin

    scottedwin Initiate (124) Feb 26, 2015 Indiana

    Bells two hearted is always a go to, as well as All Day, ZD and Fat Tire.
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  36. Tdizzle

    Tdizzle Zealot (522) Dec 19, 2006 California

    SN Torpedo.
  37. eppCOS

    eppCOS Meyvn (1,479) Jun 27, 2015 Colorado

    +1 on this.
  38. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (7,544) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    It took all the way to post #3.
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  39. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (7,544) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    Deschutes Mirror Pond or Bale Breaker Field 41.
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  40. Warren2621

    Warren2621 Zealot (579) Sep 26, 2014 Indiana

    3 Floyds Yum Yum
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