Zwanze or Open Beer Days

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by marshy21, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. marshy21

    marshy21 Initiate (48) Mar 9, 2018 Texas

    Hi - I will be living in Copenhagen for the entire fall, and am looking at planning a Brussels trip sometime in September. I was wondering if people had any recommendations about which weekend is the best to visit: during Zwanze or during Open Beer Days. I am leaning towards Open Beer Days since somewhere in Copenhagen will definitely already have a Zwanze Day event, but I'd appreciate any guidance from locals. Thanks!
  2. lm858

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    I would do OBD myself.
  3. Raspor

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    himmeriget has been the place for zwanze day in copenhagen, alternative exist in sweden, think it was zum franzikaner and one other location that held it last year
  4. Thehopman

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    OBD for sure, you'll get to drink way more special bottles that week end. I'll be there with a group of friends, if you ever want to split bottles, you're welcome to join, we'll probably try a shitload of stuffs. :wink: