Author: John Verive

John Verive is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles; he’s a Certified Cicerone, the founder of, and he covers beer for the Los Angeles Times.

Pale Ales and Painkillers: Why Brewers Find Inspiration in Exotic Cocktails History & Culture by

Influential brewers across the country are both escaping their daily doldrums with exotic explorations and bringing tiki’s tropical flavors and escapist ethos back into the brewhouse.

Good Brewers Make Good Neighbors The Business of Beer by

It has been difficult for craft beer fans in the baffling beer desert of Los Angeles County. But that’s changing, in part thanks to two new, wildly different brewers who are putting the brewery-friendly city of Torrance on the map.

Where to Drink in Los Angeles, California Destinations by

The constellation of bars, gastropubs, taphouses and brewpubs that dot LA’s diverse neighborhoods is dedicated to making LA a premier craft beer city. Los Angeles already has the weather and the landscape, and now it increasingly has the perfect brews to pair with the picturesque environment.