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Munich Scientists Tinker with Yeast Zymology by

A group of young scientists in Germany have managed to brew a beer with added flavors that doesn’t break the Reinheitsgebot, the 1516 purity law. By tinkering with the genes in yeast, students at the Technical University of Munich have engineered the microorganisms to impart additional flavors and substances to their beers, like lemon and caffeine.

Britain’s First Lager History by the Glass by

Britain was a latecomer to the lager party. Everyone knows that. But the story is more complicated—and goes back further—than you might imagine. Lager made two arrivals in Britain, each some 30 years apart.

Munich Helles: You’ll Know It When You Taste It Style Profile by

Munich Helles, at first glance, is almost identical to Pilsner. Clear and blond, they both sparkle with carbonation that rises to a creamy, white collar of foam. On a hot and muggy day, you just want to dive in and soak it up.

Munich! Destinations by

The ancient city, whose breweries were once manned by an army of monks, is now the site of the beer world’s greatest pilgrimage: Oktoberfest.