Forest & Main Brewing Company

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Forest & Main Brewing CompanyForest & Main Brewing Company
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Forest & Main Brewing CompanyForest & Main Brewing Company

Type: Brewery, Bar, Eatery

61 N Main St
Ambler, Pennsylvania, 19002
United States

(215) 542-1776 | map

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A Designed PastNew England IPA6.5043.85-
A Different NightAmerican Imperial Stout9.0014-
A Hello That Never EndedAmerican IPA5.0023.84-
A Leap Across The SeaAmerican IPA6.0024-
A Pull UnknownAmerican IPA7.0033.95-
A Sky Full Of SongAmerican IPA6.0023.92-
A Sliver of A PlanetBelgian Saison4.2513.74-
A Space EternalAmerican IPA5.5014.16-
Act OneNew England IPA6.0053.78-
All Former SelvesAmerican IPA4.5033.51-
An Ear In The GrassBelgian Saison5.0044.05-
And The Sun Said NowBelgian Saison5.7500-
Antebellum - Black CherryBelgian Saison?13.91-
Août HoublonBelgian Saison4.5013.75-
As It Will BeAmerican IPA5.0000-
BahupadaBelgian Saison5.5023.64-
Bangor, 1923American IPA5.0034.11-
BanjoBelgian Saison4.50213.89-
Bebe Dream SpaceBelgian Saison3.0014.23-
Beyond DualityBelgian Saison6.00114.24-
Bikini BlindnessAmerican IPA5.7524.29-
BloomEnglish Bitter4.00103.58-
Blue MondayAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?44.04-
Brain WaterAmerican IPA6.0000-
BrainstemAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0044.01-
Captain RaptureAmerican IPA6.0024.01-
CatediumeAmerican IPA5.2013.75-
Catered DreamsAmerican IPA6.0024.35-
Charles WasBelgian Saison3.5024.08-
CocumscranceBelgian Saison5.0000-
CompitaliaAmerican IPA5.2513.77-
ConstraltoBelgian Saison3.5014.3-
Crashed To SilenceAmerican IPA6.5014.5-
Dancing BrainAmerican IPA5.0023.89-
Day Of LoveEnglish Bitter5.0000-
Dinner ChatterAmerican IPA6.5013.77-
DjedBelgian Saison5.0093.99-
Dochter SeizoenBelgian Saison?464.03-
DogcatAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.5053.75-
DouteuxBelgian Saison6.0023.62-
DreamjavuAmerican IPA7.2024.13-
Drome TimeEnglish Oatmeal Stout3.1024.01-
Duke's PaleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.5093.62-
Dymaxion CarBelgian Saison5.4014.09-
Echoes On The BrainEnglish Dark Mild Ale4.0014.33-
Egg Of EverythingAmerican IPA5.0024.5-
Elected OfficeEnglish Bitter5.0000-
Electric ChildrenAmerican IPA?14.5-
Embracing FearAmerican IPA7.0034.02-
Emperor PombeAmerican IPA6.0033.99-
Empty NumeralsAmerican IPA7.0024-
EnduroEnglish Bitter4.5083.89-
Enfant TerribleBelgian Saison5.0044.19-
Eternal HugBelgian Saison5.2514.06-
Evening FriendAmerican IPA5.5034.05-
Every Act An OfferingNew England IPA8.0033.89-
Extra Surprise RelativeAmerican IPA6.2534.02-
False AwakeningBelgian Saison7.0013.88-
Favorite DaysAmerican IPA5.5013.88-
Feathered SnakeBelgian Saison6.0014.23-
Feurald TinferresBelgian Saison6.0074.18-
Fierce PauseAmerican IPA6.5000-
Fire FrostAmerican IPA6.0024-
Five Ways to CryEnglish Bitter4.2023.71-
Floating DownwardAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.2014.04-
Forest & Main / Conclave - A Separate RealityBelgian Saison4.0033.71-
Forever SlowlyEnglish Bitter4.5000-
Friend UncleEnglish Bitter4.0013.84-
FuhsazAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.5034.08-
Funk FoxBelgian Saison5.0023.88-
Future TruthsBelgian Saison3.0000-
Fuzz Of AllAmerican IPA5.5024.05-
Ghost NotesAmerican IPA7.0024.41-
Great Bells in the MorningAmerican Imperial IPA8.5024.3-
Hollow ConsciousAmerican IPA5.0024.15-
Hoppy HorusFrench Bière de Garde?14.25-
Hungry GhostBelgian Saison2.7523.42-
Husky FriendBelgian Saison6.0033.98-
In The BeginningAmerican IPA5.0043.9-
Inner EdgesBelgian Saison6.2523.88-
Inner EmblemAmerican IPA5.5000-
Inspector ChinIrish Dry Stout4.0024.17-
Interior CloudsAmerican IPA5.5033.84-
IsisEnglish Porter6.0044.18-
ItavachnapAmerican IPA6.0014-
It’s Happening AgainBelgian Saison5.0024.08-
KasselBerliner Weisse5.0043.86-
Kinch IPAEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)6.50443.75-
Kinch The KnifebladeAmerican Imperial IPA9.50184.05-
King SeedsAmerican IPA5.5014.23-
Kingdom Of FernsAmerican IPA5.0034.24-
Le JeuneBelgian Saison5.0074.18-
LlwynogEnglish Pale Ale5.0013.5-
Long AnimalBelgian Saison6.2514-
Love SongAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.0054.24-
Love That ManAmerican IPA5.5000-
LucariaAmerican IPA5.2513.75-
LunaireBelgian Saison6.00244.17-
Lunar MansionsBelgian Saison5.7000-
Lupus LupusBelgian Pale Ale5.0023.38-
MalurusBelgian Saison6.0033.96-
Memory FurAmerican IPA?44.05-
MetatarsalAmerican IPA6.0033.74-
Milam BardoBelgian Saison5.0013.79-
Mind LickAmerican IPA5.0024.06-
Moeder SeizoenBelgian Saison7.00774.21-
Moon ShowAmerican Stout4.5014.01-
MorlaEnglish Dark Mild Ale5.0053.62-
Mountain Of NeverAmerican IPA5.5024.23-
My Analog BrainEnglish Bitter3.5000-
My Thrilling HomeAmerican IPA6.5000-
Naked KneesBelgian Saison5.00103.98-
NarasimhaBelgian Saison7.0034.09-
Never SaisonBelgian Saison7.0043.56-
Never Was EverAmerican IPA5.0024.03-
New FolkBelgian Saison4.7500-
No ExitAmerican IPA5.7534.07-
NoirBelgian Saison4.5053.78-
Nuzzle FriendAmerican IPA6.0013.77-
OmphalosBritish Barleywine10.00123.86-
OpiconsiviaAmerican IPA5.7543.98-
ÖtziAmerican IPA6.5014.21-
OveipovBelgian Saison5.5000-
PalominoBelgian Saison4.50453.9-
Paper WifeAmerican IPA5.0014.01-
ParadisaeaBelgian Saison6.50674.15-
Perfect Dented SelfAmerican IPA5.5013.36-
Perfect MurderAmerican IPA5.5013.89-
Plastic BrainAmerican IPA6.0014.12-
Plowman’s BitterEnglish Bitter4.5023.5-
Pombe TimeAmerican IPA5.0044.24-
Poor YorickEnglish Dark Mild Ale?13.91-
Poor YorickEnglish Dark Mild Ale4.50183.77-
PresentBelgian Saison5.0043.97-
Private Boat MeetingBelgian Saison4.5000-
Queen AnneEnglish Stout3.50283.96-
Rain BirthAmerican IPA7.0024.27-
Regular, Everyday VassalAmerican Stout6.3014.17-
RememberiesEnglish Dark Mild Ale3.5013.54-
RevecheBelgian Saison5.0024.1-
Rocket BirdForeign / Export Stout8.0074.35-
Round Heads And Pointed HeadsBelgian Saison7.50104.09-
Saison JusBelgian Saison5.0013.75-
Saison LunaireBelgian Saison5.001114.11-
Saison SolaireBelgian Saison4.50503.86-
SalixBelgian Saison3.9014-
Self Upholstered ChairEnglish Pale Mild Ale5.0014.12-
Senator RosebottomEnglish Bitter5.0000-
Sky PactAmerican IPA6.2000-
So Much FunAmerican IPA5.5014.08-
Solaire ReserveBelgian Saison5.00503.79-
SramanaAmerican IPA?44.22-
St. Mary SaisonBelgian Saison7.0073.79-
Stained BlouseAmerican IPA5.0023.84-
Steven, A GymnistAmerican IPA5.5014.04-
Sticky ThoughtsAmerican Stout5.0064-
Styrofoam Walkie TalkieBelgian Saison6.0034.05-
Summer FriendBelgian Saison3.0034.1-
SunDazeAmerican IPA5.5024.03-
Swim SaveAmerican IPA5.5000-
Swim ServeAmerican IPA5.5013.73-
Tape NeckAmerican IPA5.5014.19-
That’s Not the Right SunNew England IPA8.0063.87-
The Best FriendAmerican IPA5.5024.14-
The Canopy InsideAmerican IPA6.0044.14-
The Egg Of BrahmaBelgian Saison4.7014.09-
The Familiar UnknownBelgian Saison3.5033.96-
The Fuzz Upon UsAmerican IPA7.0013.79-
The History Of NothingAmerican IPA6.5014.06-
The Time was NeverBelgian Saison3.7524.02-
The Tortoise And The BirdsAmerican Imperial IPA8.0034.1-
They Are WaitingAmerican IPA5.0014.19-
This Week Next TimeBelgian Saison4.5014.13-
Tiny TimEnglish Bitter4.00193.65-
TiznitBelgian Saison6.0000-
Today if Today was YesterdayBelgian Saison6.0014-
Tommorrow is Always HereAmerican IPA5.2043.86-
Totem of LoveAmerican IPA5.5044.08-
TrioAmerican IPA5.5000-
Tyneside BestEnglish Bitter5.5033.88-
Uccello RazzoBelgian Saison8.0023.6-
Uncle NickelAmerican IPA5.0023.75-
Unconscious BuildingsBelgian Strong Dark Ale5.0014.26-
Vader SeizoenBelgian Saison9.0014.24-
Velvet StrideAmerican IPA5.5014-
VeraBelgian Dubbel7.00133.77-
Vernal SightsAmerican IPA6.0014.25-
Vernal SightsAmerican IPA6.0014.25-
VimanaBelgian Saison6.0044.15-
When I Close My EyesAmerican IPA6.0013.92-
Where We GoAmerican IPA5.5014.08-
White MoonBelgian Saison4.7500-
Wicked DaggerBelgian Saison7.5000-
Wicked DaggerBelgian Saison8.0000-
WojtekEnglish Porter6.50124.05-
YakutskAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.5053.82-
YggdrasilBelgian Saison5.00123.67-
You Are My FriendAmerican IPA5.5044.04-
You Found MyselfAmerican IPA5.0064.21-
Your Analog BrainEnglish Bitter3.5013.96-
Forest & Main Brewing Company in Ambler, PA
Brewery rating: 3.98 out of 5 with 1,086 ratings