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2011 Old Stock Ale cellar reserve Brandy barrel aged..

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by whyteboy003, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. whyteboy003

    whyteboy003 Aspirant (225) Jul 10, 2013 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Can anyone tell me if this has any sort of trade value? I dont see it posted much.
    Thanks for the help
  2. whyteboy003

    whyteboy003 Aspirant (225) Jul 10, 2013 Florida
    Beer Trader

    I looked for 15 mins trying to find something like that page. I guess I'm too new to this shit and didn't know where to look. But thanks anyway.
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  3. EJJ1848

    EJJ1848 Zealot (514) Jun 24, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    It has been on the shelves here for a month or so. That and BA Raspy, the pricetags are a bit hefty. With that being said, its still a fantastic beer, the '09 was amazing. Id suggest just drinking it, but you may be able to trade for some limited shelf beer where its not distro'd to.
  4. chardlogic

    chardlogic Aspirant (242) Feb 18, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Use the search bar on the side panel.
  5. Kurmaraja

    Kurmaraja Poo-Bah (1,958) May 21, 2013 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    HA - didn't mean to sound like a jerk. I really did have a deja vu moment - "didn't I just see this thread"? But that should answer many questions.

    In short, delicious but not a ton of trade value since A) it's got good distribution, B) it's still on shelves, and C) North Coast isn't a stop on the hype train.
  6. 4DAloveofSTOUT

    4DAloveofSTOUT Poo-Bah (2,197) Nov 28, 2008 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Yes, its trade value is $4$ limited shelf beer. It sits on the shelves due to price tag. Its actually a phenominal brandy barrel aged old ale. It also cellars really well, but drinks great fresh.
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