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    99% sure I making the trip to these three cities mid-May. Wanted advice on where to drink, what to drink, and just cool places not to miss out on.

    Also, any offers on tour guides? :slight_smile:
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    Not tour guides, but my favorite places Berlin and Prague

    In both you'll have a wide choice of "tradition" and "modern" styles, though the bulk of the newer breweries in/around Berlin tend to do "modern" stuff but you can find outlets for beers brewed all over Germany.

    (By "modern" I mean what people might call "craft" elsewhere: IPAs, pastry stouts, fruity kettle sours, etc)
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    Obviously, Cantillon in Brussels. The only lambic brewery in the city. Definitely do the tour. Just FYI, after the tour, once your tour time is over, they stop serving which was a bummer as I as trying to get one more beer. The larger the group, the more beer you will get to try as lambics are bottle conditioned. They have about 4-5 on draft only.

    I would check out Bruges in Belgium. They have 2 breweries and an awesome belgian craft beer bar, Red Rose Cafe worth checking out.

    I'm going to Prague next week, but I've been following "Honest Guide" on YouTube. Some young guy going around his hometown give tips of Prague. He mentions several beer bars to go to in Prague and outside the city.
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    I just got back from Berlin, here are my recommendations:

    Muted Horn

    Biererei Bar & Vintage Cellar
    Oranienstraße 185, 10999 Berlin, Germany
    GC2C+7F Berlin, Germany
    (He also owns a bottle shop down the street)

    Sorauer Str. 31, 10997 Berlin, Germany
    FCXQ+RP Berlin, Germany

    Protokoll Taproom
    Boxhagener Str. 110, 10245 Berlin, Germany
    GF74+7R Berlin, Germany

    For Brussels, I recommend the following...

    Brasserie Cantillon
    Brasserie de l'Ermitage
    3 Fonteinen Lambik-o-droom

    Beer Bars: Moeder Lambic Fontainas, Booze N' Blues

    Bottle Shop: Beer Planet

    Food: Peck 47, Nüetnigenough, Fin De Siecle. Pistolet has a special bottle of Cantillon you can only get & drink there. They also have a special version of De La Senne Teras Boulba you can take to go.
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