Breweries Indirectly Using BA as a Marketing Plan

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    Back to (what I think) the OP was about: I think it's great when "official" reps (owner, brewer, manager, Social Media intern, whomever) pops in to talk about their brewery/beers, answer questions, just join in the general BSing that goes on. We've got several in the NW forum that are active, and it's a good thing. BUT.......

    Some breweries go easily over the line and blatantly pimp their shit. Take that to your official social media channels, under the breweries name, and pair it with a press release.

    Yo! Hipster! We see through your clumsy-assed bullshit, and hold it against your brewery.

    Do your job better, rookie!
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    Are there examples of this you can link? I can imagine it but I've never experienced it on the site first hand
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    I could have phrased that better. Not necessarily "breweries" per se, but somebody there might get a bit overly enthusiastic.

    There's a line between hanging out here, like we do, and mentioning an upcoming beer: oh, btw, y'all might like this new IPA we brewed today when it's ready.

    And, in the middle of a convo one topic, dropping something like : broskiz! we've got a dope drop of our sick new joosey IPA coming up, follow the Gram!

    It's a close call, and everyone's line will vary, so I'm not gonna call any brewery out. But, we can see through that crap.
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    That's not what was implied in the November 2018 Brewbound article
    Artisanal Brewing Ventures Execs Discuss ‘100 percent’ Acquisition of Sixpoint Brewery:
    Or the ProBrewer article ABV Picks up Sixpoint:
    As long as they have that BREWERY bar under their avatar/screen names (isn't there also an "INDUSTRY" or "PROFESSIONAL" option?), I'm OK with it. I don't like when some poster is constantly writing "I brewed this..." or "We are dropping that beer..." without any identification or clear understanding that the poster is an owner, or an employee, what their position is, etc

    Conversely, there are non-employees who act as such, and it's unknown what relationship they have to what they'll even call "my local brewery" :rolling_eyes: or copy/paste info from the brewery's social media without crediting/linking the original source or without using the "QUOTE" feature.

    "Uh, exactly WHO are you?"
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    Everyone's acting surprised that someone would use social media to further their agenda. Really? Is it that surprising? If you dont think this happens you're naive.
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    I read thru every post I i still don’t understand the main point. In the OP the word Indirectly is being underlined. Indirectly we as BA might influence people with a rating as well, a choice comment. Brewers coming on talking about new beers, or procedures, so that could be seen as indirectly trying to influence a product. If he used the word directly it would apply intent, but that’s not the case. There’s a difference in dropping a note or some info vs say actively marketing a product.
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    I think the above post I made might piggyback with beertunes post, to some degree, I missed on the 15 minute time limit. He works for a brewery, he’s mentioned some of the products from time to time, but very rarely at that as well, and certainly with no intent to influence. But I still don’t get the original point he was making Op), honkey is on here all the time talking technology and techniques, new beers and formulas he’s working on, I’ve never felt at all that he was trying to market or influence to his benefit. I think something like ratebeer might be a more direct way to try and influence.
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    That's for sure!
    Otherwise, if the judgment were still based on the genuine and disinterested opinion of consumers, there would have been no reason for that large multinational to invest in the acquisition.
    This is my humble personal opinion as a drinker and not as a worker in the sector.
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    Those big bright yellow stars stand out, you’ll get better more in-depth reviews on this site. Imo of course.
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    Yep, this is exactly what my original post was about.
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  11. DEdesings57

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    Yes once again, and maybe I too could have chosen a better word, but you seem to understand what I mean.
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    Correction: It was brought to his attention that users were reporting his threads that were specifically promoting his personal blog. We apply this rule evenly, across the site and all users. That's it.
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    Fair enough.
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  15. dennisthreeninefiveone

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    If they are doing that well enough we would never know they are doing it. I doubt it would be worth the effort one would have to put into doing so in the first place.
    I wish more people in the industry posted here and not just from the craft side. A number of years ago a man from Anheuser- Busch would post on BA every so often, I think his name was Peter Wells. Haven't seen a post from him in a long time.
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  16. JackHorzempa

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    The person you are thinking about is Peter Wolfe. His BA name was Peter_Wolfe and that name is no longer active on BA.

    I very much appreciated when Peter posted; I learned a lot from what he had to say.

    I often wonder if beer industry folks are reticent to post often on BA since this forum can at times be unkind to industry people? There was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread a while back with Greg Koch of Stone Brewing and some of the posts directed at him were rather 'aggressive'.

  17. HazyMeetingOfDa_5Families

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    I'd welcome anything giving BA more exposure, I lurked on Mobile whenever buying beer at the bottle shop, finally joined, don't like Untapped for actual reviews of substance, BA is where it's at for those that care. At all the breweries I go to it's all Untapped scrolling on the menu, etc etc
  18. MNAle

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    We have some industry professional members here who frequently post their opinions in general about the topics under discussion, as well as information about the brewery they work for, the beers they brew, their brewing processes, and their marketing and view of the beer market.

    So long as they are transparent about their affiliation with the brewery, I have no issue with it at all, even if (when?) they engage in a bit of self-promotion of their business.

    We are all adults here; we should all be capable of taking the information and opinions offered in context.

    Add to that the obvious promotional threads sponsored by the site itself (i.e. the "ask me anything" threads), and it seems to me the site is quite open and accepting of industry professionals expressing themselves here.

    Transparency and no blatant use of the forum for unpaid advertising, and all is good, IMO.

    I quite like and appreciate the posts by industry professionals such as @honkey and @BillManley, just to name a couple that pop to mind. An insider's view of some of the topics we tend to go on and on about here is always appreciated, even when it proves me "wrong."

    Also, I expect members go inactive all the time. None of them "owe" us anything.
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    WCKDVBZ Meyvn (1,048) May 9, 2014 South Carolina

    I wish some people on this site would get two spellings right. It's Untappd (no "e") and it's Tree House (not Treehouse).
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    You are quiet right! :grin:
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    In deed! And while I understand the frustration around misspellings it is worth remembering the BAC of some of the posters which can make that whole typing thing slightly more difficult
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    You're not alone 「(゚ペ)
  23. HazyMeetingOfDa_5Families

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    Untappd spell corrects to Untapped

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  24. woodchipper

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    If you can't personally filter out the propaganda and disinformation you see in this day and age then you're part of the problem(s).
  25. JHDStein

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    I think it is great when knowledgeable (industry-related) BAs contribute to threads that already exist, or create their own about general beer topics (@honkey LoDo homebrewing thread is a great example of a general interest thread).

    But if an industry-related BA was allowed to start a thread about their own brewery, latest release, etc... it becomes a bit too focused on the commercial aspect.

    It is all well and good in a local forum if a local brewery rep chimes in about a new beer, but that only works because it is rare. With 8000+ craft breweries, if this became normal and was allowed, sifting through the BS-advertising threads and the actual BA-member threads would be more trouble than it is worth.
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  26. Providence

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    There is zero doubt in my mind that some of the posters on this board are paid by breweries to steer people towards said breweries.
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  27. Beer_Stan

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    I know BA has a rule about what could be considered "Marketing" on BA so maybe an active person or persons talking up their brand and potentially marketing events and beers could be frowned upon on a forum site which seemingly wants to remain officially neutral to all beers and brands, save for the occasional AMA threads that crop up from time to time, I don't think they want to come off as biased.
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  28. nc41

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    Quiet Riot!
  29. unlikelyspiderperson

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    Honestly, I find that super unlikely. I don't see how it could possibly pay well enough for the brewery. Maybe I could imagine someone using sock puppet accounts to pad ratings but I just don't see room for paid shilling on this board. I think the best use of marketing dollars spent on this board would be the official.brewery reps who check in on their brewery threads and answer specific questions or post info from other social media that some folks might miss. Maybe I'm terribly underestimating the market power of the ba forum scene
  30. dennisthreeninefiveone

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    I'm not good with names,
    Peter_Wolfe wrote an excellent post about the rice used in Budweiser. He covered the cost, quality ect, A good number of BA's responded many of whom seemed to think he was making it all up.
  31. nc41

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    I’ve been here a long time, I’ve never ever felt anyone was using this site as a marketing tool. Wouldnt work, too many sharp cookies here.
  32. beertunes

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    Well, if a brewery has an intern, or low-level employee whose is to monitor Social Media (Gram, FB, Reddit, Twitter, etc), it's not a stretch to see them try to redirect the wind.
  33. Spade

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    I think you're surreptitiously trying to steer some of us to CookieAdvocate.
  34. nc41

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    Hard to do at the National level, or here at the beer talk level, if shenanigans were at hand more than likely they’d target the regional forums. I’m never on the south Atlantic site, so perhaps I’ve might have missed that. Never thought of that.
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  35. unlikelyspiderperson

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    I guess, I just don't see anyone who isn't very regular poster having any influence here. The most valuable ambassadors for brands here are the people who are here anyway, adding their knowledge and opinion to a wide range of topics. Their likeability and obvious love of quality beer is what makes their brands appealing (to me anyway) and not some constant harping on the glory of some particular brand
  36. nc41

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    Oatmeal Raisin, a touch of cinnamon.
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  37. AWA

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    What the hell. I'll drink with bots.
  38. HazyMeetingOfDa_5Families

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    Of the 10 or so local breweries I frequent none of them can even be bothered to upload a can or bottle photo of their beer to BA let alone pad stats, and further they only seem interested in the Untappd "xxxx is drinking" scrolling on the bottom of their TV Menus.
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  39. Providence

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    I imagine it more as BA being just one of the websites these folks periodically check in on, in no way would I think they are paid only to influence BA. It's just one of the stops they make as they do the rounds.
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  40. cavedave

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    I agree with this.

    On the other hand I could have pictured Shane telling all of us old timers to go F ourselves after he sold Sixpoint. We gave him a hard time for years for contract brewing and calling it "alternating proprietorship" and not mentioning on his cans that the beer was brewed in Pa. at Lion, and Memphis, Tenn. at City, and NOT in Bklyn., NY.

    OTOH I was also a critic of the quality of his beer, and he engaged me personally and sent me a box of beers to try to change my mind, and tried to meet with me to talk things over. The only other brewer contacts I've gotten here have been three times I was attacked for my bad reviews by them. Sure could use more of Shane's kind of positive interaction.

    Less specifically- gotta agree that brewers reaching out here in a positive way is a great thing, and a mixing of BA with marketing for breweries is also a good thing. I am biased in favor of anything that helps to keep the breweries I love in business