Denver Rare Beer Tasting 11 is Oct. 4

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  1. Lyke2Drink

    Lyke2Drink Initiate (113) Nov 2, 2009 North Carolina

    Denver Rare Beer Tasting Tickets on Sale Father’s Day
    Partial List of Breweries for Pints for Prostates Event Announced

    DENVER, CO – The 11th annual Denver Rare Beer Tasting will feature more than 60 of America’s leading craft breweries. The Oct. 4th event raises funds for the Pints for Prostates campaign.

    The prostate cancer awareness event takes place in Colorado during the same weekend as the Great American Beer Festival. The Denver Rare Beer Tasting 11 features the chance to sample rare, exotic and vintage beers from dozens of leading craft breweries and the opportunity to meet the men and women who made them.

    “The Denver Rare Beer Tasting has become a tradition for both craft brewers and beer fans. We’re proud of this annual celebration of beer passion and what it helps to fund,” said Rick Lyke, founder of Pints for Prostates. “Many of the highest regarded American craft breweries will be serving a collection of the most unique beers on the planet. And it’s all for a great cause -- reaching men through the universal language of beer to fight prostate cancer.”

    The brewery list for the event is nearly complete. Committing to attend the Denver Rare Beer Tasting 11 so far are these breweries:

    · Alamo Beer, San Antonio, Texas*
    · Alaskan Brewing, Juneau, Alaska
    · The Ale Apothecary, Bend, Ore.*
    · Amalgam Brewing, Denver, Colo.
    · Atom Brewing, Erie, Colo.
    · Avery Brewing, Boulder, Colo.
    · Bell’s Brewery, Comstock, Mich.
    · Big Sky Brewing, Missoula, Mont.
    · Blind Faith Brewing, Littleton, Colo.*
    · Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim, Calif.*
    · Boulevard Brewing, Kansas City, Mo.
    · BrewDog USA, Columbus, Ohio*
    · The Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    · Burns Family Artisan Ales, Denver, Colo.*
    · Cape May Brewery, Cape May, N.J.*
    · Cascade Brewing, Portland, Ore.
    · Central Waters Brewing, Amherst, Wisc.
    · Cerebral Brewing, Denver, Colo.
    · Cigar City Brewing, Tampa, Fla.
    · Cloudburst Brewing, Seattle, Wash.*
    · Coronado Brewing, Coronado, Calif.
    · Crane Brewing, Raytown, Mo.*
    · Departed Soles Brewing, Jersey City, N.J.
    · Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Ore.
    · Drekker Brewing, Fargo, N.D.*
    · Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, Ore.
    · Firestone Walker Brewing, Paso Robles, Calif.
    · Forager Brewing, Rochester, Minn.
    · Fremont Brewing, Seattle, Wash.
    · Funky Buddha Brewing, Oakland, Fla.
    · Great Divide Brewing, Denver, Colo.
    · Hair of the Dog Brewing, Portland, Ore.*
    · Hunters Point Brewery, San Francisco, Calif.*
    · Jessup Farm Barrel House, Fort Collins, Colo.*
    · Kane Brewing, Ocean, N.J.
    · La Cumbre Brewing, Albuquerque, N.M.*
    · The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, Calif.
    · Moksa Brewing, Rocklin, Calif.
    · Monkish Brewing, Torrance, Calif.*
    · New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Colo.
    · New Realm Brewing, Atlanta, Ga.
    · NoDa Brewing, Charlotte, N.C.
    · Odyssey Beerwerks, Arvada, Colo.
    · Prison City Pub & Brewery, Auburn, N.Y.
    · The Rare Barrel, Berkeley, Calif.
    · River North Brewery, Denver, Colo.
    · Rogue Ales, Newport, Ore.
    · Samuel Adams Brewery, Boston, Mass.
    · Scratch Brewing, Ava, Ill.
    · Side Project Cellar, Maplewood, Mo.
    · Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, Calif.
    · Societe Brewing, San Diego, Calif.*
    · Speciation Artisan Ales, Comstock Park, Mich.*
    · Stone Brewing, Escondido, Calif.
    · Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, Ind.
    · Surly Brewing, Minneapolis, Minn.
    · 3 Floyds Brewing, Munster, Ind.
    · Uinta Brewing, Salt Lake City, Utah
    · Vonseitz Theoreticales, Smithville, Tenn.*
    · WeldWorks Brewing, Greeley, Colo.
    · Westbound & Down Brewing, Idaho Springs, Colo.*
    · Wiley Roots Brewing, Greeley, Colo.
    · Yazoo Brewery, Nashville, Tenn.
    · Zillicoah Beer, Woodfin, N.C.*

    (* First Denver Rare Beer Tasting appearance.)

    Breweries bring some of their rarest brews to the annual tasting. The beer list for the Denver Rare Beer Tasting 11 will be released prior to the event.

    In addition to the beer and silent auction donations made by participating breweries, Craft Beer and Brewing is the media sponsor for the Denver Rare Beer Tasting 10 and logistical support is being provided by MicroStar. Additional sponsorship packages are available for companies that wish to take part in this boutique tasting.

    Tickets for the event go on sale Father’s Day, June 16th at 10 a.m. (MT) via There are some changes to the event format this year. There will be a single class of ticket for the tasting and the total number of tickets being sold is being reduced by 24 percent. Tickets will be $200, including all ticket service and credit card fees. The event will run from 12-4 p.m. Each attendee receives beer samples, buffet lunch, collectible tasting glass, t-shirt, program and pen. Included in the ticket price guests will have the chance to meet the men and women who brewed the rare beers being served, be entered in a drawing to win an amazing beer trip, bid in an exciting silent auction that includes a variety of unique beer experiences and collectibles, and participate in the Brewers Health Initiative, a free men’s health screening.

    “We launched this event in 2009 with the idea that the Denver Rare Beer Tasting would be a special experience for beer fans and brewers. Tickets have completely sold out each year and our annual guest surveys tell us people love the event,” said Lyke. “We’ve sold the same number of tickets for the event each of the last five years, but as the craft beer scene has evolved, we’ve seen changes in what beer fans want and how they approach events like ours. We felt it important to make some changes that would maintain the reputation of the Denver Rare Beer Tasting as one of the best craft beer events in the U.S.”

    This year there will be a single admission format with a four hour session for all ticket buyers. The number of available tickets have been reduced by 200, with just 650 tickets available to the public. Additionally, a third floor of breweries is being added. Each of these moves are designed to create less crowding and more space for people to relax while sampling the beers. A hallmark of the Denver Rare Beer Tasting is the fact beer fans get to taste a collection of beers that few people have the opportunity to enjoy, while rubbing elbows with some of the world’s most talented brewers. While fewer tickets will be available, for those lucky enough to attend these changes will mean a more enjoyable experience.

    The first 10 Denver Rare Beer Tastings sold out several weeks in advance. The event will be held this year on three floors of the McNichols Civic Center Building at 144 W. Colfax Ave.

    Pints for Prostates is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity and all net proceeds from Denver Rare Beer Tasting go towards the group’s awareness mission and help to fund the education and support programs of the Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education and Support Network, and free prostates cancer screening programs provided by the Prostate Conditions Education Council.

    About Pints for Prostates

    Pints for Prostates reaches men through the universal language of beer to encourage them to take charge of their health. The group was founded by prostate cancer survivor and beer writer Rick Lyke in 2008. The grassroots effort raises awareness among men about the importance of regular men’s health screenings by making appearances at beer festivals, social networking and pro bono advertising. According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 165,000 new prostate cancer cases were diagnosed in 2018 in the U.S. More information is available at Pints for Prostates also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@pints4prostates).

    # ## #
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  2. kbenson

    kbenson Initiate (118) Aug 15, 2012 Texas

    Well dang. That's a steep price increase and unfortunately will force everyone to try to line up extra early in order to "beat the crowds" to the "hot" breweries. But I haven't missed this event in 6 years and I don't plan on missing it this year. It will be interesting to see how this new format goes.

    I'm sure the folks that don't mind lining up early will object to this, but you guys should consider handing out numbered wrist bands 45 minutes to an hour before the event starts, and then randomly selecting a number to be the first person in line. That way, nobody needs to or will get there 3-4 hours early (which we all know will happen otherwise).
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  3. ManBearPat

    ManBearPat Devotee (472) Dec 2, 2014 Colorado

    That price increase combined with buying our first home and saving for a wedding is gonna to keep me out this year unfortunately. Always the best thing going that week between the obviously incredible quality of the beer and the fact that its for such a great cause!

    I 100% think this’ll make the event better for everyone though. Fewer people and more space will make that place seem cavernous.

    Rick runs a great event and I’m sure I’ll be back for 2020!
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  4. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poo-Bah (3,556) May 19, 2005 Colorado

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  5. ig88b

    ig88b Initiate (116) Jun 18, 2009 Missouri

    I'll be there again for the 7th? year in a row, despite the price hike. This is the best event during GABF week.

    As a person who's paid for VIP every year since it was introduced, it's a bit disappointing to lose that, but I suppose I understand the reasoning. It has to be very annoying for people who pay for GA to find beers they really wanted to try already gone. Maybe the solution is fewer VIP tickets with a higher price instead of getting rid of them altogether.

    I am excited to see how it works with fewer people overall and more space. Those seem like great improvements.
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  6. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,628) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    Hopefully I'll still be there behind the scenes to keep you guys from taking your beer into the stairwell :grin:
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  7. ig88b

    ig88b Initiate (116) Jun 18, 2009 Missouri

    I've had to chug so much beer over the years because of that rule.
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  8. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,628) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    There's always the elevator. You aren't alone, though. I've forced Garrett Oliver, Jim Koch, and Tomme Arthur to chug over the years, too. All of 'em did it without even considering dumping.
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  9. Mebuzzard

    Mebuzzard Poo-Bah (3,556) May 19, 2005 Colorado

    At the Elite Brands fest, they allowed stair drinking. And they had wine and spirits, too.
  10. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,362) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado

  11. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,628) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    That's their liability issue. It's simply easier not to allow it.
  12. Lyke2Drink

    Lyke2Drink Initiate (113) Nov 2, 2009 North Carolina

    This is a McNichols Civic Center Building requirement and a smart one. Beyond the liability concern, we'd simply hate to see someone injured by slipping and falling on what is a really fun day.
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  13. Lyke2Drink

    Lyke2Drink Initiate (113) Nov 2, 2009 North Carolina

    Thanks for comments regarding the format and pricing changes. We are proud of the experience we have provided to guests during the first 10 years. We have the brewers and our volunteers to thank for the success we've enjoyed. We really appreciate the support of loyal beer fans, many of whom have been coming to the event for 5+ years. When we launched the event our $55 ticket price matched what GABF charged that year, which was a pretty audacious thing to do for a new event. We had 24 brewers pouring that year. The concept of rare beer was a pretty new thing. This year we will have 66 breweries. The beer list humbles us each year as brewers go above and beyond, diving into their cellars for some pretty special stuff. First and foremost, this event is a fundraiser. It is important to Pints for Prostates and the work we do. We realize a $200 is not something everyone can do, but we strive to offer a quality event and showcase some of the best craft brewers pouring some of the hardest to find beers on the planet. And the funds we raise go to help guys fight prostate cancer, including the free men's health screening that afternoon at the event. We appreciate everyone who comes out and has a good time.
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  14. NVbeer

    NVbeer Aspirant (206) Oct 3, 2002 Nevada

    Got my tickets. Looking forward to my 11th Rare Beer tasting.
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  15. Dicers

    Dicers Poo-Bah (1,744) Sep 2, 2012 Colorado
    Fest Crew Society Trader

    I understand what you're saying I do wonder why if the goal is to have "some of the hardest beers to find on the planet" why certain breweries are included. Sierra Nevada, Funky Buddha, Uinta, Rogue, Ecliptic, Brewdog, Deschutes, Alaskan, and Boulevard are all breweries that are good but those don't come across as breweries that either:

    • Have especially rare beer
    • Bring their rare showing to your event
    Additionally there are a few breweries (3 Floyds being a large one) that absolutely have rare beer, but at least in recent years haven't brought those options.

    Curious to hear the input on some of these selections.
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  16. ryno0384

    ryno0384 Initiate (102) Apr 11, 2015 Illinois

    Yeah me to. Debating on pulling the trigger as tickets are still available. So in recent years Side Project, Three flloyds dontbring "whales" like derivation or handjee?.....what about bottle Logic, Weldwerks, Fremont, Forager and Kane? The rest of the breweries I dont even know what their "whales" are. Monkish? Just trying to debate if $200 is worth it. Feedback from previous attendees is welcomed!
  17. Dicers

    Dicers Poo-Bah (1,744) Sep 2, 2012 Colorado
    Fest Crew Society Trader

    Side project brings Derivations, they're one of the biggest juggernauts there. Weld, Kane, and Forager all have brought great things (custom medianoches, BA stouts, Nillerz) Fremont did Coconut B-bomb and 3 matts, Monkish hasn't been before nor BL
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  18. DKerr

    DKerr Initiate (65) Oct 23, 2017 Colorado

    Derivation 9 happened last year...on board regarding some of the others though.
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  19. kbenson

    kbenson Initiate (118) Aug 15, 2012 Texas

    I posted last year's beer list for those thinking about going for the first time. I will say there have been instances in years past when some of the bigger/more famous breweries brought pretty weak beers (Boulevard did it when they brought a basic Love Child and Jester King has even done it when they brought Gotlansdricka that one time.) But almost all breweries have stepped up their games of late (eg Jester King brought their biggest whale, Atrial Rubicite last year). And even those that haven't (Rare Barrel didn't bring anything all that "rare" and 3 Floyds "only" brought a recent vertical of Dark Lord) still bring beers that most people don't have ready access to and that are excellent in their own right.

    I've found this event well worth it every year I've gone. Yes, it's expensive but then I remember that the point of this is to raise money for a prostate health/men's health charity. I think this is something we can almost all get behind and support. Whatever you think the festival itself is worth ($55, $85, $105, etc.) the balance is going to a great cause and we can probably all stand to give a little more to worthy causes.

    Now the only thing I hope is for them to solve the problem of people lining up at 8:00 in the morning to get in. While that kind of dedication is admirable, not everyone can do that. It would be great if there was a more fair system that didn't force everyone to ruin their mornings if they wanted a shot at being first in line to try whatever Bottle Logic, Weldworks, etc. is bringing this year...

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  20. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,628) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    I like the variety so far. There are still some hallmark BA adjunct stouts, but quite a few others as well. None of these are phone-ins either.
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  21. m34josh

    m34josh Initiate (89) Oct 19, 2009 California

    Agreed. I live in Northern California and had to google Hunters Point Brewery, San Francisco, CA to figure out who they are

  22. sharpski

    sharpski Meyvn (1,156) Oct 11, 2010 Oregon
    Society Trader

    @Lyke2Drink if I understand the entry options correctly, I can show up early to get some level of guaranteed spot in line, or I can show up on time and have a reasonable expectation of being inside by 12:20? That’s good work.
  23. Powell014

    Powell014 Initiate (34) Oct 30, 2014 Colorado

    Hats off to another great fest this year! Adding a third floor added a lot of breathing room to the upper floors. I think my favorite thing about this fest is talking to the brewers about why they brought their particular beer. Got some great stories about why they decided to brew it or the hardships they went through to dial it in just right. Just a great fest overall that gets me in bed by 8 o'clock. Cheers!
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  24. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,628) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    Who else thought Speciation stole the show? I think the second floor flew under the radar for a bit (all the hype stouts were on the 3rd), but people caught on during that last hour. I had people straight up camping at that booth with me.

    Big fan of both beers they brought and I would have never thought a guava tequila barrel sour would be worth a damn. It was maybe the best thing I had all week.
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