Ecliptic: Gravastar (Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout)

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  1. Todd

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    Please use this thread to discuss and post pics for...

    Ecliptic Brewing
    Gravastar (Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout)
    7.2% | 16oz can
    A Gravastar, meaning "gravitational vacuum star", is an object hypothesized as an alternative to the black hole theory, as deep and dark as this original oatmeal stout. A smooth base of Maris Otter Malt, followed by roast malts, wheat and oats, complements the layers of peanut butter and chocolate. Brewed especially for BeerAdvocate's Extreme Beer Box: BIG STOUTS, this beer is a real treat that will pull you in.

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  2. F4Phantom

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    I thought I would start out with Gravastar as my first beer from the Big Stouts Box 2023. I am not a fan of peanut butter so not sure what to expect. The peanut butter flavor is rather subdued which is more to my liking. It has a decent mouthfeel. To me this is a good but not exceptional stout. It is cool that this was created especially for the Big Stout box!
  3. bluejacket74

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  4. PittBeerGirl

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    Overall- drinkable but nothing special.

    My review: Overall 3.76

    Beautiful beer that pours with a creamy mocha head and some lacing that sticks down the glass.

    Nose is pretty characteristic for a stout. Oat, roasted malt, and a hint of peanut

    Flavor profile is somewhat subdued and consists of mostly roasted malt but you can taste a hint of peanut upfront. The finish is all roasted malt with impressions of cofee and a hint of bitterness.

    Feel is medium bodied (light for a stout but heavy for other styles) and high carbonation. I usually really enjoy the thick consistency of oatmeal stouts but it's just not here

    Overall this is a pretty good stout- but nothing special. I have some trouble finding the oat and the peanut butter is very subtle as well. I would order this at a random brew pub on a road trip but would not take home a growler of it.
  5. sulldaddy

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    My third beer from the Big Stouts Box. Maybe I shouldnt have done this after one of the other peanutbutter stouts, but I did. Will see how this one stacks up against the peanut Brother that was just in my glass prior.

    onto my review:

    I am sampling a 16 oz can at cellar temp, pouring into my trusty snifter. Date stamp is 1/02/24, so I guess that is a best before date.
    The beer pours a rich cola brown color with a fluffy beige head of 1 cm. This foam fades to a thin edge layer and one large island in the center of my glass.
    The aroma on this beer is roasted malts and dark cacao, maybe some black coffee too. I get faint hints of husky peanut shell, not really peanut butter and its certainly not a robust scent. A little disappointed about peanut absence on the nose.
    First sip reveals a medium body and very fine tingly carbonation. The texture is smooth and the beer drinks pretty easy.
    Flavor is briefly sweet chocolate then some coffee grounds, dark cacao, and hints of an oatmeal flavor. Again, where is the peanut butter? No hops nor any hints of ABV, but a peanut butter stout really needs some peanut character, and I simply am not getting it here.
    This beer is fine as a roasty stout, but as a peanut butter stout, Im left disappointed by the beer.
    3.71 in the BA DB
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  6. thomapa1

    thomapa1 Initiate (125) Nov 29, 2017

    Nice peanut tones (more peanut than peanut butter connotation) not overpowering
    Not heavy.
    Not sweet.
    Not objectionable.
    It's a good beer, solid.

    My normal complaint with this style is they are typically a bit too diluted and need more oomph. This one does a good job - but I'd still like a bit more punch.

    I could see drinking this beer often vs being a 'special treat' beer.

    Improved as it warmed, enjoyed it start to finish.
  7. scottvillers

    scottvillers Aspirant (209) Jun 17, 2015 North Carolina

    Tried the Gravastar Peanut Butter Oatmeal Stout from Ecliptic Brewing yesterday. The peanut butter flavor is subtle, which does seem to help the overall flavor. Well made.
  8. webbedtoes

    webbedtoes Crusader (491) Nov 1, 2014 Oregon

    Even if I didn't like this beer, just the fact that Ecliptic spells complement properly gives it a leg up on too many annoying ignoramuses!
  9. webbedtoes

    webbedtoes Crusader (491) Nov 1, 2014 Oregon

    I didn't mean that to be my "official" review, which is now to say Gravastar is a typically flawless Ecliptic brew; but just not terribly interesting for a PB stout.
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  10. CB_Michigan

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    Having this as my first beer from the box. I’m in agreement with the general sentiment above. The peanut butter is very subdued. I’m getting a little of it in the aroma but the taste is dominated by roasted malts. As far as oatmeal stouts go, this is a pretty good one. It has a decent body, not too thick with a slight creamy quality from the oats. I’m gonna let this warm up a bit, but overall I’d say this warrants a solid B on the grading scale. Would certainly drink it again, but not something I’d seek out.
  11. ZebulonXZogg

    ZebulonXZogg Pooh-Bah (2,414) May 5, 2015 Illinois
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    I chose Gravastar as my 1st from the box because the brewers probably took a solid oatmeal stout and said, "let's ad junk to this and see if we can screw it up", they was somewhat better than I expected it to be, but if I see it on the shelf, I'll leave it behind.
  12. MichaelMcKenzie

    MichaelMcKenzie Initiate (0) Jan 17, 2023

    My fourth beer from the box. This is my least favorite so far. Not bad, just not great. Not much on the nose, dark toasty, malty taste with some bitterness from the coffee. PB is barely detectable. Thin mouthfeel for me - I like a thick chewy stout. Drinkable, but I would not seek this one again.
  13. kalexeff

    kalexeff Devotee (354) Nov 15, 2020 Ohio

    Reading the reviews on Untappd, I have to start out by thanking Eclipse Brewing for their offering. Not a bad Stout. Just a bit off the mark as far as the peanut butter.

    With that said, my review… 1st of EBB: Big Stouts. Amber-brown w/ a loose tan head that dissipated quickly. A hint of peanut out of the can, but otherwise that’s it. A VERY dark roast, mostly coffee w/ a hint of smoke. Very Obsidian-like, Shakespeare-ish. Definitely not a PB Stout.
  14. dcat151

    dcat151 Crusader (472) Jan 18, 2022 Georgia

    A dark, typical stout pour with a good amount of head. Aroma is oaty with just a slight hint of peanut butter. More carbonation than I would have expected. Feel is very thin. A fair amount of coffee/roasty notes with some bitter chocolate. Not much peanut butter at all. As it warms up there's some caramel. Overall, a decent roasty stout but not much in the peanut butter department.
  15. LeRose

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    Pours like a stout should - dark, opaque, half inch compact head that ends up as a ring around an island.

    Typical stout on the nose, a get peanut but not peanut butter. More like peanuts in the shell, and not very strong even upon warming. The stout part tastes fine - nice level of roast and a little coffee, maybe a bit of chocolate as it warms up. I don't get the feel I expect from. The addition of oats - it seems a bit thin. The peanut- and I still don't feel peanut butter - is present but I the background. It's drying, astringent, and it's coating the tongue. It's a decent stout, but not getting the oatmeal and only a little peanut non-butter.
  16. smconger

    smconger Initiate (0) Sep 3, 2010 Indiana

    Disappointing. I expected more. Very little peanut butter. What I get is mainly the malt flavors. Warming did not change it much. I would not get again.
  17. cryptichead

    cryptichead Grand Pooh-Bah (3,541) Jul 3, 2014 Illinois
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    First one out of the box. This was an average oatmeal stout. Could not discern any peanut butter but enjoyable as is.
  18. Luscious_Malfoy

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    not a bad oatmeal stout by any means but 1) the peanut butter is close to nonexistent and 2) this one was doomed to be the outcast in a box of BA and non-BA AIS & RIS.
  19. Beersnake1

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    Poured at fridge temp. Pours very dark - almost black. Thin layer of off-white head. The nose is peanut butter, maple oatmeal, roasted malts, and wood. The taste is nice and roasty, with vanilla, burnt toffee, dark chocolate, peanut butter (although relatively subtle), and some charred wood. Mouthfeel is medium bodied with a bitter oaky aftertaste. Really nice overall.

  20. MadMadMike

    MadMadMike Savant (1,144) Dec 11, 2020 Florida


    Think I did the right thing by cracking this one with breakfast pancakes & eggs. It’s good, not epic or Extreme, peanut-y but not peanut butter, very fresh, nice little hop note.
    Certainly not a Friday Night stout.,.
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  21. Violentvixen

    Violentvixen Aspirant (287) Jul 25, 2021 Oregon

    I'm not getting any oatmeal or peanut with this, just coffee grounds and smoke. I think I'll pour the rest into a jar and make some chili with it.
  22. GregTrout

    GregTrout Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2014 Ohio

    Like other commenters I’m not necessarily glad to mix my peanut butter with my beer. But the peanutty taste is rather subdued, and it has a mellow overall profile. Good not great, but as observed before, it’s cool to drink something created for this event (us). Go Blue Jackets!
  23. GregTrout

    GregTrout Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2014 Ohio

    I’ll revise my opinion. This was the first beer out of the box for me, so I was expecting something big, bold, maybe a little crazy. This beer is not that. But as I finished it up, my opinion changed. Some beers require repeated tastes to reveal their character, for me anyway, and this beer is one of those. The subtle notes of the peanut butter blended very nicely with the character of the oatmeal stout, leaving a pleasing finish. Perhaps a little warming helped. I would buy a 4 pack of these; I just wouldn’t crack it open if I wanted something big and wild.
  24. pulse

    pulse Zealot (609) Mar 22, 2016 Ohio

    #5. Sure looks nice - black with a full, fluffy head. Reading the reviews, I thought it would be a lot lighter on the peanut butter. Have to say it took a few efforts, but the smell came through hard (and then hid again). It came through on the taste as well. It's not as in your face as the other one I had, but to me, it's pretty noticeable. The bitter, smoky, malty, coffee taste is always up front, but the peanut butter was right behind it. It is on the thinner side, though.

    Yeah, more of a beer I'd crack to wind down on a Sunday night than an extreme one, but fine. I did give it plenty of time to warm after reading up, haha.
  25. johlac66

    johlac66 Pundit (956) Jul 19, 2014 California

    Notes of smoky dark chocolate on the nose and palate. A bit of peanut butter makes its way in there.
    Mouthfeel too close to medium. Carbonation too close to high.
    Not really extreme or big. Definitely an outlier in this box. Good with a beef burrito though. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
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  26. Eddieeight

    Eddieeight Zealot (730) Jul 30, 2017 Ohio

    it's friday! settling down after an easy day at work, although it was easy i'm ready for the weekend, so what a perfect way to relax and try a new beer. I just had a peanut butter stout recently so this is my second in a week. brown in color with a light brown / khaki fluffy head, foamy and frothy settling down after about one minute. not really a peanut butter smell, i'm getting it but it's faint. instead it's a bit acidic, and a bit like roasted coffee. the taste is all black coffee. there's very little peanut butter in there. it's bitter and leathery, and no particular flavors stick out, but i really expected more peanut. this is no match for great notion's peanut brother. now THAT is a peanut butter stout. this is, well, a bit shy on flavor. mouthfeel is medium. not particularly thrilled with this, and hey it's only 7% too. i like my beers high-powered, this just doesn't cut it for me.
  27. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon Pundit (946) May 29, 2014 Massachusetts


    L: Pretty much black. I poured aggressively and got a nice thick soapy-looking head.
    S: Initially got a nice whiff of peanut butter which was pretty cool.
    T: Some smoke and a tiny bit of peanut butter but in the middle I got some kind of tang. After drinking for a while I think the "tang" was some kind of acidic/sour/citrus taste. Aftertaste was a bit bitter.
    F: Thinner than I'd like for an oatmeal stout. I desired more body.
    O: The initial peanut butter smell and taste was nice but the body was thin and the citrusy/acidic taste and bitter aftertaste killed the peanut butter.
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