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    ### FAQ / HELP for Extreme Beer Box: BIG STOUTS (2023)

    Source: https://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/extreme-beer-box-big-stouts.669894/#post-7648827

    Is this a virtual fest?
    While there will be online components, this isn't a virtual event. Enjoy the box of beers at your leisure! Feel free to join the dedicated forum too.

    How many beers are included in the box?
    You'll receive a box with one beer from each of our twelve (12) participating breweries ranging in package format and volume size. Each box should provide sampling for at least two people. Sharing is caring!

    Why does this box cost $149.99?
    Shipping and handling thousands of boxes of awesome beer isn't cheap. We also pay for all of the beer and whatnot. On top of this, the cost of literally everything has gone up in recent years.

    Will this box include drinkware?
    No, but we do sell BeerAdvocate glassware and we'll be posting a discount code in the private forum for those who want to wait.

    Why is the box only available in certain states and zip codes?
    Shipping beer in America is whack! Each state has their own laws for shipping and receiving beer.

    Currently, Half Time ships to specific zip codes in the following U.S. states: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MN, MO, MT, NE, NC, ND, NH, NM, NY, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, TX, VA, WA. For more info, please refer to Half Time’s shipping info page.

    (Protip: You can always arrange to have your box shipped to a friend or family members in a neighboring state.)

    When will my box ship?
    To ensure the product is as fresh as possible, please be advised that boxes won't ship immediately upon purchase. Boxes will begin shipping in January 2023 and arrival times will vary depending on the destination state.

    Orders for the updated box will begin shipping on Tuesday, February 7.

    If I live near a Half Time Location, can I pick up my box in person?
    No. Self-pick up isn’t an option for this box.

    What if I'm not home when my box gets delivered?
    An adult age 21+ must be at the physical address provided when purchasing to receive and sign for the package. Most carriers attempt delivery three times. To contact your carrier, their information is listed on your tracking link provided by Half Time. If your local carrier has informed you that your crate has been "Returned to Sender" or "RTS," it is very likely that it actually hasn't been sent back to Half Time, but stored in at the local carrier's main shipping hub. Please contact beeradvocate@halftimebeverage.com or call Half Time at (845) 462-7899 to help contact your carrier for re-delivery attempts.

    What if my box of beers shows up damaged?
    Please contact beeradvocate@halftimebeverage.com or call at (845) 462-7899 for assistance.

    Can I get a refund?
    All sales are final. No refunds, or partial refunds, will be issued. All breweries advertised have confirmed providing beer for this box, however, breweries and beers are subject to change without notice. There will be no refunds or exchanges resulting from the failure of any brewery to appear in the box.

    How do I sync my BeerAdvocate account and Half Time order?
    Instructions to sync your BeerAdvocate account and Half Time order will be sent via email (the one you used to purchase your box) starting mid-January and then weekly after that until sales end. Please check your spam folder.

    Syncing instructions for the updated box will be sent on Wednesday, February 1.

    Do I need to sync to receive the box?

    How do I participate in the dedicated forum?
    You must sync your account.

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    Feel free to post your question in this thread.

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