Galveston TX beery spots?

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    Headed there next weekend for a wedding, will end up having a lot of free time.

    Seeking advice on taprooms & restos with decent local TX selection. Seem to be varying opinions on the popular spots (ie Island & Barefoot Brewery, then Brews Brothers & Stuttgarden as bars).

    Frankly looking for laid back places with good food too.

    Thx in advance.
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  3. jeebeel

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    One more recommendation: if the wedding weekend festivities require a trip to a local dive bar, try Albatross or O'Malley's Stage Door, or both.
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    Yep definitely see the thread linked above. I like Galveston Island Brewery. Citra Mellow is a legit IPA, and I like their hefe as well. Brew Brothers is a must, Stuggarden is OK. I find it more Americanized sports bar that is just vaguely German but with plenty of taps if that is all you are looking for.

    If you want to see some music, Old Quarter Cafe is downtown Galveston, lots of history there (use to be downtown Houston in the 60's but moved there).

    Not a beer destination, but you can take the free ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula and check out Stingaree which is a seafood restaurant on the back of the peninsula right on the water. Need a car to get there, as it is out of the way a little but as laid back as it comes. Sitting on the deck there is one of my great pleasures :slight_smile:
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    I'd skip Beerfoot Brewery. Brewery is a strong word for them to use as they only had 1 or 2 of their own beers on tap. Crowd consisted of obnoxiously loud dudes reliving their frat days cussing every other word. Service was disgustingly bad. Asked the young woman working the bar about their beers and it seemed it was painful for her just to even make eye contact with me. Only place I haven't tipped a bar/beer-tender.
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    I second eating at Stingaree.