How to Secure Your Account

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    We highly recommend changing your password on a regular bases, using a strong and unique password, and storing all of your passwords in a password management system like 1Password.

    Email Address
    You need to have access to the email address that's associated with your account, so it's recommended that you keep your account's email up-to-date. Without access, you'll be locked out of your account if you attempt a password reset.

    If you no longer have access to the email that's associated with your account, please contact us with your username, existing email address, and new email address.

    Change Your Password (Logged In Users)

    If you're logged in and can't remember your current password, please log out and then reset your password (see below).

    Reset Your Password (Logged Out Users)

    Again, you'll need to ensure that you have access to the email that's associated with your account.

    Enable Two-Step Verification (2FA)
    Two-step verification increases the security of your account by requiring you to provide an additional code to complete the login process. If your password is ever compromised, this verification will help prevent unauthorized access to your account.

    Destroy Unused Login Sessions
    Under your account settings, you can view all active login sessions for your account and remove sessions from your devices. Handy if you forgot to log out from a public or work computer.

    If you don't recognize a session, change your password and remove the session immediately.

    Other Helpful Tips
    • Don't share your password or account with others. This includes BeerAdvocate team members, who will never ask you for your password.
    • If you're using a shared device, log out after using our services.
    Questions? Feel free to contact us.