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    It's usually sufficient to refresh the page, but yes, sometimes clearing your browser cache becomes necessary in order for the picture to show up for yourself. I've also rarely experienced that even clearing the cache would not make the picture appear, but this is something that will resolve itself in time.
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    I've only had it happen once where the new photo didn't show up for like 24 hours and thats what Todd told me. So you're totally right, its probably a rare thing.
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    There is no doubt that the process for adding pictures to the BA beer database is an anachronism. It is overly restrictive on the specifications, and a PITA to get pictures that both meet these specifications and are visually "good" pictures. Improving this is on the list of issues, but no doubt requires significant behind-the-scenes changes to the data base.

    (BTW, it is my opinion that this fussy restriction is what led to so many "non-original" photos being uploaded to the data base... JMO, though.)

    However, that is a very small corner of BA. Your decision that "contributing to BA is more of a pain-in-the-ass then it's worth" based on just this is unfair.
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    Crop it to a roughly 1:2 ratio before resizing .
    Also, in the case of tall bottles like that , with no distinguishing features/labels at the top, consider cropping closer to the label, & leaving most or all of the bottle neck out of it.
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