How to Upload Beer & Place Photos

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    Yes. We know. Uploading beer and place photos is currently a huge pain in the ass. The functionality is dated, and the requirements are very specific. We're working on making the entire process much easier.

    In the meantime, we recommend using an online resource like to quickly crop, resize, and compress your image. You'll find several here:

    And below you'll find some helpful tips to help ensure that your submitted photos get approved.

    • Do not upload (and subsequently take credit for) copyrighted images or images from other websites. Failure to adhere to this rule may results in the purging of all of your beer and places images without warning, as well as removal of privileges on your account or account banning.
    • Again, if you didn't take the photo...don't upload it.
    • You'll need to be logged into your account to upload.
    • Images must be in the image/jpeg (*.jpg) file format.
    • All images are subject to approval.
    • You will not be notified upon approval or disapproval.
    For Beers:
    • Select "Update This Beer" on the beer page and "Upload Photo."
    • 150 width x 300 height pixels (exact) and no more than 20KB in size.
    • Bottles, cans, labels, tap handles only. No general brewery logos. No shots of just beer in glassware.
    • No glassware, as it tends to be the wrong type or take focus away from the bottle.
    • Vessels must be on clean, neutral backgrounds; no price tags, too.
    For Places:
    • Select "Update This Place" on the place page and "Upload Photo."
    • 200 width x 150 height pixels (exact) and no more than 20KB in size.
    • We're looking for unobstructed outside photos. No interior shots. Signage is OK.
    Tips for Approvals:
    • Set your image resolution to 72dpi resolution.
    • Images should be optimized/saved for web.
    • Make sure your images aren't stretched or warped in appearance.
    • Full images please. No borders/whitespace to fill the size requirements.
    • Centered and cropped (not tilted, contain empty space or cut-off).
    • Make sure images are bright, without glare and not dark, tinted or grainy.
    • Make sure images aren't too light or washed-out looking.
    • Try sharpening your image if it looks dull or blurry.
    If a photo is removed, and a new one is added soon after, the old photo will be shown until the site's cache is purged or expires. Otherwise you might have to purge your browser's file cache or do a hard fresh on the page.

    Replacing Photos:
    1. Select "Update This Beer/Place"
    2. Select "Photo" as the "Change Type" and submit your details
    3. If approved by a member of the moderation team, they'll remove the old photo. This will allow you to upload a new one.
    For help with posting/embedding in our forums, please see "Forums" in the FAQ.

    Also, check out: Guide for adding pictures to the forums and database