Small Space Fermentation with BrewJacket

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  1. BeerAdvocate

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    The compact device takes up no more space than the fermentor it is controlling, and can be stored on a closet shelf when not in use.

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  2. Delmarvabeer

    Delmarvabeer Initiate (133) Jul 14, 2015 Maryland

    Looks really cool and something that I would need especially for Lager brewing. That said, I can't afford 249+ bucks. Maybe I can convince somebody to get it for me for Christmas?
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  3. Roadkizzle

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    I bought one in late 2015, and I'm just about to tap my fifth lager using it. So far it's been great, although it does take a long time to initially get to the fermentation temperature I haven't had any issues with the beer I've produced.

    The company was great to work with when I was trying to troubleshoot a power supply issue and helped me out with no problems.

    The only thing is that the system can only really cool to 30ish F below the ambient temperature. So in my 70F house it can only get down to around 40F. Not as low as I'd really like the lagering but with the space and cost considerations I'm satisfied with that.
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