Small Space Fermentation with BrewJacket

Innovation by | Apr 2017 | Issue #123

Apartment dwellers and others with very limited room for brewing face extra challenges: how to ferment beer in small spaces and often warm environments. That was the challenge for Aaron Walls, who, along with Matthew Goff, and Evgeniy Tkachenko, created BrewJacket Immersion, a patented device for regulating small-batch fermentation temperatures.

The idea came to Wells in 2008 while homebrewing in his small Atlanta apartment. “My window air-conditioning unit couldn’t keep up with the hot Atlanta summers, and I didn’t have room for a second refrigerator, so my ales consistently fermented at 80 degrees plus, and created a litany of off flavors.”

BrewJacket Immersion, which the Colorado-based BrewJacket team says is the only “set it and forget it” temperature regulation system available for homebrewers, hit the market in 2015. Immersion Pro, which can both cool and heat, was released in 2016.

Using the system is as simple as wrapping a carboy or other fermentation vessel in the insulating jacket, submerging the heat transfer rod in the beer, and setting the temperature. “BrewJacket Immersion and Immersion Pro utilize solid-state heat exchange chips to regulate the temperature of your beer using electrons,” Walls says, adding that the heat exchange system will push heat into or out of a fermentor, automatically maintaining the set temperature.

“Whether it’s a Saison that wants to be at 84 degrees, a Munich lager that prefers 48 degrees, or a West Coast ale that is happy at 69 degrees,” Walls says, “the BrewJacket Immersion and Immersion Pro can handle the heat (or cold) and are compatible with most common fermentors on the market.”

The compact device takes up no more space than the fermentor it is controlling, and can be stored on a closet shelf when not in use.

Immersion and Immersion Pro cost $249 and $299, respectively, and are available at and homebrew shops across the United States.