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  1. pro45

    pro45 Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    I'm going up there in April. I've heard good things about this brewer. But I'm also visiting Smuttynose, my favorite in NH. What do you guys think?? I've never had an offering from Stoneface.
  2. infectedlobster

    infectedlobster Initiate (70) Apr 22, 2014 Massachusetts

    Great beer, solid food, awesome vibe at the taproom. They always have plenty of beer for takeaway available as well. They do a great job with both the hazy New England-style IPA thing and more traditional IPAs. They have also been making some solid fruity berliners if that's more your speed. If you're lucky, they'll have their Russian Imperial Stout available, which is top-notch.

    It's also worth checking out Great Rhythm which is nearby in Portsmouth. They're all-aboard the hazy IPA train, but have mixed reviews recently. I have not personally had a negative experience at either brewery.
  3. JoeK89

    JoeK89 Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2015 Massachusetts

    I have not been to the brewery so others will have to chime in on that, but they do make some solid brews. I had their regular IPA the other day after not having had it in probably a year, and it still was surprisingly good. I wouldn't say they are New England style though. Just really solid hop forward IPA's. Mozaccalypse and Hopulization are their doubles that I've enjoyed, but are rotating so I do not know what the availability will be when you go.
  4. Rysk22

    Rysk22 Aspirant (237) Nov 12, 2014 Massachusetts

    100% worth checking out. I think they're the best brewery in that area
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  5. T-RO

    T-RO Initiate (130) Nov 9, 2012 New Hampshire

    If Smuttynose is your favorite NH brewer then definitely check out the their brewery - it's very impressive. The tasting room is limited to 4 - 3 oz pours. Next door at the restaurant Hayseed they'll have good selection of Smutty on tap along with a couple vintage kegs. If you're wondering whether you can do Stoneface as well, not a problem it's maybe 20 minutes away. Nice size taproom with lots of seating and I'd eat there over Hayseed. Stoneface IPA's are solid, my fave regular rotation is probably Full Clip.
  6. Sideshow_Luke_Perry

    Sideshow_Luke_Perry Initiate (0) Jan 9, 2016 Massachusetts

    Never been to the brewery, but Full Clip is one of my go-tos.

    The Smuttynose 'taproom' is a teeny bar with (I think) about 8 taps, and their tour takes less than half an hour. There is no food at the bar, but they do have a little restaurant on site. You could easily do Smutty, Stoneface, and multiple other small breweries in the Portsmouth area in a single day with a sober driver.
  7. Jbrews

    Jbrews Aspirant (276) Aug 6, 2013 New Hampshire

    Stoneface has a cool tap room now. Keep in mind parking can be tight and will be with the snow added to the mess (if any then) Just be mindful of this mid-day on a weekend. If you get to try Hopulization or Double Clip then you are in luck. They will usually have quite a few few options draft. The food is pretty good. There will be plenty of cans to go and none of that line BS.

    Check them out.
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  8. pro45

    pro45 Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2016 New York

    Thanks! I'll be visiting on a week day. Hopefully I can get easy parking and take home some great beer from Stoneface!!
  9. BigStein88

    BigStein88 Aspirant (299) Nov 5, 2007 New Hampshire

    There is additional parking behind the brewery, so they actually have plenty of parking. If parking behind, they have a paved path that leads out front. No worries.
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  10. Davl22

    Davl22 Disciple (306) Sep 27, 2011 New Hampshire

    Their Porter is very underrated, definitely give it a try.
  11. soheadyithurts

    soheadyithurts Initiate (120) Jan 4, 2013 Massachusetts

    Stoneface's beers took a huge step in the right direction in 2017. In 2014-15 I'd enjoy their beers but now I'm actively seeking them out when fresh.
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  12. Seacoastbrewer

    Seacoastbrewer Initiate (0) Jun 5, 2012 New Hampshire

    You may as well complete the great bay trifecta and hit Stoneface, then Deciduous in Newmarket, then out to Smutty. Deciduous has excellent IPAs and tart fruited berliners often.

    Skip the Smutty tour (unless you really love tours). You can have small samples of any of their beers at Hayseed. You can still do the tasting in the brewery for a couple $ without the tour.
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  13. meefmoff

    meefmoff Devotee (468) Jul 6, 2014 Massachusetts

    One added note. I'm sure this varies based on how busy the day is (and maybe who is behind the bar) but both times I've been up to Smutty the "tasting" after the tour has been ridiculously generous.

    Another thing to possibly consider is stopping at Whym which is directly on the way from Smuttynose to Portsmouth. It's a bar, not a brewery, but it's a cool space and they'll have a bunch of area breweries all on tap.
  14. ransom22

    ransom22 Initiate (0) Feb 5, 2016 Uzbekistan

    Fresh Stoneface Beer >
  15. Kelvarnsen129

    Kelvarnsen129 Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2017 Massachusetts

    I've only had a couple of their beers but Full Clip is a great offering that i'm seeing at local packys in MA
  16. sosbombs

    sosbombs Initiate (0) Jan 12, 2016 Vermont

    Stoneface is very good. Not great, very good. Nothing wrong with that.
  17. papposilenus

    papposilenus Poo-Bah (1,680) Jun 21, 2014 New Hampshire

    Smuttynose to Deciduous to Stoneface to Great Rhythm to Portsmouth Brewery to Tributary. All within ten to twenty minutes of each other. Make a day of it.
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  18. Davl22

    Davl22 Disciple (306) Sep 27, 2011 New Hampshire

    If you hit Great Rhythm, swing in to Liars Bench right down the street.
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  19. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (647) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    I’ve always preferred Stoneface products on draft, I find them far superior to their packed offerings. Plus,I always thought their half-liter bottles & more current 4 packs of 12 oz to be somewhat of a ripoff.

    Also I’ve always thought their Pale Ale > IPA. Yeah I know, lots of “hot beer takes” in 1 post
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  20. BigStein88

    BigStein88 Aspirant (299) Nov 5, 2007 New Hampshire

    I can see where you are coming from but have you had the DIPA 16oz offerings of late (Double Clip and Hopulization specifically)? I found those to be outstanding beers and a real step forward for Stoneface over the past year..
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  21. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (213) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    16 oz. 4-packs of Stoneface DIPAs (Hopulization/Double Clip/Mozaccalypse/etc) for $15 is one of the best deals out there. Wish I lived closer to the Seacoast to jump on this more often. I love Trillium but $20+ four packs takes a toll. I've started buying singles instead.

    I also don't understand @SunDevilBeer's statement that 12 oz. 4-packs are a ripoff....I guess the question is, compared to what?
  22. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (647) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    No, I haven’t tried. Are they brewery only or do they receive distribution ? I usually only see the Pale/IPA/Porter on draft & packaged.
  23. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (647) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Well, 6 packs of 12 oz & 4 packs of 16 oz offer more beer for a comparable price. Why short-shrift the customer, there are plenty of other options out there. The 12 oz 4 pack is especially egregious, it really sticks out on a crowded shelf in a bad way.

    Plus, I think Stoneface doesn’t package their beer well - thus my perceived drop off between the 2 formats (yes, proper packaging & handling is a skill).

    I say all this but I really like the base Stoneface beers & order them @ bars often.
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  24. BigStein88

    BigStein88 Aspirant (299) Nov 5, 2007 New Hampshire

    Others can probably speak better to this, I have seen the bigger beers get some limited distro, which I have assumed was based on how much they sold out of the tap room first...but I could be wrong.
  25. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (213) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    They do get distributed to Mass. Redstone is one spot typically receives the DIPAs as they become available. They received Mozaccalypse about 10 days ago.
  26. meefmoff

    meefmoff Devotee (468) Jul 6, 2014 Massachusetts

    I'm fairly sure I've seen Mozaccalypse at CBC Belmont before too.
  27. LeRose

    LeRose Poo-Bah (1,530) Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts

    Stoneface was a pleasant surprise on the last vacation - good food, good beer, great vibe, excellent staff. Smutty used to be a favorite stop - and still is for the place itself. Been a bit unimpressed by the beers lately except for the "standards". Earth Eagle - if you are "doing" Portsmouth and are looking for something a little different - very good food, and I find their beers at the very least interesting even though some are not to my liking. Hard to find, really hard to park unless you do the garage thing and walkabout in Portsmouth.
  28. Pudgemaster

    Pudgemaster Initiate (0) Jan 6, 2018 Massachusetts

    Trying my first full clip from stoneface right now. Really an enjoyable beer. Smooth not too bitter. Not overwhelming just clean and drinkable ipa. I’m impressed. Found it at CBC in fenway.
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  29. cmoney13

    cmoney13 Initiate (144) Sep 9, 2017 Massachusetts

    Was not super impressed with full clip when I tried it maybe a year, year and a half ago. Wasn't bad but nothing great. Maybe it's improved. I liked their standard IPA considerably more (though I am a sucker for east coast non-hazebomb IPAs).
  30. BigStein88

    BigStein88 Aspirant (299) Nov 5, 2007 New Hampshire

    Individual tastes man, I am not much of a fan of Full Clip either but Double Clip, now we are talking...
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  31. DoctorD

    DoctorD Initiate (135) May 20, 2015 Maine

    I am a big fan of Double Clip, Mozzacalypse, their porter and RIS (if I am lucky enough to get some before it sells out). I also think their IPA is great and it is on tap all over the Seacoast area so it is my "fallback" choice if I don't find anything else to order.
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  32. kool-aid

    kool-aid Initiate (0) Apr 3, 2017 Vermont

    Stoneface is an amazing stop, not just for the food and great staff, but for the fact that they often have many styles of beer available on draft and they're all done well. Last time I was there, I had 2 fruited berliner weisse pours and a barrel aged Russian imperial stout as well as my personal favorite, Oated Ella. All were really amazing and I left with fresh Full Clip cans that ended up being my favorite of that trip's haul (including Bissell and some MBC).

    I noticed some rare one-offs in growlers in the cooler as well but didn't have room for them.
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  33. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (213) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    [​IMG]Stoneface Brewing‏ @StonefaceBrew
    2018 RIS now available in the taproom. Brewed with cold brew coffee & Tahitian vanilla, our Russian Imperial Stout features a velvety smooth mouthfeel paired with a robust, complex, flavor profile. 6 bottle limit. #NHBeer #craftbeer

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  34. HopsDubosc

    HopsDubosc Initiate (155) Apr 24, 2015 Vermont

    I know it's a chain, but there's no presence in Vermont: I'd highly recommend British Beer Co. Had a couple of pints of London Pride in their very nice taproom and could not have been happier.
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  35. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (213) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    And this relates to Stoneface how?
  36. HopsDubosc

    HopsDubosc Initiate (155) Apr 24, 2015 Vermont


    Sometimes, not always, people visiting from out of state might be interested in a bar with a great tap list and food choices to complement their brewery visit. I know I do. I wasn't the first to recommend alternate beer possibilities in the Portsmouth area.
  37. Davl22

    Davl22 Disciple (306) Sep 27, 2011 New Hampshire

    Honestly, if you're not going to eat at Stoneface and make the drive to downtown, I would hit up Row 34 instead. Shuck A Buck until 5pm and they always have a killer draft list (even for NH distro).
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  38. SunDevilBeer

    SunDevilBeer Defender (647) May 9, 2003 Massachusetts

    Stopped into their taproom today for lunch.

    Place was very busy, all bar seats full. Eclectic crowd of families & beergeeks. Overheard the place gets overrun on Fri & Sat nights.

    Full Clip (NEIPA) is a good beer & so is their RIS. Food was unexpectedly good too.

    Enjoyed my visit - but get rid of the 4 X 12 oz packs!
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  39. GormBrewhouse

    GormBrewhouse Devotee (488) Jun 24, 2015 Vermont

    Both great breweries, worth the effort fer sure.
  40. cagedwisdom

    cagedwisdom Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2017 New Hampshire

    Good news. I was just at the brewery today when I saw they were releasing Hopulization, and they had 16oz 4 packs of their flagship IPA, APA, and Blip! Not sure if they are making a full transition and sending their 16oz 4 packs out for distribution (I should have asked someone), but I would assume that is the case.
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