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  1. MastaaaGrillaaa

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    Looking for recommendations on good bars, breweries and restaurants for a early June visit. I tried searching prior threads, but didnt find anything more recent than 2017. Staying at the Renaissance downtown, but we're not opposed to traveling around.

    Thanks for any thoughts!
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  2. joerooster

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  3. joerooster

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    Tons of good restaurants but not all are going to have an extensive beer list. You'd probably want to make reservations at some of the nicer, highly rated ones.
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  4. RocketFrogDavid

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    Close to the Renaissance, but maybe not mentioned in the 2017 threads are two bars that are pretty good. Lost & Found, on 9th, just up from the hotel on the right, next to a great Italian restaurant called All Purpose. Lost & Found has a very good beer list. Then a couple blocks over on 5th & G is Free State which has the same owner. It's below the ramen/fried chicken place Bantam King. You can order at Bantam King then they will deliver it to you at Free State. All the others from 2017 aside from Meridian Pint should still be very relevant as mentioned above.
  5. JediMasterLenin

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    Since it wasn't mentioned here or in the 2017 thread, I'll put down Midlands Beer Garden on Georgia ave. 20 taps, if memory serves, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Multiple pour sizes.
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  6. hoppytobehere

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  7. ESHBG

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    My recommendation as well, I really enjoyed it there.
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    REVZEB Poo-Bah (6,147) Mar 28, 2013 Illinois

    Also visiting DC in June. Thanks for the thread, very helpful! What are some breweries that get distro in DC that I should keep an eye out for?
  9. joerooster

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    What styles do you like? Looking for draft beer or packaged? DC gets a lot of different stuff due to the laws there.
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  10. REVZEB

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    Like all styles, thinking more on tap, but could be open to some packaged too
  11. joerooster

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    I'd suggest looking for locally brewed stuff such as Ocelot, Solace, Blue Jacket, DC Brau, Right Proper, Veil, Triple Crossing, Burley Oak, RAR

    Check out the tap list from Churchkey, there are beers from Hill Farmstead, Tired Hands, Singlecut, Port, Night Shift and a lot more:

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  12. REVZEB

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    Thanks! Yeah I have been the churchkey before, a wonderful beer bar, will go again for sure!
  13. rightcoastn

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    Not heavily beer focused but would recommend hitting up Union Market, which isn't too far from the hotel. Plenty of food stalls and the surrounding area is going under a sweeping redevelopment so there are now a bunch of full service restaurants there too. Red Apron Butcher Bar, which is in Union Market, usually has a pretty great draft list with Aslin, Burley Oak, Veil, Grimm, Bissell Bros, etc. You can grab a beer from there and walk around the market for different food if you aren't up for a burger. The Bruery's east coast outpost is also just south of Union Market so you could stop there for package goods if needed.