What's the last ale that impressed you?

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  1. M-Fox24

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    In similar fashion to the ongoing threads below, but with an altered dynamic of stability amongst Malt, Hops, and Yeast (e.g. ESB - toasty, crisp, fruity)


    The approach here is an admirable interplay that’s forward in composure, where the biscuit-y and bitter dealings paint a fine-spun picture of robust malt and unique hops. The malt bill works to bread & dough essentials with crisp, bittering, gestures from the light hop paradigm -

    Baselines to caramel Colomba and sweet browned (buttered) nuts, besides the natural backyard woodcraft over garden mulch. The perimeter is earthy with middling physiques in molasses fruitcake, apple plum pie, and old Stollen per movement along pointed fruity esters. There is tactile appreciation of the herbal hop thrill, as mid-sense approaches the measured nuances of residual (deep) malt: Skor, turtle bark, iced raisins…Furthering malt is only rounded by a minute susceptibility to diacetyl, which echelons stylistically to compliment the esters rightly. Consequently, an unrushed, leisurely, smooth feel that’s clean & warming to accolade the scholarly dry finish with a habitual light kick

    A showcase for English malts and agile hops, with principled malt complexity = Dan Peterson’s technique is fairly quintessential


    …Would like to see Dan make that leap into cask conditioning, considering his brewing background and admiration for the style
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  2. slangtruth

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    Reissdorf Kölsch
  3. JackRWatkins

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    L'Angelus au Froment from Brasserie Lepers. It baffled me, confused me, blew me away, and apparently there is no longer any US Distro and I'M SO ANGRY
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  5. rtrasr

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    Public House American Cream Ale.
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  6. Urk1127

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    Cherry Chouffe
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  7. Bitterbill

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    3 Floyds Pillar of Beasts.
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  10. bubseymour

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    Schlafly Export Stout. Going in with low expectations, but for a 6% stout, it’s really well made and nice interplay of flavors and robust and hearty enough as well.
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  11. M-Fox24

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    English ale thread prompted a thread revisit, for those with an enduring impression. So here, one that’s opportunely involved, where the aroma provokes a suggestively mild cue to Burton snatch, ahead of the chewy malt intricacies -

    Equips a clean bite behind the focused malt tethers with a gentle cast to the English Ale yeast. The ins and outs drill characteristically, given the caramelized toffee to Lardy Cake implications, as esters back the mild fruit components of ethyl acetates. There’s a sweetness to the inclined mid-riff crest with a sorghum appeal, before driving to a more hop-centric, yet curated varnish. On this account, an effect that lends a floral kick to the earthy chauffeurs, while tending Golding belongings to honey, before the leafy (green tea) nuances of British Fuggle & Challenger

    Over the length and breadth, contrivances prevail on nutty and bready accounts, but the wavering anecdotes speak volumes. Namely, roasted figs to dates, as orange fruits fitfully ping, while Henry Goode's border the woodsy hops. That is to say, a surface that middles a creamy richness, while maintaining an interplaying chemistry, which frames an echoing post rider to the crisp – dry – resin natures


    Glad to see Stephen Kirby entertain cans, where the take is quintessential – true to form – And conclusively imagined to excel, when drawn upon the engine
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  12. SFACRKnight

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    Cowiche Canyon. What a beer.
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  13. LesDewitt4beer

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    Without a doubt very impressive: Stone 25th Anniversary Triple IPA.
    4.29/5 rDev +3.1%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25
    12oz can EB date 12/09/21 into a 16oz nonic pint glass.
    L: Pours a lightly clouded dull copper with a 2.5 finger crusty light beige head with excellent retention. Well carbonated to the end, a fair amount of sticky lacing and banding.
    S: Candied caramel malts, sweet bread, lightly floral, light citrus, over-ripe fruit, stone fruit. Some alcohol as the beer warms.
    T: Clean sweet caramel, caramelized malt, sweet & fruity moderately dank hops with over-ripe apricot, light orange and melon rind with a high level of pine resin that resounds throughout. The sweet tastes are a little cloying but not distracting. Very lightly nutty in the center transitioning to earthy, grassy hops encased in pine. It is very hop forward and bitter. It has a purpose-built long lingering pine taste. A moderate taste of alcohol and over-ripe fruits become more prominent as the beer warms.
    F: Firm, smooth, soft and lightly tacky med-heavy mouthfeel with a broad flavor. The hops go wide and produce a very long finish. Semi-juicy and fairly drying on the tongue.
    O: Overall bittersweet, long lasting, full flavored and strong. This beautifully crafted American Triple IPA has a lovely sugary malt platform for the intensely concentrated hops to stand on. It's taste is consistent throughout the entire glass and it is absolutely outstanding in it's style.
  14. jkrich

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    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale impresses me every time.
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