Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Releases Loral Lager

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    BURLINGTON, VERMONT (October, 2020) In a world focused on hops, we are bringing you the beautiful, crisp lager you didn’t know you needed. Zero Gravity is celebrating the return of Loral Lager, a fresh take on a premium lager brewed with pilsner malt and Loral hops.

    This golden lager features pilsner malt, keeping it light and refreshing on the palate. While this beer is crisp and malty at its core, the addition of Loral hops bring a new complexity to this traditional flavor profile.

    Loral hops feature the floral and herbal qualities of Noble hops, but it is the additional citrus and dark fruit notes that make this hop varietal unique. They bring this lager to a new level, making it fresh and elegant yet drinkable and down to earth. We may be biased, but we’re fawning over this one and we’re so excited to share it with you.


    Loral Lager (5.0%ABV) is a specialty beer release available in a 16oz four-pack. It will be available beginning the week of October 7th in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York..

    Zero Gravity is a Burlington, Vermont based brewery that has been making beautiful and balanced beers since 2005. Brewing modern and unique originals while staying rooted in the classic styles and techniques of the world. In addition to selling beer throughout the Northeast, Zero Gravity has a taproom and brewpub location in the heart of Burlington, Vermont

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    What? Not New Jersey?? I love their Green State lager.
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    Too bad, we got it last year; was pretty nice, too.
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    Right- I knew I remember having it last year.
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    Yeah sure. I’ll get this. Love me some Green State, for sure.
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    Frequently turn to Green State when I want something light & crisp to pair with food. This is an immediate 4-pack purchase for me.