The Full English: 3 Pairings

Table Mates by | May 2016 | Issue #112

Since opening in Austin, Texas, in 2011, Hopfields has served made-from-scratch, homestyle food with a French twist. But executive chef Sam Castrale takes inspiration from a traditional English breakfast for this hearty brunch dish. Housemade sausage links and farmhouse bacon accompany baked beans, roasted tomatoes and two farm-fresh sunny side eggs. The dish is finished with toasted baguette (for soaking up those savory flavors) and a dusting of fine herbs. Although Hopfield’s 44 taps feature beers from across the globe, Cicerone and general manager Maya Shabi pairs the meal with three Texas beers.

London Homesick Ale | 4.9% ABV
Oasis Texas Brewing Co.
This English-style Bitter is light bodied with an approachable biscuity malt flavor. Its crispness cuts through the savory fattiness of the meat, while remaining light enough to offset the heaviness of the meal. The dry and mildly bitter finish provides a nice contrast to the slightly sweeter beans and creamy egg yolks.

Full Moon Rye IPA | 6.2% ABV
Real Ale Brewing Co.
The rye and barley in this medium-bodied IPA gives it an earthy spice that contrasts with the charred sausage and bacon. Meanwhile, the beer’s effervescent mouthfeel cuts the fattiness of the eggs and meat, keeping a heavy meal from being weighed down further by its liquid companion.

Mosaic IPA | 8.6% ABV
Community Beer Co.
We picked this IPA for the same reasons you enjoy a Bloody Mary with your hangover cure: it’s sweet, spicy, boozy and goes well with every bite. Dominant Mosaic hops provide citrus, herbal and piney elements, and the beer remains surprisingly drinkable for its alcohol content. The citrus and pine of the hops cut the fatty, caramelized bacon and sausage from the grill, while the malt sweetness tempers the tomato’s acidity.