Anchor’s Cup

Kindred Spirits by | Nov 2013 | Issue #82

Sailing’s history has roots in the modern-day rituals of drinking and making cocktails. Along with Anchor Brewers & Distillers, I wanted to create a cocktail that celebrated not only San Francisco, but also a new-age drinking tradition, and what better way to do this than by incorporating an iconic Bay Area brew and a spirit produced in the heart of the city: Junípero Gin, San Francisco’s original craft gin. Anchor’s Cup is now the official drink of Oracle Team USA, America’s sailing team in the America’s Cup. Best enjoyed on the deck of a sailboat, in the sun and with friends.

1/2 oz Junípero Gin
1/2 oz The King’s Ginger liqueur
3 oz Anchor Steam Beer
splash of orange juice

Pour Junípero Gin and The King’s Ginger liqueur into shot glass. Place rocks glass over shot glass, and invert. Add Anchor Steam Beer and a splash of orange juice. Remove shot glass and enjoy along with an Anchor Steam Beer.