BeerAdvocate magazine #82

Facebook Foul Beer Smack by

A business’ website should be the hub for all info. Social media should drive traffic to that hub, not be the hub. It should be an easy task for consumers to find information, not an unpaid part-time job.

Beer News News by

US government shutdown hindered craft beer industry growth; rare disorder turns man’s stomach into a brewery; civet coffee controversy spurs brewers to reevaluate the ingredient; after lawsuit dismissal, tribe repeals prohibition; and Whole Foods to open first in-store brewery.

California Breweries North Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading California Breweries North.

Anchor’s Cup Kindred Spirits by

Incorporate Anchor Steam, an iconic Bay Area brew, and Junípero Gin, San Francisco’s original craft gin, to create a cocktail that celebrates not only San Francisco, but also a new-age drinking tradition.

Dream Machine Innovation by

Dubbed “the ultimate party machine,” the Kegerator Pro 60 is an old-fashioned arcade system with a bunch of new twists: It also has a built-in refrigerator, three taps and a 60-inch LED HD screen.

Mexican Chocolate Stout by Copper Kettle Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Together with brewery owners Kristen and Jeremy Kozik, designer Josh Emrich did research in the public library to find imagery from the Aztec and Mayan cultures, the inspiration for this beer.

Studying for the Bar: How One Attorney Advocates for Beer in Court Back of the House by

Attorneys like Alva Mather help brewers navigate brewery-entity formation, trademark law, wholesale-brewer relations and local ordinances.

A Solution to the Trademark Bottleneck Unfiltered by

The proliferation of new beer names is hitting a point of absurdity. But there’s a simple solution to the trademark problem, one that would also help consumers: Just use a style name.

Scottish Shilling Ales History by the Glass by

Scottish Shilling Ales are beers designated by that peculiar Scottish system of naming based on price rather than type. But what is the history of these beers, and how do they fit into the constellation of British styles?

San Diego Bound BYOB by

Brian Trout’s homebrewed DIPA is rich, and coats the tongue with hop flavors; playful, with the mango-pineapple of Citra, and bitter enough to remind you that it means business without being obnoxiously teeth rattling. He calls it a “San Diego Sunset Golden.”

Thanksgiving, Craft Beer Style Cooking with Beer by

Each year, we take all that Mother Nature has to offer to decorate the dining table with a bountiful fall feast. The recipes this month bring together food and libation to create incredible flavors that will complement your Thanksgiving holiday traditions.

Monks House of Ale Repute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota Barkeep by

Before Jerry Hauck opened Monks House of Ale Repute in 2007, there was not a craft tap in town in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since then, at least 10 other local bars have developed extensive craft beer selections.

Joe Pond of Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company Going Pro by

Joe Pond is a chemical engineer who brews with a decidedly pre-industrial mindset. Olvalde Farm and Brewing Co., the southeastern Minnesota brewery he founded two and a half years ago, is a throwback to the rural, agriculturally focused brewhouses that existed before refrigeration and malt catalogues.

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. From the Source by

Basecamp. Outpost. Those are the two halves of Devils Backbone Brewing Co., one of Virginia’s fastest-growing beermakers. And in their short life span, Devils Backbone’s two brewhouses have garnered 23 medals at the Great American Beer Festival and five more in the World Beer Cup competition.

Where to Drink in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Destinations by

Milwaukee owes its brewing heritage to beer barons like Miller, Pabst and Schlitz. And while Miller is still extremely popular, the big beers that were once working-class favorites have given way to a vibrant craft beer scene.

Stemming the Rise of Barley Diseases: How Nasty Fungal Infections Could Affect Our Grains and Beer Feature by

The world produced over 134 million metric-tons of barley between 2011 and 2012. But up to 95 percent of the world’s barley is susceptible to a variety of a fungal disease called stem rust that was discovered in Uganda in 1999. Dubbed Ug99, it has spread across East Africa and up into the Middle East.

There Will Be No Mixed Getränke: Berlin’s Slowly Changing Beer Culture Feature by

Even though small-batch beer holds only about 1 percent by volume of today’s German beer market, the legacy of handmade beer has endured years of macrobrewery consolidation and is finally coming out on the other side.

Tod Mott, Co-founder and Brewer, Tributary Brewing Co. Last Call by

Tod Mott started as an all-grain homebrewer in the late ’80s; after an internship at Catamount, he landed a gig with Harpoon and then joined Portsmouth Brewery. Now Mott and his wife are opening Tributary Brewing Co., in Maine.