Author: Jim Wells

Jim Wells is a freelance beer writer in Boston. When he’s not scouring the globe for the next scoop, Jim’s investigating local brew fests to find the next great beer.

Beer News News by

Craft brewers reach double-digit volume share; The Alchemist granted permit for new brewery; New Belgium gives $1 million to Colorado State University; and Boston area breweries to share equipment.

Oskar Blues Acquires Perrin Brewing Company News by

Longmont, Colo., canned-beer pioneer Oskar Blues Brewery has acquired Perrin Brewing Company in Comstock Park, Mich. While the exact terms of the deal were not specified, Perrin will remain locally owned and operated.

Legislative Changes in Georgia and Kentucky News by

Georgia’s Senate Bill 63, more commonly known as the Beer Jobs Bill, passed the state Senate in early April. Meanwhile, Kentucky has banned breweries from self-distributing throughout the state, reversing a 1978 court decision permitting Anheuser-Busch to purchase a Louisville distributorship.

Ancient Egyptian Brewery Site Discovered in Israel News by

An archaeological excavation on a construction site in central Tel Aviv, Israel, has unearthed what may have been an ancient Egyptian brewery. The dig revealed fragments of large ceramic basins used by Egyptians to make beer approximately 5,000 years ago.

Beer News News by

Ninkasi opens in-house recording studio; Flying Dog wins free speech battle; US canned beer sales grew in 2014; and Brewers Association makes an appeal to eBay.

White Labs to Open European Location News by

The increasing number of US breweries establishing themselves in Europe indicates American beer’s surging popularity overseas. In Copenhagen, White Labs will share a space with WarPigs brewpub, the joint venture between Mikkeller and 3 Floyds, in the city’s meatpacking district.

Breweries Add and Expand Distribution Arms News by

Two breweries with self-distribution arms, Stone Brewing of San Diego and Harpoon Brewery of Boston, have begun distributing other craft brands in addition to their own in states where the practice is legal.

Mikkeller Launches European Brewpub, US Brewery News by

Mikkel Borg Bjergso, the founder, owner and CEO of Denmark’s Mikkeller brewery, and a self-proclaimed “gypsy brewer” who has always used another brewery’s facilities has finally decided to establish not one, but two brewing locations of his own.

Cruise Lines Add Onboard Breweries News by

From onboard breweries to beer-themed trips, cruise lines add better beer to the itinerary.

Breweries Pair Pints with Food Trucks News by

Finding a food truck parked outside your favorite brewery used to be a pleasant surprise. Now, breweries are taking the notion a step further by opening up their own food trucks.

Beer News News by

White Labs to open East Coast location; Carlsberg stops production of Draught Burton Ale; individual beer sales now legal in Missouri; and New York seeks federally backed crop insurance.

Flying Dog Announces Experimental Farmworks Brewery News by

Flying Dog plans to establish Farmworks, a brewery focusing on unique, small-batch brews, in Lucketts, Va. The brewhouse will include a coolship, a barrel aging and souring facility, a cellar and a tasting room and hospitality area.

Fire Damages Belgium’s Hof ten Dormaal News by

A fire at Hof ten Dormaal brewery in Tildonk, Belgium, destroyed the company’s warming chamber, bottling line and product stock. No one was injured, but the damages halted operations at the farmhouse brewery, which the Janssens family has run since founding it in 2009.

Small Breweries Gain Traction in South Korea News by

Loosened governmental restrictions and reduced tax burdens have encouraged entrepreneurship in South Korea’s beer industry, leading to a series of small brewery launches. The changes also allow the country’s preexisting brewpubs and microbreweries to sell their products to outside vendors.

Canadian Government Broadens Beer Definition News by

The Canadian government has recently updated the country’s “Beer Standards of Identity,” the definition used to determine if a beverage can be labeled and sold as beer.

New FDA Rules Require Nutritional Information for Beer News by

According to new regulations from the FDA, chain restaurants must now provide further nutritional information for food and drink they serve, including beer.

Hop Processing Capacity in US Grows News by

Two new hop processing operations—one in Washington’s Yakima Valley and another facility-in-planning in Virginia—seek to provide brewers with a quality product and a shorter turnaround time.

TTB Simplifies Excise Tax Regulations for Small Breweries News by

The TTB announced it will permanently reduce the regulatory burden on breweries producing less than 7,200 barrels annually.

Kings of the Craft to Tell San Diego’s Brewing History News by

Kings of the Craft is a six-part series that seeks to closely examine the history, culture and future of the San Diego craft beer scene.

Georgia Craft Brewers Guild Advocates for Legal Reforms News by

The Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild has teamed up with several in-state breweries to launch Citizens for Georgia Beer Jobs, an initiative to make the state a friendlier place for craft brewers to do business.

Beer News News by

Firestone Walker to contract brew Pliny the Elder; AB InBev enters distribution market; Stone selects Richmond, Va., for East Coast facility; and a beer-forward restaurant earns a Michelin star.

Whole Foods Market to Open Two In-store Breweries News by

Two Whole Foods Market locations are set to premiere new in-store breweries before the end of the year. Each location’s beers will eventually be available for draft pours in Whole Foods taprooms throughout their regional markets, not necessarily just at the breweries themselves.

Kombucha Brew: A New Ingredient Catches On News by

Scattered across the country, a few enterprising brewers have begun working with an unusual ingredient: kombucha, a mildly alcoholic fermented tea. Wild fermenting organisms in the tea help lend uniquely funky and tart flavors to their beers, driving curiosity among consumers.

Beer Pipeline Will Save Resources and Appease Neighbors News by

Bruges’ De Halve Maan brewery will soon build an underground pipeline to move beer. Once operational, the pipeline will transport over 4 million liters (roughly 34,000 barrels) of beer per year to a nearby bottling plant.