Author: Jonathan Ingram

Jonathan Ingram has covered craft brewing since 2010. This is his first article for BeerAdvocate. The author of six books on motor racing, he is currently working on a book about craft beer titled From A (Ale) to Z (Zymurgy).

Higher Prices, Brighter Futures? The Changing Landscape of Beer Retail Feature by

As craft brewers push to distinguish themselves from Big Beer, revenue from higher-priced premium beers is increasing faster than any other craft segment. Will that make the $8 six-pack a thing of the past?

From the Balcony: Previewing the Next Chapter in the Beer Industry’s Business Saga Feature by

A look at the beer industry post-2015, the year that Big Beer acquired successful craft breweries left and right and infused mind-boggling amounts of money into the business. Their plan? Buy more shelf space.