Author: Red Diamond

Red Diamond lives, drinks and writes in Portland, Ore. where he has long contributed to the BeerAdvocate website.

The Brewery at the Border From the Source by

Though it’s the northernmost brewery in the contiguous 48 states, you’d think Alpine Brewing Company was 5 miles from Bavaria, not Canada. The German-owned, German-built brewery brews Bavarian-style beers exclusively. Owner Bart Traubeck prefers it that way.

The Wildest Beers in the West From the Source by

When they opened in 2005, the place was so small that the grill had to be pulled from the kitchen on brew day to make room for the brew kettle. Since then, Goularte has added a covered porch to accommodate an expanded brew house that now produces all of 90 gallons per batch—just under three barrels.

Kimo von Oelhoffen Feature by

The same hands trained to rip through waves of offensive linemen in the NFL evoke the warmth of an affable family man who owns one of eastern Washington’s most celebrated brewpubs.