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How to Make a Molechelada Beer Cocktail Kindred Spirits by

Replacing the Mexican lager in a Michelada with Second Self Beer Company’s Mole Porter adds more body and malt sweetness, putting a new twist on this classic beer cocktail.

Tasso Beer-Brined Pig Head Gumbo Cooking with Beer by

Gumbo is more than a stew and full of history and Louisiana culture. Its origins are a mixing pot—some of the technique is French, its seasoning and flavors hail from Africa and Spain and its vegetables from the South—combining to create an unmistakable dish that varies from family to family.

Five and Dime Kindred Spirits by

Make a root beer float with Root liqueur, a touch of maple syrup for earthy sweetness, egg white for creamy texture, and a dark beer to add carbonation.

American Porter: A Patriotic Beer Style Profile by

Today’s American Porter is roastier, hoppier, stronger and—for the patriotic drinkers—better.

Desserts to Celebrate Cooking with Beer by

The winter holidays inspire festive meals that bring together family and friends. The desserts offered here are excellent compliments to any meal, a dessert feast, or a stand-alone dish for that annual homebrew club holiday potluck.