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The Eagle Flies Again: Resurrecting a 1940s-era Bottle Opener Innovation by

After discovering a vintage bottle opener on eBay, its American origin and a great comeback story convinced two entrepreneurs to reintroduce it to the market after 70 years.

Open Sesame Innovation by

The Magic Opener’s whimsical bottle shape, while fun at rest on a fridge, bike frame or counter top, is ergonomically designed with a rubberized grip to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish.

99 Problems Innovation by

A Portland, Ore.-based industrial designer turned his solution-driven mind to finding quick and easy fixes for the problem of removing a bottle cap without an opener. And now he has put his favorite findings in a book.

GrOpen Your Beer Innovation by

Proudly designed and manufactured in Colorado, GrOpener (grab + opener) is a new magnetized tool that allows you to open any capped bottle single-handedly in a simple motion.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer Innovation by

The real beauty in this beast is the other half of the dual-purpose device. Flip the Hermetus over, and the rubbery panel creates a seal so unyielding, you can even turn the bottle on its side and it doesn’t leak.

Grand Openings Innovation by

I hate asking for something I don’t have. So items that multitask are golden. And like any beer geek worth her beer, the one thing I always like to have on hand is a bottle opener.

Multitasking Bottle Openers Innovation by

From head to toe (literally), here’s a collection of a half-dozen multitasking items that will assure you always have a way to crack open that cold one, while not having to keep track of your bottle opener.