Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier
Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)

Samuel Adams Blackberry WitbierSamuel Adams Blackberry Witbier
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Wheat Beer - Witbier
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3.32 | pDev: 18.98%
Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
Massachusetts, United States
Samuel Adams Blackberry WitbierSamuel Adams Blackberry Witbier
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Photo of Lone_Freighter
Lone_Freighter from Vermont

3.05/5  rDev -8.1%
look: 3.75 | smell: 3 | taste: 3 | feel: 3 | overall: 3

Thinking this was a true witbier and getting the true "witbier" treatment, this was poured into a clear mug.
The appearance was a glossy burnt yellow color with a fizzy white foamy head that cut off very quickly. No lace.
The aroma had a huge sweet and tart blackberry character up front running into some grassiness and a slight bready maltiness.
The flavor moderately presented the sweetness and the tartness but not necessarily coming together as they seemed to have separate elements through my entire experience. Aftertaste was somewhat sweet with a slight tartness about it.
The mouthfeel was between light and medium bodied with a fair sessionability about it. Carbonation felt fine. ABV felt appropriate. Finish was all about the blackberries.
Overall, so with this one, though it does seem like they used "real blackberries" my issue with this one is that the witbier yeast strain seems non-existent as I would have liked some of the Belgian qualities to come out. I'll chalk this one up to a Sam Adams experiment that seemed decent for what it is.

Sep 24, 2017
Photo of briandschorr
briandschorr from North Carolina

3.81/5  rDev +14.8%
look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.75

So this is not Witbier worthy of praise but it works as a good pairing with some desserts. The color is nice, gold with a bit of a haze. The nose has a subtle Blackberry but not much else. The head is rather weak. Overall not terrible but not great. Kinda of a let down from some of the other great hits from Sam Adams. For me, get a couple of bottles and pair this with your favorite dessert. That's about it.

Aug 10, 2017
Photo of poisoneddwarf
poisoneddwarf from Idaho

3.37/5  rDev +1.5%
look: 3 | smell: 2.75 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.25

12 oz bottle. Blackberry is noticeable, but not overbearing. Nice wheat flavor and aroma. Head is weak. Nice hazy golden color. Not the best fruit beer out there, but it’s not too bad.

Jun 07, 2017
Photo of rodbeermunch
rodbeermunch from Nevada

2.91/5  rDev -12.3%
look: 3 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 2.75 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 3

Anytime I see a Sam Adams beer with a fruit reference I kind a cringe inside. So many bad examples out there. This one took on a normal-esque beer appearance. Light amber in color, thin 1/5" head on it, off white. A little bit of wheat haze, not much. Aroma was decently juicy in the berry department. Wheat behind that.

Taste had more fruit than wheat, more sweet than wheat. More beat than wheat. . .

Its not terrible, but its not good either. They did a decent job with the berries but kinda lost it after that.

Nov 08, 2016
Photo of basaywhat
basaywhat from Illinois

3/5  rDev -9.6%

Hazy golden color, aroma of wheat and blackberry. Flavor is disappointing not a true wit no taste of spice very little citrus just a lot blackberries. Would not buy again.

Aug 28, 2014
Photo of MaineBrewing
MaineBrewing from Maine

3.25/5  rDev -2.1%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 2.75 | feel: 5 | overall: 3

A - Pours a slightly cloudy dark straw with a brilliantly white large bubbled head, about 2 fingers. Dissipated quickly, no lacing, and only a few residual bubbles.

S - smell is fruity, lots of blackberry on the nose. spicy yeast bouquet, faint medicinal and metallic notes. malt shows up last in the nose with a bready biscuity undertone.

T - I am surprised by the taste, and I only say that as I usually drink this cold and fast for this review I let it warm up... its always a refreshing brew, but letting it warm up was actually detrimental to taste. Anywhoo... the warmed subject is a yeasty mess. usually yeast forward beer is not appealing. Blackberry is there in the front and lingers in the finish, but is not as prevalent as it was in the nose. Malt might be there but its a wash. I think the thing that attracts me to this brew is that it is cold, crisp, and tart... take the cold out and the crisp and tart qualities fall off real quick.

M - The mouthfeel on this to me is perfect for the style, crisp, dry, tart, ample carbonation, goes down quick... and when it is actually cold, I cannot stop going back for more.

O - I went into this review having drank this many times in the past. This is one of my favorite summer thirst quenching shelf beers. I usually don't give it the chance to warm up, but for the sake of the review I let it warm up from my fridge a little. The sub par taste really shines through when warm, still I think this is outstanding as a refreshing summer brew enjoyed cold, but compared to some of the great witbiers brewed locally to me, I do not think this is a good example of the style, blackberry or not.

Jun 20, 2014
Photo of BrandonLBC
BrandonLBC from Utah

3.51/5  rDev +5.7%
look: 3.25 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.5

A--Hazy gold, straw colour. Almost no head and very little lacing.

S--It smells like one would expect, blackberries. Not anything else overly complex, but enjoyable.

T--About the same as the nose. Blackberry is huge and up front. A bit of the wheat toward the end and the aftertaste is primarily blackberry.

M--Very good. Light to medium body, pretty refreshing and lightly carbonated.

O--The beer does what it says it's going to do: give you blackberry and wheat. I think fans of fruit beers should enjoy it well enough, and I actually like it better than Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, which I thought had a bit of mediciney note. Maybe I just had too much cherry cough syrup growing up. I don't know that I'll go out and buy it again, but I'd drink it gladly if it were offered to me at a bar or party.

12oz bottle poured into a pint glass. Bottle has a best before date of July 2014.

Apr 23, 2014
Photo of BierJager89
BierJager89 from California

4.16/5  rDev +25.3%
look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.25

A: Hazy straw color with a white head.

S: Lots of blackberry and a little wheat.

T: Berries come out at the start, followed by some wheat, finishing with a touch of fruity Belgian yeast esters, but blackberry is present throughout.

M: Medium-light bodied and smooth. Refreshing.

O: Sam Adams rarely gets the credit they deserve, and I think the same can be said for fruit infused wheat ales. Definitely recommended for fans of such beers.

Feb 06, 2014
Photo of Bills453
Bills453 from Ohio

2.7/5  rDev -18.7%
look: 4 | smell: 2.75 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 2.5

Appearance - actually quite nice! Golden color with tints of red. No head whatsoever unfortunately. Nice sediment floating within it. LOVE SEDIMEMT!

Smell - very sweet. I think the smell of the berries is overpowering.

Taste - unfortunately I don't get any taste whatsoever until after I swallow, then I get some blackberry flavor.

Mouthfeel - asi - asi

Overall - I don't think I'll drink this one again.

Jan 29, 2014
Photo of jucifer1818
jucifer1818 from Florida

3.89/5  rDev +17.2%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5

- strikingly clear, looking more like a cider or campaign than a witbier. Really, only the most style-driven lovers of wits will have a problem with this (tho YES, I gotja...wit bier means wite beer and this isn't white, and yea its a screwup) but still, grading it against style, it looks very nice if you grade it as a blueberry beer.

Ill compromise and give it a 3.5 for appearance. 3.5\5

s: This beer smells wonderful. It has a sour blueberry smell, mixed in with the character of the beer. Id say that it comes out smelling like a blueberry scone or another type of fruit pastry. not too shabby!


taste: see what I like about this one, is how subdued it is. the blueberry flavor never takes up too much power from the beer, and it never gets to be too powerful to be cloying. Too many fruit beers do that and I find it in bad taste. However, this brew has some problems. It does not have enough wit flavors in it....and what little it has will not satisfy wit diehards (it has just a slight touch of soft bready wheat character). but for what it is as a fruit beer, I've it a 3.75 on taste.

mouthfeel: Relatively middle ground in body final gravity, with a great heavy dose of carbonation. easy drinking.

overall: Ill be honest, I liked this one, against all expectation. I'm not a big fan of wits OR fruit beer. mixing them together? odds are that if it was not for my blog, I would never had had this one. but I like it. if you treat it as a blueberry beer, its pretty good. I like it. overall, Id give it a 3.5\5

if it had just a BIT more unmalted what (and maybe some more oats) I would give it more.

its good, and great for the uninitiated in beer, especially if their like blueberry's.

unexpectedly good. Not recommended for lovers of the classic wit will not find any classic witness here.

Dec 27, 2013
Photo of TheBrewo
TheBrewo from New York

3.43/5  rDev +3.3%
look: 3.75 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.25 | overall: 3.5

Thanks to AngieBaby for supplying this for our little reunion. This brew was poured from the bottle into generic pint glasses, putting forth a ruddy burnt sienna coloring. It held a one and a half finger tall head of dirty snow colored bubbles, showing nice retention. Crisp waves of lacing were left edged around each rim. A light haze cut clarity, but no sediment was noted. Carbonation appeared to be active and pervasive. The nose gave sweetness of blackberry, raspberry, fermented green apples, brown sugar, clean wheatiness, wheat and white flour, sunflower seed and pollen, generic ale yeastiness, gentle grassy hops, and granite. Our first impression was that this was a highly refreshing beer for the style, with just the right amount of fruity sweetness to match the malted base. As we sipped, the taste opened up with immediate tart and sugary sweetness of blackberry, plum, and blueberry fruitiness, raw honey, wheaty and pale maltiness, pine bark, aluminum metallics, and phenolic clove. The middle continued forward with wet and mineral-laden wheaty wash, oily citric peel and pith bite, pine nut creaminess, icy metallics, and heavy yeast burden. The finish showed notes of more wheat, sorghum flour, dried maple leafiness, cheap adjuncts, mineral water, brassy coin, aloe, dried cranberries, and phenolic plastic and clove. The aftertaste breathed of fogged glass, light dusty mustiness, muscat grapes, tart berry mash, flashes of Jolly Rancher cloy, medicinals and plastic, orange flesh, bitter wheat bite, metallic yeastiness, and the softest piney stickiness. The body was lightly medium, and the carbonation was high, giving intense prickle to the hard palate if left in the mouth for too long to taste. The first few sips gave excellent slurp, smack, cream, froth, and pop, but this faded quickly along with the head, and as the beer came to temperature. The mouth was left wet and tingling, with eventual astringency brushed across the back of the throat. The abv was appropriate, and the beer drank quite well.

Overall, the most enjoyable thing about this brew was its drinkability. Again, in line with our first thoughts on the first sip, this was a surprisingly refreshing brew. We tend to preconceive our thoughts about the “macro” craft producers, but for what it is, they did a nice job here. While this isn’t going to win any awards in our book, they kept it seasonal, fresh, and light enough to keep it flowing. That’s where this beer functions well. The flavored and aromatic inclusions were decent represented in the final product, and blended nicely enough, but you’re going to be drinking this one more for the experience and company of close friends than you are for anything groundbreaking on the palate or brain.

Dec 18, 2013
Photo of Captain_Komamura
Captain_Komamura from Illinois

3.56/5  rDev +7.2%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Appearance - It is a cloudy orange color, with a light bubbly head.

Smell - The smell is amazing, I love the blackberry smell of this beer.

Taste - the sweetness of the blackberries hit the tongue first; with the spices and orange peel coming in later. The blackberries are the main flavor.

Mouthfeel - Good-bodied and good carbonation.

Overall - This is a pretty good beer, I enjoyed the blackberry sweetness of the beer.

Nov 27, 2013
Photo of DanRam
DanRam from New York

4.73/5  rDev +42.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4.75 | taste: 5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.75

Poured out of a bottle into a glass, this beer is a gold color that looks like honey. It smells sweet: extremely fruity with a hint of wheat. Sam Adams has a habit of getting things right when it comes to micro-brewed beer. The taste is extremely accurate. Sweet blackberries and fruit with the right amount of wheaty beer taste.

Nov 26, 2013
Photo of jjamadorphd
jjamadorphd from Florida

3.69/5  rDev +11.1%
look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5

Another Sam Adams offering that was pretty good...

Nice white, puffy head with good staying power. The usual cloudy witbier look, so nothing too out of the ordinary. I was impressed with the strong blackberry smell, slight tinge of hops to go along with it too. The aftertaste in these types of beer could be awful, but this one was wasn't too bad at all. What surprised me was the syrupy feel in my mouth, silky even. Overall, not one of the best Sam Adams, but decent for a summer-time offering.

Jul 12, 2013
Photo of boilermakerbrew
boilermakerbrew from Indiana

3.58/5  rDev +7.8%
look: 3.75 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

A- Pours a hazy, deep golden color with a sizable, 3 finger head. Retention on the dense, frothy head is pretty good, lasting 3-4 minutes before lacing just ok. Really no color variation from a normal wheat beer, just maybe a touch darker.

S- Juicy blackberry scents come through and dominate this beer's smell. Berry flavor is somewhat sour, and complete drowns out almost all of the wheat and grain scents. There is a tiny hint of light wheat flavor on the back end.

T- Starts with an intermingling of blackberry and a heavy dose of wheat grain flavor. The juiciness in the scent is just not there in the taste. The wheat flavors are good, about what I expect from Sam Adams, but they just drown out most to all of the berry flavors. Ends with the lingering, light tones of the wheat.

M- High in carbonation and medium in body weight. The wheat really gives this beer a heavier feel, but also helps promote a certain amount of creaminess. The berry flavor, if more prominent, would make this a thirst quencher, but even with the low amount of berry flavor, this is still a summer feeling type of beer.

Overall, I'm a little disappointed in the amount of berry flavor delivered in the taste versus the sweet, juicy scent this beer has. Not a bad beer, but there are other fruit beers that are done better.

Jun 22, 2013
Photo of Utica_Brew_Review
Utica_Brew_Review from New York

2.49/5  rDev -25%
look: 3.25 | smell: 3 | taste: 2.25 | feel: 2.25 | overall: 2.25

Opaque yellow appearance with mild head and little carbonation. Very fruity aroma. Th blackberry definitely comes out here. Smells like hot jello right before you put it in the fridge. Yeasty flavor that kind of clashes with the fruitiness of the beer. No outstanding depth. Unfortunately we didn't like it too much due to our opinion that the blackberry fruitiness clashes with the rest of the beer.

Jun 21, 2013
Photo of DavoleBomb
DavoleBomb from Pennsylvania

3.24/5  rDev -2.4%
look: 2.75 | smell: 3 | taste: 3.25 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.25

Poured into a perfect pint.

2.75 A: Mildly hazed dark yellow color. Two fingers of fizzy off-white head that falls quickly and leaves no lacing.

3.0 S: Blackberry dominates the nose. That doesn't mean, however, that the blackberries are particularly strong. It's simply a case of the base beer not being able to compete with the fruit. The coriander is there, but the orange peel is a bit hard to find. It doesn't smell bad, but it's hard to think of it as beer and not a fruit drink.

3.25 T: Taste is about the same as the nose. Blackberry is the leading flavor. Corriander. The orange peel shows up in the taste. Otherwise, just a blackberry wheat fruit drink.

4.0 M: Medium body. Good moderate carbonation. Silky smooth creaminess.

3.25 D: I'm tasty, but it's not much of a beer.

May 30, 2013
Photo of ThisWangsChung
ThisWangsChung from Maryland

3.17/5  rDev -4.5%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 3 | feel: 3.25 | overall: 3.25

12 oz bottle into a pint glass.

A: Pours an amber color that lacks some of the haziness I expect from a witbier. The head is a creamy one finger offwhite shade. As it recedes, it leaves a uniform ring of lacing on the glass.

S: Blackberries. To me, this one comes across as being 80% fruit beer and 20% wit. I do notice a touch of the latter qualities (orange peel, coriander, wheat), but let's be honest, this is pretty much a fruit beer. Aromatically good for that style, though.

T: At first, this displays a lot of blackberry flavors. The aforementioned sweetness washes out past the midtaste, being replaced by generic witbier qualities such as orange peel and coriander. Some blackberry flavors return in the aftertaste, along with a touch of diacetyl. It's not grossly chemical or sweet, though it's not real interesting.

M: Superbly lush and creamy. I'm surprised how soft the feel is, even for a witbier. The finish has plenty of lingering sweetness, but there's just enough astringency to dry it out past the threshold of 'excess sweetness'. Carbonation is surprisingly pleasant.

O: It's no Allagash White, that's for sure. But this is a grade-A panty dropper that has some mass appeal. I wouldn't be averse to buying this again for company - and I would easily choose this over, say, Blue Moon.

Apr 26, 2013
Photo of jmendels
jmendels from Michigan

3.16/5  rDev -4.8%
look: 3 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 3 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.25

An interesting beer, to say the least. I wasn't overly impressed but not completely discouraged after tasting this. It has the wheat flavours, coupled with the blackberry through out. It's worth a shot, even if to see what it tastes like. Personally, I felt underwhelmed but I can see the appeal.

Apr 20, 2013
Photo of Darkmagus82
Darkmagus82 from Texas

3.23/5  rDev -2.7%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3 | taste: 3.25 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.25

Poured from bottle into pint glass

Appearance – Pours from bottle as a lightly hazed orange-amber color with a two finger white head. The head fades relatively quickly and leaves only a slight level of lacing.

Smell – The aroma is quite sweet of berries. It is a mix of blackberry and raspberry with hint of a wheat background.

Taste – The taste starts out with a smooth mildly blackberry sweet flavor with some bready wheat mixed within. As the taste advances it starts taking on more sweetness of berries, both raspberry and blackberry. While it gets sweeter from the start to the middle, the sweetness fades slightly as it advances to the end. Oddly the blackberry flavor seems to get stronger as the sweetness fades with it leaving a semi-sweet but not overly sweet blackberry and light wheat flavor on the tongue.

Mouthfeel – The body of the beer is quite light in its creaminess with a carbonation level that is on the medium to higher side. Both are suiting for the berry flavors of the brew, making it more refreshing and easier drinking.

Overall – An alright berry flavored brew. Not overly sweet, yet maintaining a decent berry flavoring.

Jan 19, 2013
Photo of StonedTrippin
StonedTrippin from Colorado

3.55/5  rDev +6.9%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5

very refreshing all season fruit beer. it pours just a tiny bit dusty, mostly blonde, with maybe the faintest purple hue and an average white head on top thats gone in a few minutes. the nose is a little strange, with the fruit sweetness not really coming through at all, and the yeast and wheat malt being more dominant. not until the flavor can you tell its a fruit beer, the blackberry is strong and forward, without being too sweet at all. its summery and fresh, while being wintery and preserved at the same time, i like this beer because its one of the few in the genre that i think retains its drinkability for all 12 months. the finish is a little dry, with the yeast imparting just a hint of citrusy acidity and pep. nice feel, light in body with strong carbonation. its refreshing and satisfying and i much prefer this to most other fruity infused wheat beers out there.

Dec 24, 2012
Photo of UCLABrewN84
UCLABrewN84 from California

3.1/5  rDev -6.6%
look: 3 | smell: 3 | taste: 3 | feel: 4 | overall: 3

Best before 3/2013.

Pours a hazy honey orange with a foamy bone colored head that settles to a film on top of the beer. Small dots of lace slowly drip into the remaining beer on the drink down. Smell is of malt, grain, berries, and a slight vomit aroma. Taste is much the same with a mild tartness and thankfully no vomit flavor. This beer has a good level of carbonation with a crisp mouthfeel. Overall, this is a pretty average beer that is drinkable but not something I would go for again.

Dec 21, 2012
Photo of larryarms847
larryarms847 from Illinois

3.25/5  rDev -2.1%
look: 3.25 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 3.25 | feel: 3.25 | overall: 3.25

Pours a murky purple with an airy head of bubbly foam.

Berries and spicy yeast.

Yeasty spice, blackberry, and toast.

Light-bodied, medium carbonation, sweet.

Overall, a rather uneventful beer.

Dec 01, 2012
Photo of chinchill
chinchill from South Carolina

2.77/5  rDev -16.6%
look: 3 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2.5

12 oz bottle a few months past best by date but kept under constant refrigeration. Pours a hazy amber hue with a small, weak head. Medium-light body. Slightly acidic rather than soft, particularly in the finish.
The aromas are mostly fruity and berry-like with a light malty backbone and a hint of spice. Flavors are similar -- fruity, spicy, berry flavors dominate while the malt adds some light bread background -- but the more generic berry aroma seems more specifically blackberry upon tasting. A bit too sweet for me, but about as expected on this count. Somewhat unappealing aftertaste.

Nov 29, 2012
Photo of Hopswagger
Hopswagger from South Carolina

3.47/5  rDev +4.5%
look: 3 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

P:  Orange copper body with a thin layer of white airy quick vanishing head.  Subtle haze on the body with no real apparent carbonation. 

S:  An explosion of blackberries, subtle coriander, lemon juice, and hints of lavender. 

T/M:  Tart blackberry syrup, lavender, and very washed out spices. Cinnamon shows up in the throat after the carbonated semi dry finish. The wit flavors are hidden behind the assault of timidly bitter blackberries.  Acidity is really cut due to the syrupy fruit.  White watermelon rind, honey dew melon, rose petals show up as the beer warms.  Mouthfeel is silky and appropriately carbonated. 

O:  I love the idea but the wit was not broadcast as well as it should have been. Aggressive blackberry and under achieved wit flavors. Not a huge fan (as a witbier)but it's really easy drinking. I think my wife would love this. Something I wouldn't buy again for myself but maybe for the lovely lady at home.  Should have just marketed as a fruit beer. 

Oct 16, 2012
Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier from Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
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