Nine Worlds
Battery Steele Brewing

Nine WorldsNine Worlds
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Farmhouse Ale - Saison
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3.64 | pDev: 18.13%
Battery Steele Brewing
Maine, United States
Nine WorldsNine Worlds
Notes: Nordic farmhouse ale brewed with lemon balm and juniper berries.
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Photo of ScaryEd
ScaryEd from New Hampshire

2.72/5  rDev -25.3%
look: 3.5 | smell: 2.75 | taste: 2.75 | feel: 2 | overall: 2.75

Not feeling this one to be honest. Smells and drinks more like a weak Pilsner than a saison.

Very sweet and bready, with plenty of hops. Some tropical fruitiness.

Mouthfeel is oily and watery thin.

Not a beer I'd try again. Needs a lot of work in my opinion.

Apr 22, 2019
Photo of SierraNevallagash
SierraNevallagash from Maine

3.93/5  rDev +8%
look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.75

Pint can - dated 03/25/19 - poured into a tulip pint at 46F.

Pours a very hazy. Dark golden hue, with a thin finger of bone-white head. No lacing, but retains a thin cap and collar throughout entire experience.

Nose: A crackery malt lays the base, spicy saison-like yeast esters, a hint of clove, nutmeg, and very very subtle bubblegum. I'm not sure I can detect lemon balm, specifically - maybe perhaps some light citrus notes, but I can definitely smell the juniper berries. It's just a hint, but anyone who knows and loves that aroma, can smell it a mile away. Lots of vague floral and herbaceous notes, and the juniper brings with it just a touch of mint.

Palate: At first sip, the wheaty grain base really takes the stage. Lots of grainy wheat. Like a hefewiezen. Typical saison yeast esters come next, with that green banana and bubblegum. Something very Belgian about it. There's a light citrus brightness to it, and just a mild hint of acidity, which is welcomed among such a tacky grainy base of wheat. Wheat to me can be cloying, and i definitely get that here. Little bit of grassy hay, a small kiss of farmy notes. I get zero trace of lemon balm, or juniper, which is really disappointing. Very mild floral hop notes, and a restrained bitterness. It's really just tasting like a run-of-the-mill saison.

Mouthfeel/Body: As with any wheat-heavy beer, there's a creaminess to the feel of this, despite it's overall light body and crispness. It feels fuller and rounder than it is. A perfectly medium level of effervescence, which also gives a much needed distracting from the perceived heaviness of the base. Feels like a run-of-the-mill saison, as well.

Overall: Battery Steele puts out some amazing beer. They're hoppy stuff is some of the best local beer in the area. Flume^2 was a bombshell beer. I feel like maybe they just haven't mastered the art of something like this. They played it much too safe with the lemon balm and Juniper. Both of which could have really elevated this. The beer feels slightly confused, and very average. Maybe they'll tweak this over time, in which case I may try it again. Just as it is though, I don't plan on buying it again.

Apr 09, 2019
Nine Worlds from Battery Steele Brewing
Beer rating: 3.64 out of 5 with 5 ratings