The How My Averagely Perfect Dubbel Turned Out Thread

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by VikeMan, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. VikeMan

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    It's been a month since the polls closed. So this is the thread to post about how your Averagely Perfect Dubbel turned out. I know at least a couple folks have started brewing this one. The crowd sourced recipe is --> here <--
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  2. Eggman20

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    Bottling mine tomorrow or Wednesday so it'll be a couple weeks yet for full report. Gravity sample I pulled yesterday was very tasty with FG right on at 1.012. Can't recall SG off hand but it was within 2-4 points.
  3. Brewday

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    I'm going to make this tonight or tomorrow. Only issue i had is their styrian goldings were listed as 2.7 aa. I asked the hbs/brewery owner and he said batches are different so he helped calculate the difference and he came up with 3/4 oz more @ 60 which he gave to me free. Does this seem right.
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  4. VikeMan

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    Okay, for the 60 minute addition, the recipe calls for 1.13 ounces @ 5% Alpha Acids. But your hops are 2.7% Alpha Acids. Ignoring the fairly negligible (in this case) impact to volume of wort needed (due to hop absorption), the amount of hops needed is inversely proportional to the alpha acid content.. So...

    X x 2.7% AAs = 1.13 ounces x 5% AAs
    X = 1.13 ounces x (5 / 2.7)
    X = 2.09 ounces

    So you need almost an ounce more to get the same bittering from the 60 minute addition. I don't know what your LHBS guy meant by "batches are different," so I have no idea how he came up with 3/4 oz more. At least he wasn't off by an order of magnitude, which is "LHBS progress" I guess.

    You might also want to adjust the 10 minute addition.

    Disclaimer: some LHBSs are ok. Some are even good.
  5. Brewday

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    Ok i'll just add 2 ozs @ 60 and the other 3/4 around 15. Hopefully this won't cause some flavors like grassy.
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  6. pweis909

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    Mine's ready to package. I don't think I'll get to it for another week though. As indicated elsewhere, I made an inadvertent substitution -- caravienne instead of caramunich. Ironically, the best dubbel I ever brewed used caravienne.

    Additionally, I used Styrian Golding Celeia, which I believe is not the same as Styrian Golding, but a viable substitute. @Brewday and @VikeMan -- my hops were 3% AA, so also lower than the 5% mark. My approach for adjusting was to keep the finishing hops at 0.5 oz and adjust the bittering to get to the proper ibus, using brewing software. I've always kept the finishing hops the same and adjusted bittering, in these scenarios, but I could see how if the hops were supposed to be a very resiny, highly aromatic hop, the characteristic hop compounds may co-vary with %AA, and then it may be wiser to make the adjustment to the finishing hops, too.

    In general, I don't think you will get grassy flavors out of this low amount of hops, although I did just brew a bitter with about this amount of fuggles-related hops, including Styrian Golding Celeia, in the boil and then again as a dry hop, and that does have some hay-like, earthy aroma to it. Still, in a dubbel, with the special b, caramunich, and yeast impact, I suspect you won't be able to taste hay or grass.

    Finally, I used Imperial Organic Triple Double yeast instead of 3787. Allegedly the same. So I changed the grist, the hops, and the yeast. But I really nailed down the water profile!
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  7. VikeMan

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    Hmmm. That's not exactly what I was suggesting. (And it would land at only about 21 IBUs.) But now I know you have 2.75 ounces total (and not just 0.75 ounces more than the recipe called for). That's different. Even so, you won't have enough hops to scale each addition proportionally to hit 24 IBUs. So here's what I would recommend:
    - Keep the 10 minute addition at 0.5 ounces
    - Increase the 60 minute addition to 2.25 ounces (the balance of your hops)
    This should land you around 23 IBUs.

    Or a different compromise would be to sacrifice a little of the 10 minute addition in favor of the 60 minute bittering addition:
    - 2.45 ounces at 60
    - 0.3 ounces at 10
    This should land you at about 24 IBUs.

    But really, it would be hard to tell the difference between 23 and 24 IBUs.
  8. VikeMan

    VikeMan Meyvn (1,431) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania
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    My experience, at least with noble hops, has been that it's safer to keep the same mass for the late hops, and adjust the early addition(s) to hit the same total IBUs. I do the same thing with C-hops etc., but haven't really tested those the other way to compare.
  9. Brewday

    Brewday Initiate (186) Dec 25, 2015 New York

    Good idea. I can't think in this heat.I was also thinking of just adding a little williamette if needed..
  10. Naugled

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    bump. I'm hoping to brew this around Oct
  11. CarolusP

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    I picked up all of the ingredients a few weeks ago. I haven't found the time to brew this yet, but hoping to do so in the coming weeks. I'd like this to have a couple months in the bottle by the time fall rolls around.
  12. Eggman20

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    Drinking my first bottle as I wrap a brew session. Bottled 10 days ago so a bit more carbonating to go but has enough for me. I'm terrible at describing so I'll just say I'm enjoying it. Very nice beer
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