Chilean Sea Bass: 3 Pairings

Table Mates by | Jun 2016 | Issue #113

From inside the Venetian in Las Vegas, the dishes on Public House’s menu pair well with beer, like this entrée by Anthony Meidenbauer, executive chef of Block 16 Hospitality. This tender, white fish is pan seared with salt, pepper and oil, then finished in the oven. Sweet corn puree and lobster ravioli filled with lemon zest, more sweet corn and ricotta accompany the sea bass. Meidenbauer finishes the dish with English peas and garnishes it with pea shoots and golden tendrils. Lead bartender Nick Barlow suggests three pairings from the restaurant’s menu of 200 beers.

1809 Berliner Weisse | 5.0% ABV
Professor Fritz Briem
The light tartness and citrus quality in this Berliner Weisse balances the sweet corn and enhances the rich lobster in the ravioli. Effervescent bubbles produced by the yeast cut through the sea bass’ slightly oily texture.

Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison | 6.3% ABV
Moody Tongue Brewing Co.
This beer has notes of bright lemongrass, subtle coriander, fresh dill and barnyard funk. The lemongrass and coriander enhance the flavors of the fish, while the light funk pairs well with the ricotta cheese. Steeped Emperor’s creamy body helps to develop a complex yet balanced layer of textures, too.

Iron Sunrise | 6.2% ABV
Modern Times Beer
Rare New Zealand hops give this dry, crisp India Pale Lager aromas of white grapefruit juice, powdered sugar and ripened Fiji apples. The hops also balance the sweetness of the corn with a touch of bitterness, while the citrus aromas enhance the flavor of the sea bass and lobster without overpowering them.