Brewing Local: American-Grown Beer

Shelf Talker by | Dec 2016 | Issue #119

Brewing Local: American-Grown Beer
by Stan Hieronymus
October 2016 | Brewers Publications, $19.95

If the phrase “tree beer” isn’t in your vocabulary yet, it will be soon. In his fourth book, Stan Hieronymus writes for brewers who want to use locally grown ingredients but aren’t sure where to start. He visits breweries around the country to find out what makes a beer taste of a certain place—from the brewing kettles that hold Shiner Bock at Spoetzl Brewery, to the redwood tips native to Moonlight Brewing’s Santa Rosa area. A look at the history of American brewing takes us from Native Americans’ fermentation of corn and agave sap to the disputed origins of Choctaw beer. Hieronymus captures the reality of operating a farm brewery, and talks foraging with the founders of Scratch Brewing. The second half of the book focuses on ingredients, including an exhaustive list of plants, roots, mushrooms and more, culminating in pages of recipes featuring “local” ingredients you’d never think to brew with. 

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